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Global Dialogues

Wow, Aunty! I'm going to be beautiful for Kumba's wedding.

Hmm! You know I'll give you an even nicer hairstyle for your own wedding.

Some day, Aunty, some day.

Some day? You're here, and time passes.

Your friends, they marry. You're still single.

But Aunty, you must realize how difficult it is to find a good man.

Difficult? Kumba managed it.

Kumba! She didn't stop and think! You know I'm afraid for her, hehh.

She's knows almost nothing about her fianc.

You know you should be absolutely sure of one thing before marrying and having children.

You know you should be absolutely sure of one thing.

You're tuned to "From the Heart", the show for all you romantic souls out there.

Hi. This is Maggie.

Maggie, hi. Is that Mrs. or Miss?

Miss. You know, I'm willing to do anything to change that.

So, it's Maggie-willing-to-do-anything to get married!

Yeah, I'm willing to do anything,

but the guy has to be rich, you know, really rich.

OK Maggie, willing to do anything to get married, provided the guy has lots of money.

Your reactions in a moment on 08 50 50 60.

Hello. Morning. I 'd like to make an announcement, too.

Alright, not a reaction to our last caller, but something new. Mrs. or Miss?

Uhh, well, Miss.

And my name's Mimi.

And I'd like to find a man who's brave.

Wooow! You're looking for a brave man?

What, to protect you, to defend you against snakes and wild animals?

It's like this. I'd like to find a man for a serious relationship.

He must be someone who's responsible, and has the courage to get tested for HIV.

Wow! Now I understand! OK, all you gentlemen out there listening, what do you think?

We want to hear your reactions.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Yes, Sir, hello. We can hear you just fine.

Right. Is she crazy? She is nothing but a female! Who does she think she is?

She had better remember her place! Thank you.

Hmmm. And your reaction to that, Mimi?

I think, please, I'd prefer to talk to a listener who's living in the 21st Century.

OK, Mimi! Let's see. We have another caller.

Hello? Good morning. My name is Karim.

And I'm calling because I just thought that what Mimi had to way was fantastic. Fantastic.

And I think she has a really beautiful voice.

Hey, Karim! Could it be that you're the brave man she's looking for?

As to that, well, I'm willing to get tested for HIV. But I have a question for Mimi.

What, Karim?

What would you do if my test result was positive?

I put to you the same question, Karim.

You know, Mimi, the most important thing for me is first of all to meet you

and see what the girl with that beautiful voice looks like.

And you already know what is the most important thing for me, Karim.

Alright, allow me to interrupt our romantic duo right there.

But we'd like to invite them both to come here to our caf in one hour

to meet up and have a drink together, just the two of them, with no one listening in!

So, Mimi and Karim, please come over and get to know each other!

The message here is very clear:

Building a serious relationship doesn't depend on whether you're HIV positive or not.

The important thing is to act responsibly toward yourself and your partner,

then, everything is possible, especially love at its very best!

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