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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of Job | Mixed Breed Dog | Embrace Pet Insurance

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Hi, my name is Liz and I have an almost fourteen-year-old Basenji mix named Job

whom I rescued when he was about two years old. I also own Peninsula Pups

Doggy Daycare and I'm pretty persistent on talking to my customers about

Embrace Pet Insurance in particular. And I hear a lot of "Is it really worth it?"

"Absolutely, yes, it is worth it." "My dog is healthy, they don't get sick."

"Well, unfortunately at some point they will and they age, and as they age they

require more care. So, Job, my love, I have submitted, over the six and a half years

that he's been Embraced, about $20,000 in claims and I've been reimbursed a little

over $13,000. So he has had anything from being impacted with sand because he

likes to drink the lake water. And then a serious diagnosis of neuritis. He had a stroke.

Thousands and thousands of dollars of rehab therapy like

acupuncture, laser therapy, hydrotherapy

all of which were covered, and all of which worked, and he is doing so good!

He's so good. So I just really have Embrace to think and I'm grateful that

with them I can give Job the care that he deserves and that he needs to stay

happy and healthy. So I really encourage everyone to go out and get your pet Embraced.

The Description of The Story of Job | Mixed Breed Dog | Embrace Pet Insurance