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A great super villain is one with a slew of complexities.

Often, we see that the motivations behind some of our favourite super villains are actually

quite noble, or in the interest of humanitys survival and the greater good.

We cant help but wonder if theyd make better heroes than baddies.

So today were tackling that issue and counting down the top 10 super villains who should

be superheroes.

Many of the villains on this list now spend their days tip toeing through the morally

murky waters of anti-heroism, some more than others, while a handful of the baddies on

this list look like theyll be sticking to their villainous ways for a long time yet.

So with that in mind, lets get to it!

10 Catwoman Catwoman is a character who has lived a life

of moral ambiguity.

She first appeared in Batman issue 1 in 1940 as a villain who managed to swoon the caped

crusader, her criminal efforts foiled, yet she evaded arrest thanks to successfully seducing


She was deemed inappropriate by the comics code authority in the 50s, and pretty much

disappeared until she was re-introduced in the 1966 Adam West Batman television series.

Despite thievery being one of her favourite past times, she has a big heart, and on numerous

occasions has protected the innocent or sacrificed herself for a greater purpose.

In Batman Year One, we see her do exactly that for her friend Holly, pleading guilty

to murders she did not commit to help her friend Holly (who, for the record, murdered

a bunch of terrorists).

In the Batman The Animated Series, her very first appearance was a two-parter episode

where she ended up taking down a terrorist organization who was using a mountain lion

sanctuary as a front to unleash a plague on Gotham.

She actively protects the east end in volume 3 of her comic, shes rescued Batman from

the likes of Scarecrow and Bane in the past, and dont even get us started on her heroic

endeavors when it comes to animal rights.

9 Venom Venom started off as a villain, one who first

appeared in The Amazing Spider0Man issue 252 in 1984 as an alien costume that would bond

with Peter Parker and attempt to permanently stay that way.

If it werent for Reed Richards helping spidey out, he very well could have become

Venom himself.

But after the two were separated, Venom found his way to Eddie Brock, becoming an enemy

of Spider-Mans since both he and Brock carried a grudge against the web slinger.

But these days, Brock and Venom have both become anti-heroes for the most part.

In 1993, we got to see him really flex his heroic muscles in Lethal Protector, where,

after striking up a deal with Spider-Man (spidey would leave him alone as long as he didnt

commit any more crimes) Venom ended up aiding people rather than harming them, with the

story arc leading him to put a stop to his offspring.

Its the story arc that depicted his progression from villain to anti-hero.

In 1997s License to Kill, he got his criminal record erased in exchange for working as a

government agent.

And Venom was a huge help when it came to spider-island in 2011.

8 Condiment King The Condiment King is the anomaly on our list

today; hes a character who lands a spot on here simply because he would make for one

hell of a hilarious superhero.

He already makes for a funny villain, but lets be honest; if you saw a gun running

around with a gun full of condiments that he was firing at criminals, youd probably

not only get a good laugh from it, but it might actually help with deterring crime (since

I highly doubt anyone wants to end up with mustard in their eyes).

Condiment king first appeared in Batman the Animated series, created by Paul Dini and

Bruce Timm in an episode called Make Em Laugh.

He was a throwback to the 60s Adam West Batman show, and even used condiment based

puns likeI knew youd ketchup to me sooner or later.

How I relished this meeting.”

You gotta admit, watching Batman or Superman have to put up with this guy as a fellow ally

would be funny as hell.

7 Galactus Galactus isnt a case of a character who

is inherently evil being in a unique position that could prove more interesting if they

were good.

Galactus is a character who is a force of nature, a cosmic entity older than the entire

universe, birthed from the universe that came before it.

He is integral to the balance of said universe, and while at times, especially in his earlier

appearances, he appears as a nefarious entity, really, hes just trying to satiate his

hunger by devouring whole planets.

Galactus already operates without regard to the morality or judgments of mortal beings.

The devourer of worlds would have consumed earth if it wasnt for the Watcher throwing

the fantastic four a bone with the ultimate nullifer; a device that has been described

as the universes most devastating weapon that can completely eliminate any target the

wielder chooses, and even the wielder if they arent focused enough.

It freaked Galactus out, and he moved on to devourer another planet instead.

6 Lex Luthor As Supermans arch nemesis, Lex Luthor has

always believed that the man of steel posed a greater threat to humanity than an advantage.

But because of this, he has proven that at times, he has the Earths best interest

at heart.

Lex has proven himself when it comes to shaping society for the better.

He once helped rebuild Gotham after the Cataclysm story event left it in shambles thanks to

an earthquake, and a year later, in 1999, the government had abandoned the city, quarantining


Lex comes through and helps it in a big way, using his resources at Lexcorp to do so.

He saved Metropolis and arguably the world in superman Last Son when the man of steel

was incapacitated during an invasion by villains from the Phantom Zone.

He found a cure for the amazo virus in Forever Evil.

In alternate realities, hes proven to be a great leader, like in Superman Red Son,

where he becomes the president of the US.

All in all, he has a lot of potential, and has come a long way since his early days in

the comics where he was merely depicted as a mad scientist.

5 Hela This number is specifically looking at Hela

from the MCU.

As we learn in Thor Ragnarok, Hela was taught by Odin to conquer others; nurture is everything

my friends.

So when Odin changed his mind, rather than rehabilitating Hela from all of the conditioning

he put her through, he imprisons her for thousands of years.

So naturally, when she breaks out, she goes and does the only thing she knows how; she

tries to conquer Asgard and reclaim it by force.

She doesnt know any better.

So, arguably, under different circumstances, she could have been deemed as a hero.

4 Poison Ivy Ivy is yet another example of a villain who

has dabbled more and more in the anti-hero category in recent years.

Shes a DC villain who calls herself an eco-terrorist of global importance, makes

philanthropic contributions to conversation and environmental efforts, and in Gotham City

Sirens, it was revealed that she donated $30 million to a reforestation fund.

At the end of the day, shes a villain with a point; a character who isnt attempting

to pull of evil schemes out of selfish means, but rather, is trying to save the thing she

loves most: nature.

In the New 52 she was a member of the Birds of Prey, where, despite sometimes resorting

to some brutal tactics, she fought for the greater good, and even began to break out

of thatstone coldpersonality shes been type casted into in previous years.

Sometimes, she exhibits empathy, and actually cares about the lives of innocent people and


And despite their on and off again romantic status, shes also show Harley Quinn a whole

lot of affection, proving that she is capable of love.

Shes on the side of life, which is often plant life, but its still life, regardless.

Even when she used her powers to mind control the entire human race, in Tom Kings run

on Batman, issue 41, her intentions were arguably pure, and one could debate that her influence

is the only way the planet will stay alive, thus allowing for humanity to continue to


3 Thanos After Avengers Infinity War came out, many

a fan argued that Thanos was the protagonist of the film; the narrative it weaved was one

that focused on his motivations, gave audiences a glimpse into his psyche.

The MCU version of Thanos legitimately believes that he is doing the right thing for the universe,

for the greater good, by wiping out half of all living things.

The universe is growing faster than it can maintain itself, and depleting its resources

at a rate that is unsustainable.

He saw it happen on his home planet, so he set out to travel around the universe, conquer

planets, and wipe out half of each civilization, randomly, of course.

While he does have a point, his methods are definitely twisted and too extreme.

Just imagine if he had channeled all of his energy and efforts into a plan that actually

helped life flourish.

Now, we cant really say the same about the comic version of the character.

In Infinity Gauntlet, and the lead up to it when Thanos collected all of the infinity

gems, the mad titan was motivated out of his unrequired love for the entity Death.

Death had manipulated him, and he wanted to show her his love and his worth by eliminating

half of all living beings in the entire universe.

Thats what prompts our heroes, guided by Adam Warlock, to take him on.

2 Magneto Magneto believes that the mutant race is the

evolutionary superior race to humans, and rejects the possibility that mutants and humans

could ever coexist peacefully.

He is a holocaust survivor, someone who witnessed the extermination of a race, and therefore

grew up to be cynical, determined to protect mutants from suffering a similar fate in a

world that strives to persecute them.

He experienced the worst of humanity and has devoted his life to preventing that from occurring


Sure, he needs to kill some humans to do that, but consider his childhood; during World War

2, he witnessed Nazis kill his family and thousands of others.

The number of causalities on both the Allies and Axis sides of the war are intangible numbers

to us these days.

But for Erik, killing and fighting has always been involved in the equation when it comes

to making a change.

Thats not to say that we condone his methods; hes still an extremist to an extent, and

lacks the morality of his counterpart Charles Xavier.

But, lets be blatantly honest; Magneto has been proven right about humanity MULTIPLE


Yet he connects with readers and audiences on a very human-level; its easy to understand

his motivations, even though his actions have had devastating consequences in the past.

1 Doctor Doom Doctor Doom is yet another villain with a

point on our list.

Sure, he might be a narcissistic tyrant who believes that he is the best person for the

job when it comes to supreme ruler of the Earth, but we gotta admit, thats not entirely

a long shot.

Weve seen the character in various alternate realities where taking over the earth has

actual led to a successful yet mildly restrictive timeline.

In Doom 2099, we see him do exactly that in an alternate future.

Latveria doesnt have poverty or disease because of him; sure, hes basically running

a dictatorship, but its peaceful as hell there, and he genuinely cares about his countrymen.

He once fought Mephisto for his moms soul, and he worked with Doctor Strange to save

all of the multiverse when molecule man Owen Reece became a threat to it thanks to the


Plus, he legit became a superhero once, becoming the Infamous Iron Man after Tony had died

in Civil War 2.

He assumed the mantle to protect the planet, but despite trying to turn a cheek and become

good, many didnt believe him that he was seeking redemption from his super villain


He even took on HYDRA.

Eventually, Tony was resurrected, and Doom receded into madness after seeing that no

one actually appreciated his good deeds, nor took him seriously as a hero.

So really, whose the real bad guy here?

There we have it friends!

What other supervillains do you think would make great superheroes?

What about the other way around?

Give us a shout in those comments below and share all of your thoughts.

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