Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can Scrap Hardware Make an Effective Zombie Weapon?

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(tense music)

(pained groan)



Sir, you dropped your wallet.

(upbeat piano tune)


As adult humans, we often have to think about

the future, like our diet and retirement.

But have you stopped to think about the possible

impending zombie apocalypse?

Cause we have.


So we are gonna make some weapons out of common,

everyday hardware items.

Stuff you can get in a pinch if it goes down.

Cause you don't know when it's gonna happen.



Did I get you?

(vintage music)

All right, so what are the common reasons that people die

in zombie movies?

I think-- They get bit.

But I think they-- Disemboweled.

let zombies get too close to them.

Yeah. So.

I wanna like have slightly ranged weapon.

My first thought was getting an axe,

and attaching it to a pole.

And I said that was lame.

And you just have like a long axe.


So, so I like your idea of having something

that is slightly ranged.


But I feel like we can take it farther and do something

a little bit more creative.

I want to make a flail.

Made out of nails.

A nail flail.


It is really clever.

It's really clever.

I think it's a good idea

and I think it's going to be effective.


No, no the thing that sold me

is like I think we've come up with a way

to make the nail flail,

the flail part of it really light weight.

Cause that is one of the challenges,

you don't want too much weight on your zombie weapon.

Yeah, I mean we watched a lot of zombie movies,

we're pretty much experts at this point.

By the way what's your favorite zombie movie?

Shawn of the Dead.

I'm not sure how much we can learn from that.

I mean pool cues work.


Cricket bats.


Okay what was your plan, sketch it out for us.

Okay, so we're thinking plumbing pipe for the pole

that we're gonna hold onto.

And then we'll weld a chain onto the end of that somehow.

And the challenge part is the ball.

My idea was just to stick a bunch of nails together

and keep adding more nails on more nails

until it just became a giant ball.

But like Evan said that would be super heavy.

And we need space in between the spikes

for it to really like stab in there.

My thought is just to get a whole bunch of washers,

weld them all together in a ball shape.

And then weld nails on to that.

Try to find some foam thing, glue the washers on,

then weld it, then put the nails on.

And then melt the foam?

EVAN: With fire!

(upbeat music)


EVAN: Oh no!

My nail.

EVAN: The dangers of making zombie weapons.

Weapons effective.

The breaker of chains.

If we're using screws does that mean we can't call it

a nail flail?

There weren't any nails large enough.

I'm sorry Katelyn your idea is screwed.


You know.

Biggest washers we could find.

Did you find the pole?

I'm doing pole dancing.

Am I doing it right?

KATELYN: Yeah I think so.

Adding some special effects later.

(retro cat music)

I know we said this would be made

from hardware store stuff but,

we also need some craft store stuff.

Now I think I found the perfect ball

and a bonus, there's caution, flammable.

I think that that'll be a good thing.

I hope this doesn't bite us in the butt.


Okay so we got home, we have all of our supplies.

And Evan tells me that he wants to change the product idea

in a fundamental way.

So my main concern is that when we start welding on this,

even if we have everything glued into place,

this is just gonna melt.

It's gonna catch on fire even with just like the heat

and sparks from the welding.


Just like a little bit.

Ow we're gonna wrap it.

I Think if we wrap this with aluminum foil,

and then we glue the washers onto the aluminum foil,

then the aluminum foil will protect this during welding.

There's a fundamental flash here, fundamental change.

Burning it out will be hard.

Yeah, how do we remove the foil.

(dial up tone)

(interlude music)

Do we need to burn it out?

It'll look cool if it's hollow.

I don't know the whole point.

But It'll still be light weight.

Yeah it'll just be covered in foil.

We'll just pretend like the foil's an aesthetic choice.

Yes, no, no, no, the whole thing is like literally metal.

It'll look solid.

It'll look like it's solid metal.

It'll look like it's solid metal.


(interlude music)

Ow shit.

(wasted theme)

That wasn't--


All right after much debating we have decided--

That we're just gonna see what happens

without wrapping it in foil.

Cause it'd be super cool to burn this out

from the center of our flail.

I just wanna see that.

I just wanna see it.

And if it doesn't work,

we'll figure it out then.

We have enough time before the zombie apocalypse.

We have like, you know,

one more shopping trips worth of time.

Yeah, yeah.


Let's get our glue gun out.


So I guess another question

we didn't really ask ourselves is,

will the hot glue melt the styrofoam?


Will it set it on fire?

No it won't, it won't set it on fire.


So I'm gonna apply it to here.

Wait, wait, wait.

I just had a thought.

(inquisitive music)

These are zinc plated.

Are we going to have to grind them before we weld them?

If we glue them all down,

we won't be able to...

Grind it.

(interlude music with static)

Science adjacent with Evan and Katelyn, yeah

All right let's back up a second.


going back to basics.

The easiest seal to weld is just a mild seal.

It's just low carbon steel.

Sometimes it's hard to get different pieces

in just that mild carbon seal.

So these washers for example,

they have a zinc coating on top of it.

Which is like a really thin layer of zinc

and that just protects the steel from rusting

and everything like that.

These guys right here, they're galvanized steel.

So they have a coating of zinc that's on it,

that's 10 times thicker than this.

You can just see that thicker coating

if you just look at it visually.

So we can't weld the items that are coated in zinc

because the off gases are really bad for you

to breath in.

And we don't wanna have to grind off the coatings of

however many individual washers we have.

So we did some research

and there are other ways to get rid of that zinc coating.

Mainly you can remove it chemically.

(upbeat jazz music)

you're tub is a disgrace.


Okay so the two ways we looked into.

One you can use vinegar

and that will eventually dissolve it off.

But, the downside is it takes around three days.

The other thing you can do is citric acid.

Which sounds kind of scary

because it has the word acid in it,

but it's basically like the powder put on sour gummy bears,

or like, remember war heads.


My school like, everyone brought them and like traded them

like, Ow yeah.

Like prison cigarettes.

Was it watermelon?

Ow yeah watermelon was so good.

Anyways, citric acid will dissolve it off of the--


Will dissolve it off the metal in about three hours.

And you can get it at the grocery store.

So we're gonna try that one.

(upbeat music)

Got some.


So on all of the online tutorials

we didn't see any measurements of how much to do.

So we are completely making this up.

We'll let you know if this too strong,

or too little.

We're gonna do half a cup into 16 ounces.

Because, why not.


Gonna start dropping them in?

All right.

This is the satisfying part.

Ow they immediately react.

Look at that.

See the bubbles on them?


Look at that one.

Like on that one,

you see there's bubbles developing on one side of it.

Ow yeah, ow yeah I see it.

(clanking washers)

it's not powdering anymore.

Yeah, and this is what happens.

So here's the before, here's the after.

Basically it's less shiny.

And that's all you can see.

Yeah. (laughing)

okay so, time to attach these to a sphere of foam.

(joyful music)

Should I wear safety protection for this?

Uh maybe.

You know.

We're wearing the same t-shirt.

I mean I guess this makes sense.

I wore this shirt first.

No I was wearing this shirt yesterday,

so I wore the shirt first.


That's a lot of hot glue.

I'm gonna put it on the washer.

Because I worry if I put it on the foam,

it's gonna,

melt it.


That's great.

There you go.

What should we call it?


(wind blowing)

Okay well didn't melt it.

It kind of feel like doing arts and crafts,

but like instead of being fun and games,

it's like--

Life and death.

Yeah that.

Ow wow.

That's like still quite weighty.


But I can't even imagine how heavy this would be

if it was solid metal.

I'm glad we're going for this hybrid approach.

Plus it looks cool.

Like this.

Don't pay attention to the gaps.

They'll be filled in soon.

That brings us to the next step.

Welding and--

To make this whole process a little bit easier

we're actually going to be welding on

this little stick right here,

so that we can move it around and keep it all grounded

while we weld.

(funky music)

It got too hot and melted off.

Uh oh, I can glue it back on?

Nah let's see if I can keep on going.

This video is literally made possible by Lincoln electric,

we're using their newly released power mig 140 MP welder,

plus all Lincoln gear, Lincoln fume extractor,

Lincoln everything.

KATELYN: We love Lincoln

not only because they were cool with us

making a zombie weapon,

but also they make welding way less intimidating.

We're still pretty new welders, but the power mig

is really easy to use,

and the crazy thing is it's only $782.

That's insane.

EVAN: And we couldn't think of anyone better

to face the zombie apocalypse with.


So thank you again for making such great products Lincoln.

We'll link literally everything we're using down below

in the description.

KATELYN: Thank you.

He protec.

He attac.

But most of all,

he knows how to tack.

That was a good one.

Thank you.

It's like a evil cake pop.

KATELYN: Oh my god.

Oh it's like squishing through.

I know I think the foam expanded, because of the heat.

And then some places it started catching fire and melting.

But I think we should just like set the rest of it on fire

and burn it out.

KATELYN: Yeah we should do that.

Maybe not indoors.

No, no, no.

That looks so cool.

Yes we're just gonna do it.

We're gonna do it, yeah, ready.


(blowtorch firing)

Ow yeah that's going.

KATELYN: Just gonna have a cozy fire pit.

EVAN: That looks so freaking cool.

We should make a fire pit like that.

I don't know how we'd get fire wood in there.

But it looks awesome.

KATELYN: You just don't close it.

You just leave the top open

EVAN: Open yeah.

KATELYN: Ow my god we gotta do that.

(blowtorch firing)

(upbeat music)

EVAN: This is going to be so epic.

KATELYN: That is not a fire crackle,

that is just so cozy.

(blowtorch firing)

This could be the thumbnail right here.

Ow wait, there, there, there, there.

KATELYN: Ow my god.

What is happening?

Now it really is a cake pop of death.

It's dripping.

It's the plastic that's inside of it.


KATELYN: Ow my god.


Okay now to cool it off.

(water splashing)

Ow jeez.

Next we get to add--

The spikes!

A mounting point, and then the spikes.


We should probably like firm up those tacks,

because we're going to be smashing it into things.

I think that's like some what secured,

but I think we should like go back and touch that up.

And then spikes. yeah!


(upbeat music)

Check this out.

Not only does this look cool,

but look at what I was able to do with the welder.

I was able to close the holes completely.

Kind of for strengthening it,

but also just to see if I could.

I was able to like weld those shut.

KATELYN: Ow that's so much better.

That's so crazy.

But also.

(banging metal)

Like this right here.

KATELYN: That's like a lolly pop of doom.

That's already a zombie weapon.

Okay, should we explain what we're gonna be doing

for the next step.

Yeah, so, before we attach the spiky bits,

which I'm really excited about.

We need to figure out how to attach everything together

in a way that makes sense.

And key to all that is this swivel right here.

So we're gonna have swivel points mounted to the pole

and to the ball connected by the chain.

That way when we're--

Swinging the chain

Swinging the chain

Swinging the chain

It's not like twisting up on itself and getting tangled.

So it's a similar process to last time.

We're gonna soak all the hardware in citric acid,

dissolve all the zinc.

Then we're actually gonna cut off one end,

so that we have a better mounting point.

Then we shall weld one to the pole.

(sparking of welder)

One to the ball of death.

And then we'll have this.

Huh hu!

Look at that, it's beautiful.

It spins without getting tangled.


Let me see if I can just do a little like

(alerted ping)

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, okay.


Well at least the spikes weren't on it yet.


Speaking of spikes.

We probably could use these screws as is.

But we want them to be even more deadly.

Yeah, more stabby.

Well also it's like, with these ridges,

if you slammed them into something,

it might get stuck there.

And you need to like--

You need to retract it.

You need to be highly agile with this.

So, I think it's time for a little bit of grinding.

Yes a lot of grinding.

There's a lot of screws.

(electronic music)

This is taking too long.

KATELYN: I told you that would take a long time.

And you were right.

Science experiment time!

All right so before we grind the rest of these.

Let's see how much of a difference it makes

between... yeah.

The fully sharpened, halfway sharpened,

and the nothing at all sharpened.

Because if one of these two,

the halfway or the nothing works,

we can save a lot of time.

Not having to grind up all those threads.

Yeah so I guess, let's each do both tests,

then we can get like a feel for it.

All right ready?


All right.

KATELYN: That seemed to take some force.

I'm gonna do one more.

With like a little bit of a--

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

That went in easy.

So you just gotta like get some momentum behind it.



Yeah this is the half.

Oh it stopped it at the threads.

Try again.

(squelching of watermelon)

okay you can't. It takes more force.

It pulls out some guts.

It breaks it, you see how these are holes?


This is like more of a shattering force,

then a stab force.

Feel like it might just knock the watermelon off,

honestly like this isn't going to do anything.



Look at the size of that hole too.

It makes a huge difference.

I feel like you have experience this too.

I'm just curious.




Try the worst one just as like a comparison.

You just wanna laugh at me?

No I just wanna see more data.

More data is needed.

I actually like did okay. Hey.

You did okay.

I had a feeling that it was gonna be like this.

Yeah me too.


Well we have several hours of grinding ahead of us.

So shall we slice up a snack and then go into montage mode.

Montage mode.

(electronic music)

(screws grinding)

(elevator music)

(electronic music)

(screws grinding)




Are these too big?

(inquisitive music)

If they're shorter like this,

they do a lot of damage.

They'd be easier to pull out.

Because they're so long it's gonna get stuck more.

What are you proposing?

(electronic music)

This is the part I'm very excited about.

We're gonna weld on the spikes

and complete our weapon.

EVAN: Is that supposed to be like a dramatic scene?

Yeah, but my hand was already like kinda far in it so...

EVAN: Do it again, do it again.

(electronic music)

Welder on.

Fume extractor, on.

How am I going to hold these tiny spikes?

EVAN: Carefully.

(welder sparking)

That's looking so cool.



Oh my gosh.

Look at it.

Look at what we have created.

So wicked looking.

(Evan laughs)

Are you ready?

EVAN: Time to smash things with our...


Are you ready to destroy some zombies?

EVAN: Yes I am.

(dark electronic music)

Hopefully I don't miss.

Count me, count me out, okay, wait.

Let's not swing it when the other person's not ready yet.

I'm just getting my swing right.

Three, two, one.

(flail crashes)

Oh yes!

KATELYN: Oh my gosh, whoa!


It's super effective.

It's super effective, I'm wanna do one more.

Oh, Katelyn look at this.

Look at that.

Ow my god.

Oh my god.

I know.

I'm not sure if the table's gonna survive this.


(Katelyn and Evan) ow!

Direct hit.

Oh my god.


Ow my god.

Oh my god that was brutal.

That was brutal. Oh man.

EVAN: That was an explosion.

KATELYN: The carnage.

That was such a good hit.


Katelyn you got to try this.

You got to try this.

Choose your enemy.


(electronic music)

I'm a little nervous about like being able to swing it

with enough power, you know.

EVAN: Better to err on the side of caution and safety,

then power and destruction.

You can always get a second chance.


(tense music)


So let's see, how close do I need to--

I probably need to be about this close.

I wanna hit him with the ball.

All right watch this.

Let's be careful about this.

Pull back.

Okay, so we have my stance.

(Evan laughs)

Give me a count down.





(discovered tone)

(Evan laughs)

I saw that coming.

Practice, I was scared to hit the table,

I aimed high.


Now I'm nervous.



(flail crashes)


(comical music)

You know acorn squash zombies are immune to side swings.

Don't mock me with it.

(Evan roars)

okay, okay let me try it over hand.

Okay, okay.

I'll try it.

It's a much harder, like,

food item to smash.

You know the watermelons are the easiest.

I should have taken the banana.

(Evan laughs)

And you just like let it slam into the table?


(flail crashes)

Alright see it was barely a hit.

Look at all the--

wait, this is so good, this is good,

like everything like flying.

I have to redeem myself,

I don't want to like the squash to go on forever.

(Evan laughs)

Here, far, my squash will go on

Is that how the song goes?


(Evan laughs)

This looks like a good position?

(happy music)

I don't know.

Come on I had to have hit him.

It was close again.

Okay you know what he's final boss,

I'm gonna pick an easier one,

and we'll come back to him.

EVAN: Okay.

I need a win. (Evan laughs)

(electronic music)

Who's next?

Frigging bananas.

(Evan laughs)

EVAN: Frigging banana's man.

Frigging banana's.




(flail crashes)





Got them!

See I can swing it.

It's just squash man.

(Evan laughs)

EVAN: So let's look at the slow-mo.


EVAN: Ow yeah!

You did get him.

KATELYN: I got him good.

[Evan] They're all separated.

Ow my gosh.

Choose your zombie.


He's getting away.


(Together) Ow!

EVAN: Yeah.

KATELYN: Right in the brain.


EVAN: In the air, yes.

[Katelyn] Ow my gosh.

This is a good weapon.

This is very effective.

The bolts holding up really well.

It's not deformed,

we're not missing any spikes.

Wanna do like the soda.


You only really get one chance with the soda.

If you graze it, you don't get a good hit.

EVAN: That's that.

You don't get the explosion,

you don't get to try that again.

I may or may not regret this later.

Are you making him angry?

Three, two,


(flail crashes)

At least you didn't graze it.

(jolly music)

I hit it.

You hit it?

Look at the slow-mo.

Okay I didn't hit it.

(Evan sniggering)

Okay I hit it, but like I didn't hit with the spike part.

Okay, one more time.

Yeah, yeah.

Going down.

(tense music)




Whoa! Whoa!

It sounded like a gun shot.

I'm infected.

Oh my god, oh my god.

Look at the slow-mo.

I really feel like an episode of slow-mo guys here.

(Together) Yeah!

EVAN: Ahhhhh!

KATELYN: So good.

EVAN: Oh it's so gory.

KATELYN: Oh everything's covered in big red now.

EVAN: Oh my gosh those drops.

Ow it looks so gory.

KATELYN: It's like raining blood soda.

It just keeps going.

It just keeps going.

EVAN: There's so much.

It's raining red, hallelujah

I like how you can still see his face.

I'm defeated.

I'm gonna get lettuce real quick.

Before it's time for final boss.

Okay mister cabbage,

we're on to you and your cabbagey games.

It's like plants verse zombies but opposite,

where the plants are the zombies.


And we're the farmers.

Okay you ready?


Two, one.

(flail crashes)


Woo he chopped.

That's some coleslaw.

Gonna make some salad.

KATELYN: I like how we had the same joke.

Okay slow-mo.

EVAN: Right in the head. KATELYN: In the face.

Look at him go.

Look at him flying, EVAN: It's beautiful.

KATELYN: his wings are spread.

His guts are leaving his body.

Ow majestic.

Katelyn your arch-nemesis has reappeared.

To taunt you.

KATELYN: I'm ready for you.

Yes, lay down.

(Evan laughs)

Are you ready?

EVAN: How can one be ready for such a momentous battle?




(flail crashes)

Did I do anything?


It did gouge him.

Maybe he is like the toughest one.

He's the toughest, I told you about squash.

Okay I will not overshoot.

I will hit the squash.

Do it again, just do it again, just do it again.

Too far.

KATELYN: Dang it okay, he's going in the back.

EVAN: It's always too far.

Too far again.

He's also just really tough.

EVAN: You missed.

(Evan laughs)

I mean, he's really tough.

(flails crashes)

I hit him.

EVAN: You hit him dead on.

He is tough.

Look he bounced, he bounced.

(dial up tone)

Do you wanna try?

EVAN: He just shrugged it off.

Okay. KATELYN: Wanna try it?

I'll try it.

I'll give it like my full strength attack.

Avenge me.

All right.

You have softened him up for me though, look at that.

Lots of gouges.


Lots of damage done.


I mean he's probably at 50% heath right now.

KATELYN: Definitely.

Make sure to put your face mask down.

Okay count me down.

Three, two, one.

(flail crashes)

(Together) Ohhh!

How do you like us now?

How do you like us now?

(joyous music)

Katelyn look at this--

I went a little bit too extra.

KATELYN: Oh my god, oh my god.

I think it's time for the end of life for this table.


It needs to go out in a blaze of guts...

and gore! KATELYN: Yeah do it.


and destruction.

Yeah dessstrucction.







Three, two, one.



(triumphant music)

KATELYN: We have defeated the horde.

(Evan roars, laughs)

He, he, he, He, he, he, I got you.

(high five)

Well, I feel like we've proven that you can make

a pretty darn good zombie apocalypse weapon

from stuff at the hardware store.

Heck yeah.

Katelyn did you here that, more zombies,

let's get 'em, let's get 'em.

Run, run.

P.s. we filmed an entire behind the scenes video

of Evan doing my zombie makeup for this video.

It's on the second channel, bye.

(Evan laughs)

Turn right, turn right, turn right.

We're good.

Act natural. normal.

Hear that sound...

It's the sound of your brethren's juice dripping.

Are you ready?

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