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Hello everyone. Nice that you watch again to a new episode of Life on Wheels.

You will be driving with me for another week. My son too and that's Jayden.

I am now at a company on the side of Avignon, I have only been there for two hours. And I probably have to go to another company to unload.

We are still waiting for that. And then we continue towards Marseille.

And I don't know if I'll do anything today. In any case, tomorrow I will go a little further towards Nice.

So along the cote d'azur, so have fun everyone.

We are now on our way to Carpentras, because the customer where I just stood has the storage of the customer that I am now going to.

And he says that I have to unload to them myself.

I'll arrive there in the afternoon, so that probably won't work. Anyway, we'll see.

We will now release. They are nine big bags of 100,000 kg each. They have to be taken out by handcart.

Just sweat. It's just 35 degrees out here. So yes, but it will be fine.

I hope they will be out soon. He has already pulled two back with a bar. So that is not disappointing. I couldn't show that.

That went just as quickly.

A forklift truck arrived with a rod and hopla.

So this one is on the back now and then I have seven more to go. But I've just been told I'm getting an electric pump truck. So yes, I'm fine with it.

Well that was nothing disappointing. Now we are going to Marseille.

So, that's a good 100 km from here. We will solve it and then I have to take a look.

"Then we will probably be at a pub at 16:00"

Yes, not bad if you can sit on the terrace on time.

"Yes, exactly."

But I wasn't actually talking to you, but to the camera, Slapert.

Not really

Yes, that is true. I just turned that thing on.

Well here we go, just into the port area for a box.

Well, I'm going to drop off that box. I just hope it doesn't get to the captain. Then it may take a while before I get back.

Well we unloaded a box. Jayden filmed. I hope that will work out well in the vlog later. But it will.

I can't do anything else today so I'm going to visit a pub.

It's 27 degrees, I think it's again for it. So tomorrow another day.

Oh yeah!

It will take a while before the tank of such a cruise ship is full. "Yes"

So, we're at a restaurant. In any case, it is not big. That is fun.

We are now driving again. It is the next day. I just changed clothes. It is almost 7:30 and already 23 degrees.

Nice temperature already. We're going to Cannes, so I can. We enter Cannes in no time. Then we will unload a pallet there with shipping chains.

Let's see how things are there, but it will be fine.


We've released, on to the next!

It is also a bit near the center.

See where we are going, but this street just continues. We still have to be number 1100.

Nice dude, those branches.


Yes of course, here we have to be.

Watch out with the top. No not up.


That took some work. Do odd jobs with viewers, but it's over again. So on to the next.

This was the first part of our XL vlog. I hope you liked it

Let us know with a thumbs up and in the comments. Then we'll move on to part two next week.


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