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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ozzy Man Reviews: Toilet Paper Scrap

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Welcome to fight day.

We are in my home country for this one.

There is scratching

There is hair pulling

There is a fuck load of apocalyptic panic buying.

There it is on the ground.

The cure for coronavirus.

A soft 3-ply 24 pack of A-grade shit rag.

The supermarket staff are stepping in.

They never knew their jobs would involve diffusing conflicts

between humans over a material we wipe our arses with

but life is strange.

You have to roll with it.

Not only is this the best organic promotion woolworths will ever get

Its also the best hard evidence aliens

will have in future as to why we failed as a species.

"I just want one pack."

"No, not one pack."

Selfishness, greed...

bad communication, and an inability to work together.

Aliens will learn a shit load from us.

The casual shirt manager is in the house

and the whole trolley of bog roll is confiscated.

Now none of us are gonna survive

the post-apocalyptic COVID-19 world.

Once supermarket managers are calling police

over toilet paper that is the beginning of the end for EVERYONE.

Im pretty sure Orwell predicted that in 1984.

Honestly, I dont get why some people think

the only obstacle or difficulty we face from a virus outbreak

is keeping a clean poo poo hole.

Theres so much more to consider.

Share the fucken toilet paper!

"I just want one pack."

"No, not one pack!"

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