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I told you that we would be leaders [of La Liga] before Christmas

Excuse me, you said leaders?

Sure, look at the classification on your laptop, what do you see?

yes, Madrid - 38 points, Barcelona...

See? Leaders

Yes, but it's because Barcelona just started their game

oh, you, journalists always pay attention to such unimportant details

oh yes? So what you will say now, Villa will score the first goal for Barca, look, look!

And now? Eh? Mourinho?

And what you will say now? Who is the leader?

For sure this goal is illegal, it's clear

there are rules for me and other rules for the rest

some coaches can simulate agression, and there are others who can't

Do you refer to Guardiola?

I don't talk about this STUPID Guardiola

maybe you behave so because you envy Guardiola...

envy Guardiola? Me?

Look, you, journalists don't understand anything

So I will explain it with a metaphor

If you want to go hunting and you don't have a dog, you take the cat with you

another metaphor with dog and cat

and when you don't have dog nor cat, what do you take?

You take shotgun like this!

go! go! out! Everybody out!

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