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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - TUESDAY 15th October - improve your English - CENSORSHIP/ BAN - DAY 15

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oh that's better hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy

well are you happy I really really hope so

I wonder how many people in the world would really like to put this over

my mouth I'm sure there must be quite a few you out there some of you watching

right now maybe hello and welcome here we go then where

are we what day is it oh my goodness it's Tuesday

I hope you are feeling good today it is great to be with you once again on day

15 yes we have made it all the way halfway through October with yet another

16 days still to go so we still have 16 more days to go with our daily live

streams for those who are wondering yes I am here every day during October and

it has nothing to do with brexit I can promise you right now 31 days of live

English to celebrate my 13th anniversary on YouTube can you believe this year I

will have been doing this for 13 years and there you can see the times and also

the days basically I am with you every single day during October am I crazy

maybe I am the first person ever to do this I think I might be oh oh mr. Duncan

oh look at you he was such a groundbreaker a person who is a

groundbreaker or if a person breaks new ground it

means they do something that has never been done before maybe they go in a

certain direction that is never been pursued or maybe they try something that

has never been done before so perhaps I am breaking new ground here by doing a

daily livestream every single day how do I feel after 15 days I feel alright

actually to be honest with you in the morning when I wake up higher I always

feel a little bit excited because I know I am going to be live on YouTube with

you I hope you are feeling good lots of things to talk about today some big

topics today first of all we are going to talk about

censorship censorship there are many words connected to this particular

action so when we say censorship we mean something that has been disallowed or

removed and so on later on we will take a look at this particular subject and of

course the reason why I'm mentioning it is because at the moment in the news a

lot of people are talking about censorship in certain countries we will

talk about that later on however what is trending today well besides the obvious

trending across the internet today apparently is this people are urging

each other to delete their Facebook pages completely so not just don't use

Facebook for a few days they are actually encouraging people to

completely delete Facebook altogether and not use it for various reasons of

course we are talking politics it is very hard at the moment to escape that

particular subject if I was honest with you so this is what is trending at the

moment hashtag delete Facebook apparently

people feel that Facebook is being unfair to those who are running for

political power in certain countries that is all I am saying if you want to

add your opinion you are more than welcome to do so because of course we

have the live chat the live chat is now on however the big question is who is

first on the live chat on this Tuesday the 15th of October 2019 oh hello -

Andrea hello Andrea are you excited are you happy I really hope so because you

are first on today's live chat

bravo Bravo well done you have a very quick finger your finger

is very fast yeah man is here hello I am yo man how

are you I have been waiting for a long time do you mean you have been waiting

for a long time to say hello to me oh okay then well I hope it was worth it

I hope it was worth the wait hello Julie Julie says just a quick hello so I get

the feeling Julie is doing other things today that's fine I know many people

many of you out there have other things to do so even if you only give me a few

minutes of your time I will be ever so grateful I really will grace is here

hello grace also Anna Belarusian one of our moderators of course Amit is here

Giovanni hello also - Amit Ramzan hora and also - Patrick hi boys and girls can

you still say that I didn't think you could say that anymore I thought you had

to say hello humans

Louie Louie is here hello Louie nice to see you here today

it's Tuesday it's Tuesday we are still a very long way from Friday I'm sorry

I I have to break this news to you but it is still a very long way from Friday

however I hope my livestream will cheer you up

and don't forget I am here every day during October let's have a look outside

what is the weather doing today oh it looks quite settled it is very

autumnal today so I would say that it really does feel like autumn it is a

little chilly but not too cold there is heavy cloud

but fortunately there is no rain so today it is very still very autumnal I

think that is the best word I can find to describe today's weather I can't

think of any other hello to salami hello salami hello also to Andrea Miriam

also the Dewan Toyland hello Toyland I have a feeling that

Toyland is going to be very busy soon do you know why can you guess Luis Mendez

is here we are talking about censorship today mmm Oh mr. Duncan you are choosing

such a big topic well I suppose one of the best things about being here every

day is you can choose many different topics to talk about during your time

live so when I'm here live with you I can actually choose lots of topics also

I can choose maybe something that is trending maybe a particular buzzword or

maybe an event maybe a movement there are many movements happening at the

moment so when we say movement we mean people acting on a certain issue or

cause so the movement is normally a group of people who are being active

they are responding to a certain issue or cause so for example I suppose in

London there have been many protests taking place over the past few days by

people who are concerned about climate change and that is happening right now

in London so you might describe the extinction rebellion as a movement they

are trying to make changes they are concerned about a particular issue so

they will become active in that area however where we talk about people

protesting quite often you might find that there is a certain amount of

suppression or maybe censorship of certain topics and certain issues

so sometimes protesting is not allowed or maybe it is discouraged

hello also - Nasia hello Anna hello vinamra hello vinamra

hello good teacher to paint the lessons of life on the canvas of our heart I am

lucky to have a teacher like you good evening from India hello to you as well

I know I have a lot of people watching at the moment in India guess what I am

having some Indian food tonight for my for my dinner or my evening tea or my

evening supper depending on how you want to describe it so tonight for my evening

dinner I am actually having some Indian food

very nice zoo seeker is here as well Kristina

hello Kristina I feel I might be wrong but I feel as if I haven't seen you for

a long time am I wrong or is it just my brain starting to dissolve in my skull I

don't know now see ya hello - you also buy an salad also Andrea wow so many

people already on the live chat and now we are up to date Christina says there

is a movement about the global warming in the world yes that is something I

just mentioned that is going on in London and also around the world let's

not forget that a lot of people around the world are also protesting they are

making their voices heard they are making their concern

public pachoo sir what is your opinion on the students that are learning more

by TV and videos than textbooks well what I always say I always say certain

people will have certain ways or maybe their own way of learning something so

you might find with some students they might not enjoy reading textbooks all

the time so they might find other ways to improve their learning skills

whatever the subject may be in my case of course it is English so maybe people

will watch my videos they will watch movies because they want to hear English

being used so I suppose it depends on the subject but it also depends on the

student so maybe in schools especially in schools nowadays they do often use

multimedia sources such as video or the Internet to to teach their students so

it is very common now to see students with laptops or tablet devices in front

of them in their classroom so to be honest with you I think I think the

times are changing as far as education is concerned so many students are now

getting their information or their teaching material from different places

so maybe they are watching movies maybe they are watching YouTube videos like

this one for example so I think there are many ways of learning anything in

fact I find documentaries on television quite interesting so sometimes maybe a

subject that I don't know much about I can learn about that particular subject

from watching television maybe a documentary about history or maybe it is

a documentary about a certain part of the world

so I think nowadays because we have so much information around us and so many

ways of getting it I think I think it's fair to say that many people nowadays

young people older people old people use many different types of learning

material to help them with whatever subject they are trying to learn I hope

that answers your question so we are here today and of course we are talking

about many things today we are talking about censorship and also I suppose I

should mention this as well as we head through the week we are coming towards

the brexit deadline so here in the UK we are making some big decisions this week

many negotiations are taking place to try and work out what will happen at the

end of this month on the 31st of October the UK is supposed to be leaving the

European Union oh my goodness g50 1998 asks how are you I'm okay I feel pretty

good I had a really good night's sleep last night as you know I don't like

losing sleep I always like to have a nice solid seven or maybe eight hours

sleep pradeep asks mr. Duncan have you ever tasted

Indian kur made of rice and milk with dry fruit I haven't tried that it sounds

like a type of dessert it also sounds quite yummy as well mmm very nice hello

also to Abdul if you are having to do something please tell me about the

meaning of having to do well if you are having to do something it means you are

doing something that you have no choice about so you are being forced to

do it you are having to do it so maybe your teacher tells you that you must do

your homework tonight so you are having to do it you must do it so in that

respect you are in the process of being told that there is something you must do

you have no choice because you are having to do it you have no choice yes

here please can you tell the world not to overuse plastic well this is a big

issue at the moment part of the climate change issue that many people are

talking about yes I think plastic has become quite a problem around the world

hello also to Kristina again you are wrong mr. Duncan I follow your lessons

every day but sometimes you don't see me in the chat oh ok then that might be the

reason why mm-hmm Meeker is here hello Mika guess what I

have received your photographs because Mika has been away has been to a very

beautiful scenic part of Japan and I'm glad to hear that you managed to avoid

the terrible typhoon that hit Japan a couple of days ago so I'm glad to hear

that you escaped that however you did mention in your email that you were

delayed so your return journey was actually delayed because of the giant

typhoon Luis Mendez mr. Duncan I don't think that there is free information

anywhere in the world newspapers TVs belong to billionaires for example

Rupert Murdoch is a person who owns quite a lot of the media however over

the past few months he has been forced to sell many of his shares

and so he doesn't have quite as much control now as he used to

so that's just to be fair I'm just being fair there I'm not taking sides of

course we can say that the world that it is that it is worse in countries like

China or maybe Egypt I'm not going to comment on Egypt because I've never been

there however I have been to China and can I

just say yes censorship is pretty much a way of life in China so that is

something I can talk about from experience the strange thing is when I

was in China there was a period of relaxation taking place as far as

censorship was concerned and the reason for that was because the Olympic Games

were approaching so as you know in 2008 the Olympic Games took place in Beijing

and before then many people in China was starting to be a little bit more open

the media was not being controlled quite so much TV had a little bit more freedom

reporting became less restricting or less restricted so this is something

that happened before the Beijing Olympic Games occurred however as soon as the

Olympic Games ended everything reverted back to how it was so the internet was

open so the years preceding the Olympic Games the internet in China was quite

open you could look at many many different web sites Western web sites

then after the Olympic Games ended pretty much as soon as the Olympic Games

ended all of those draconian laws and the way in which

the media was controlled and all of the censorship returned which included the

blocking of many Western websites including this particular website that

you're watching right now so YouTube is actually banned in China it is blocked

in China and that occurred just after the Olympic Games ended in Beijing

interesting times LOUIE LOUIE the most important thing is to learn so all

methods are good yes if it works for you do it that's what I say that's what I

say hello to Andrew hello Andrew nice to see you here probably brexit will last

for about two years it seems like somebody is making money on it I'm not

sure well already don't forget already don't forget that the referendum

occurred in 2016 and here we are now approaching 2020 and still there is no

decision so who knows what will happen there are some commentators saying that

it might not happen at the last moment everything will change and it won't

happen who knows the deadline is the point in time that something must be

completed yes I actually mentioned that word yesterday so yes I did mention the

word deadline yesterday there it is so when we say deadline we

mean a moment where something must be done by or before that is the point at

which something must be completed I've been asked to talk about a word that

they heard yesterday and this is something that was mentioned yesterday

during the political chitchat maybe on the TV or radio

I've been asked if I could explain this word austerity so when we talk about

austerity austerity means that something is done strictly or enforced something

that is done with importance or urgency something that is done harshly and as I

said the word strict is often linked to austerity so in in the case of the UK

austerity meant the cutbacks so money was being spent less on certain things

like the health service or maybe public spaces so in that respect

austerity meant cutting back the spending on public services here in the

UK and that has been going on since 2008 so yes around a decade so we have had a

whole decade of austerity cutbacks serious cutbacks harsh strict and that

is what austerity means to do something strictly it is enforced I like learning

English so much says Ahmed well I'm very glad to hear it I'm pleased to hear that

you enjoy doing that there is a daily newspaper called the Metro in Belgium we

have the same newspaper here so if you go on public transport on your way to

work in the morning you will see lots of free newspapers normally on the buses or

on the trains so you can take one and that is also called Metro isn't that

strange so I wonder if the publication here is connected to the publication in

Belgium who knows yes the one here is all

so free so you can actually pick the newspaper up on the train or before you

get on the bus so yes hello mr. Duncan and everybody

Thank You Kathy nice to see you here today it is strange isn't it it is very

strange to think that I've been here every day in October but do you think

it's a good idea is this good is it a good idea for me to be here every day

teaching you do you think it is a waste of time

maybe you think it is boring who knows let me know what you think sweet life is

here also Rahul is here as well Thank You Rahul nice to see you here

on the live chat we are going back in time we are going back to 2013 on this

very day the 15th of October when I was doing my special month of English

lessons so let's see what I was talking about on this day in 2013 yes my lovely

red curtains are back baby oh hello good morning and welcome to day

15 of 31 days of dunked over how are you this morning

are you fine are you dandy I hope so here we are with another short lesson

and don't forget later I will be sending some special hellos around the world to

some special places do you exaggerated if a person exaggerated s'

then they make some things seem more than it is or was for instance

they add things to a personal event to make it appear more exciting and

dramatic they make their situations seem much worse than it really is

they add details to a personal story that were not originally there

these things are exaggerations a slight ache becomes a terrible pain a light

downfall of rain becomes a heavy monsoon a tiny fish you caught with ease becomes

a giant shark we often exaggerate things as a way of getting attention the

biggest something is the more dramatic and important it becomes of course if

you exaggerate too much then people will stop listening to you so it is best that

you only do it occasionally an exaggeration can be described as a tall

story you have embellished the details of the event you have blown the thing up

to make it more dramatic the classic big fish tale is a good

example of an exaggeration it took me 20 minutes to catch that fish it must have

weighed over 40 pounds as I pulled it from the water it darn near tore my arms

off of course I had to put it back in the lake and I had no camera with me so

I couldn't take a picture of it but it was huge it was ginormous it was a

whopper sometimes person might exaggerate when they are

feeling unwell oh I feel terrible my head is splitting in two I think I

might pass out at any moment please take care of me give me some attention it is

not unusual for someone to use very dramatic phrases after hurting

themselves ouch I just cracked my head on that low

doorway this aching tooth is killing me I tripped on the stairs the other day I

almost broke my neck I thought I would die of embarrassment the dog nearly took

my hand off there are many ways to describe exaggeration to overstate to

stretch the truth to tell a tall tale to amplify to make a mountain out of a

molehill to embellish the truth to blow something out of proportion to make too

much of something to lay it on thick we all exaggerate things from time to time

those tall tales and wildly embellished stories add a little drama to the day

but it is best not to do it too often because once a person believes that you

are always stretching the truth then they might have trouble believing you

when it happens for real

did you do there we were going back in time way back to 2013 I hope you enjoyed

that ooh and for those who are wondering yes this

is 31 days of live English and I will be with you every day during October Oh

what do you think about that well it would appear from your comments that

many of you like the fact that I'm here every day so that's nice hello mr.

Duncan your efforts are outstanding and the step you have taken is

appreciated a lot I like that so what what course of content should be

followed to teach beginners of the spoken language now if we are talking

about people who are starting English with no English whatsoever I would

always suggest using books something that is written down something that is

shown very clearly quite often you can find books that have pictures and also

words as well so I always find that if you are starting English from the very

beginning you need to teach some basic words and the best way to do that is

with a book and quite often you will find beginners books or beginners

courses in the form of a book and inside you will often find photographs or

illustrations with the basic words and also maybe a basic explanation of the

word and if you live in a certain country and you were learning English

you might also find that there is a translation from English to the native

language as well so it does depend to be honest

Pat you says some people are less concerned about global warming even

though they do not believe that global warming

is going to happen what do you think from my own point of view well I have to

be very careful because I know that there will be people who disagree with

me and also agree with me so I have to be very careful what I'm saying but I

suppose there is definite evidence but the problem is and this is the problem

that I always face when I'm talking about these issues is the environment is

something that changes over a very long period of time in some cases we are

talking millions of years unfortunately human beings that's us

only have very short lifespans so each one of us will just appear on this

planet for a flash for a moment it is like the blink of an eye so when we talk

about the age of the earth and then we talk about one human beings life it is

microscopic so it's very hard from our point of view to see the overall chain

or the overall event so we are just seeing a brief snapshot of what is

happening around us so I think sometimes it is hard to come to a conclusion

however you can I suppose make scientific studies to work out if things

have changed over the last 30 40 or maybe a hundred years but the problem is

human beings have very short lives that is the big problem so it is a little bit

like watching one second of a movie and then being asked to tell everyone what

the plot is or what the story is about so it's a little bit like that so from

my point of view it is hard to judge what is really happening however I don't

think we can dispute the fact that something is happening

I hope I explained that well hello also to amat hello

Emmet resolver hello resolver hi mr. Duncan big hugs for you thank you very


Belarus es s something that is I suppose is true if you want to make enemies just

say what you think now I am a person who will often state or say what I think or

feel this is one of the things mr. Steve's mum always says about me she

says I like Duncan do you know why I like Duncan it's because he says what he

thinks if you ask him a question he will give you the answer he won't try to give

you an answer that you want to hear he won't try to coat the answer with sugar

to make it all sweet so for example sometimes maybe a person might ask me Oh

does this hat suit me what do you think of this coat and if I don't like it I

will say I don't like it it looks awful so yes that is what is happening I'm not

going to have hello Riza Riza if you are going to promote your podcasts can you

please ask me first it is a little bit rude to just come into someone's live

stream and start promoting your own podcast yes that might be Center ship

but it isn't it is actually courtesy so if you are going to come onto my live

stream and promote your own podcast can you please first of all ask if I

mind or ask permission in other words don't be so rude I've been asked to

explain the word though well quite often we use though in English to mean despite

or despite the fact so when we are adding something to a comment or when we

stressing one thing and then we are saying even though that thing exists

something else can happen as well so though can mean despite also it can mean

however however so the word though has more than one meaning sorry mr. Duncan

yes I should think so you don't just come onto someone's podcast or someone's

livestream and then promote your own without asking so yes I think I think I

am being fair I put a lot of time and effort into this let me tell you hello

yeah man I think it's half true and half false because you are going to be tired

and it's not pretty it's not boring it's 100% useful but if you are not tired it

is very good please can everyone tell me his opinion

you mean my opinion or their opinion yes so do you think this is a good idea

doing this every day is it a good idea or is it a terrible idea so we'll have

to wait and see hello to Cristina again the glaciers are melting yes we can see

that happening you are right it is a very big problem in the world there are

fires in the Amazonian forest and also time passes quickly yes those things we

can see they are definitely happening because they are current events and in

some cases they are being directly caused by people

so yes mm-hmm you might say that climate change is something that is happening

gradually however there are definite events taking place that show that

something is going on and it isn't good talking about something that other

people disagree with especially when we are talking about the government mm-hmm

or things that are maybe controversial you might find that there will be

censorship censorship so when we say censorship we are talking about the

removal or the covering or the hiding of something that might be controversial or

maybe information that some people might use in the wrong way

so censorship is something that is is common and it has been around for a long

time censorship was around during the Second

World War before the Second World War after the Second World War

so to censor something is to hide something

remove hide you take something away from the public domain you stop something

from being seen you try to suppress certain information I suppose another

word that you can use is control so when we talk about censorship we can also

talk about control you are controlling what happens around you now control of

course can be used in many ways so to control can mean steer so maybe you will

control an aeroplane or control a car as you are driving control can also use be

used to talk about censorship so when we have

censorship it is a form of control so that is why we use this word in relation

to censorship another word you can use when we are talking about censorship is

suppress so when we suppress again it is hide you hide something you push

something from clear-site something cannot be seen anymore something can not

be read so you suppress something quite often a topic of conversation might be

suppressed you might stop people from talking about certain subjects so when

you suppress you also have censorship so censorship means to suppress you

suppress information you suppress free speech suppress another one we can use

hide hide if you hide something it means you put it out of sight

somewhere where it can't be seen so hiding something well you can hide

yourself you can make yourself disappear by standing behind a tree or out of

sight or maybe in the shadows so hide is often related to censorship so you hide

something you make sure it can't be seen

when you want something to go away you will often you raise it so to erase

something it means to make it disappear arrays quite often especially in this

day of Technology you might find that

certain essays or certain things that have been said on social media might be

a raised so you arrays what has been said you make it go away

you arrays and whence more quite often with censorship you will erase

information you will erase something that has been said maybe something that

has been written or something that happened in a past and there are

instances of things that happened in the past maybe terrible events maybe

something done by one country to another and maybe the person who did the

terrible thing tries to erase history and it has happened then we have this

word again a word that is used a lot ban ban

now you can also say banished which means to send away so if you banished

something it means you send it away you make it leave it is no longer visible so

the word ban means stop you stop something from happening

you put a hold on it you ban that particular thing so ban is a form of

censorship however sometimes we will ban things for the safety of other people so

maybe we will ban smoking so that isn't censorship so if you ban smoking you are

doing it because you want to help other people to stay healthy so sometimes the

the banning so if you ban something it isn't necessarily censorship so this

word has more than one work one meaning and

one use if you ban something of course you can be banned from a country so

maybe if you say something bad about a certain country maybe that country will

ban you from going there oh he's an interesting one if you publish something

and you want people to read it but maybe parts of the text are actual things that

you want to keep secret or you want to keep them private

you will read act so redact means to remove something by obscuring it so

quite often you will redact text so if you publish a report and

maybe there are parts of the report that you don't want to show you will redact

you will take away those parts so they can't be seen a quick hello to the live

chat because I haven't forgotten about you don't worry I will be going soon by

the way mr. Duncan do you have any comment regarding the MBA issue with

China well this is something that is a hot topic so this is an actual hot topic

at the moment and as I mentioned near the start of today's live stream I did

live in China for a few years so I know all about the way in which the Chinese

media and also the Chinese government will censor what people hear and see and

say and I can give a very good example of that I used to teach adult English

classes in China in fact I used to teach all ages but something very strange used

to happen during my adult classes and this is what would happen I would be

doing my class I would be there standing in front of all of my lovely students

talking to them and suddenly a couple of men would walk in

and they would say nothing to me and they would go to the back of the

class and they would sit there for about ten minutes whilst I was teaching so I

would just carry on as normal I wouldn't say hello to them or anything

so they would come in and they would stay for about ten minutes and then they

would just walk out that's it so they would come in sit down and then just

walk out and I asked one of my students the first time this happened I asked

well what was that what happened then and they said oh they're from the

government they're just coming into your classroom to see and hear what you are

doing they want to see if you are saying anything bad or anything wrong so they

often will come in and they will listen to what is being said in the classroom

so even I was spied on by the Chinese government one night I received an

anonymous phone call from someone and they said Mr Duncan I must tell you now

be careful what you say on your telephone because your phone line is

being listened to and then the person hung up they put the phone down these

things actually happen to me so when we talk about censorship in China I know

all about it because I was on the sharp end of Chinese censorship I really was I

won't I don't want to hear people abusing or using swear words you don't

have to do that we can have a polite conversation here thank you very much

and no I am not censoring that person if you want to say something say it in a

polite way please thank you very much

so yes Chinese politics is a very complex subject it isn't just about

banning something it isn't just about censorship it also has a lot to do with

control not outside China but within China itself I would imagine that

YouTube is going to censor my video today so I would imagine that there will

be no ads appearing on this video restrict ah there it is there is the

word yes I think YouTube might restrict the adverts on my video this video

because of the subject so even YouTube will sometimes censor the people who

make videos on YouTube so don't forget sometimes YouTube will censor what

people say on YouTube and you know that I have a very strong feeling about free

speech and freedom you either have it or you don't

it is never open for negotiation that's what I think so I always feel very lucky

that I live in England I live in the UK where you pretty much have 100% freedom

you do however even here over the past few years certainly since 2001 there has

been a lot more censorship taking place here in the UK as well so sometimes you

will restrict things so if you restrict it means you withdraw something or you

take something away so it can't be said or done or seen you restrict some things

mmm another word I'm going soon wow I can't believe how fast this hour has

gone curtail curtail also means to stop something

so you could tale something limit is another word which can be connected to

censorship you limit something you limit so maybe you have a lot of freedom and

maybe that freedom will be reduced over time so you will limit you will have a

cutoff point for what people can say or do limit another word curb again curb

means to restrict or hold back so if you hold back something you curb the thing

in question so you might curb political free speech you might curb what people

can print or say on TV you will put a block on something you will hold

something back curb ooh he's a he's a very strong one eliminate oh dear

now this is a word that can be used in many many ways

eliminate means to make disappear you make something vanish you remove it

sometimes by force so if you eliminate something you remove it you make it

disappear and there are many ways of doing that some rather horrible ways of

doing that to keep people quiet sometimes you have to eliminate them oh

yeah wipe again if you wipe something it means you remove so maybe you wipe a

tape or maybe you wipe a video recording you remove it so it can't be seen


Kirt again you can cut something out you can cut something so it can't be seen

maybe you have a video recording that shows a politician doing something very

naughty maybe that will be cut from the video it will be removed they will edit

the video and remove it so if you cut something you cut it out you remove it

you take it away from public view this word is used a lot when the media is

told not to report on a certain subject blackout so we might have a media

blackout we might have a blackout and that means that a certain subject or

topic cannot be talked about or reported there is a blackout so we can use this

also to describe the failure of the electricity supply so if your

electricity goes off at night we can say that there is a blackout also if you

stop the newspapers from reporting or the television stations from reporting

on a certain issue or subject that is also described as a blackout and finally

delete you take something away you remove it forever and ever it cannot be

seen again so if you delete something you make it disappear you erase the

thing you delete the thing maybe you delete an email maybe there is an email

that you don't want people to see you will delete the email you will make it

go away talking of going away I am about to go

away because it's now three minutes past three o'clock here in the UK thank you

very much I hope this has been interesting I have enjoyed myself I love

coming here every day and of course I am here every day 31 days of live English

during October 2019 Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m. just after midday

and Sunday 2 p.m. as well I will see you tomorrow for day 16 of 31 days of

October thank you yeah man Thank You Rahul thank you also to wrong Thank You

Andrea thank you also to Eric bye mr. Duncan and everyone thank you very much

I hope you've enjoyed this today it's been very interesting

I must admit these are subjects that you don't see many English teachers talking

about because they are a little afraid however you should never be afraid to

express what you feel

Rahul says Tatar for now thank you mr. Duncan Thank You Billy thank you very

much thank you Milla ver Thank You Irene thank you bye Ann pal Mira thank you to

everyone what a lovely livestream this has been I really don't want to go I

wish I could stay longer I really do okay maybe maybe another

five minutes I will stay with you here is something that mr. Steve and myself

were talking about the other night and quite often when we sit down together we

will talk about many different subjects and we were talking about life before

cellphones so because mr. Steve and myself we

of a certain age we can actually remember what happened and what life was

like before we had cell phones so nowadays a lot of people take it for

granted that they can walk around with their phone and they can always be in

touch with their family and friends and they can send their messages and they

can take their Instagram pictures so yes that is something we are going to talk

about tomorrow so mr. Steve and myself we were talking

and sometimes we talk about many deep topics so tomorrow we're going to talk

about what we did before there were cell phones oh my goodness how strange is

that and that is something we're talking

about tomorrow on a live chat thank you yeah man thank

you also to Abdullah back over I hope I pronounced your name right Thank You mr.

Duncan many new words today as always well where we talk about censorship I

suppose we should also quickly look at the other words we can use as well and

these words are the opposite so we have freedom freedom is a word that means to

be free to do and say to be able to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air so you

have freedom so most people see freedom as a human right you might describe

freedom as being something that is expected so freedom and then we have

Liberty well Liberty basically means freedom as

well you are free to do things you have freedom you have Liberty so Liberty

means to be free to do and express yourself you have freedom

I suppose also we could use choice so when we talk about freedom we mean you

are free to do you are free to see here and also choose so when we talk about

freedom we might often talk about choice you can have a choice so maybe you want

to do something or maybe you don't want to do something it means you have a

choice openness is also a word that is often used when we talk about freedom

freedom openness the ability to express yourself without any repercussions so

when we say repercussions we mean punishment or maybe something that will

happen to you because you did that thing so repercussions openness means to be

free and finally now here is an interesting word when you see this word

you often think that it might be a negative word but in fact this is a

positive word emancipation means to be free or to be freed from your shackles

quite often we will use this word in reference to the abolishment of slavery

so emancipation means to be freed from the chains or to be freed from slavery I

hope you've enjoyed today now I am definitely going I thought I would do

the freedom at the end of the lesson because it seemed very suitable thank

you for joining me today I hope YouTube doesn't punish me I hope they don't take

away all my lovely adverts because I will really miss that 3 pounds 50 I

really will Louie Louie and before the internet it was another world as well

yes we are going to talk about that too we are going to talk about what life was

like before we had cell phones a little interesting maybe also I am in the

kitchen tomorrow I will be doing a little bit in the kitchen as well thank

you bye Anne thank you very much Cristina I am definitely going now it is

coming up to 10 past 3:00 this is mr. Duncan saying you can catch me on these

days there they are if you want to make a donation directly

you can there is the address on the screen right now because don't forget I

do all of this for free it costs you nothing nothing at all and of course

until tomorrow you know what's coming next

yes you do tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - TUESDAY 15th October - improve your English - CENSORSHIP/ BAN - DAY 15