Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SALGO EN LA TV DE JAPÓN Y ESTA ES MI RESPUESTA

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Hello, how are you doing?

Im Zorman and I invite you to watch the video entirely, due that possibly this is my favorite video.

Im the most racist people in all Japan? Stay still because what happened is priceless. Lets begin.

Everything starts with a controversial video Ive uploaded.

A musical video the usual style as all the other videos Ive posted until today. A subtle criticism, with, all saying, a little bit of black humor.

Which had been liked by a big majority, but offensive for few ones,

as is usual in my videos:

What a pretty my wife looks with her apron!”

Je-sus-christ! The future robot that defeats the bad guys with kisses and sweetness!”

Ebola, ebola, Im the ebola and you all gonna die


on February 23rd I receive an email from the Japanese TVFuji TV”, specifically the programGoodie”.

They want to interview me due to my new videoCoronavirus”.

Hooray! Finally the moment arrived. I knew some day I was going to be famous in Japan.

The interview day arrived. Obviously was online.

If by chance there is another interview in the future, and you want to interview me in person, I would be very pleased to visit Japan. Its one of my dreams.

The first questions were a little bit as a trial.

Ive explained my part in the best way possible, knowing the possible misunderstandings due to the culture differences.

Obviously, I knew how the interview was going to be driven.

What I didnt know and it was making me feel a little bit insecure was at which degree of severity I were facing.

Then, the first important question arrived:

Then, by yourself, you dont have this sensation, this feeling of discrimination, or racism, do you?”


From there, everything surrounded the purpose of catching something that would confirm my racism in the video.

To this, I want to answer right now, with the most possible clarity.

The coronavirus was originated in Wuhan. Wuhan is in China.

After this case, cases of racist acts towards Asians started to happen around all the world.

This is the first criticism in the song:

“… and if you cross paths with a chinese dont get close to him

The second one is against the mass media, but lets focus on the first one.

For this criticism, I play as a fictional character that is dumb.

Dumb ass.

Due to his dumbness, hes a prejudiced person, and very weak to the social networks and also to the press.

He is a man deranged by alarmism to such an extent that he not only has a mask, but also has a suit that even uses it to play videogames.

Such unhinged man falls in one of the most famous racist topics in the western history:

Every person with Asian factions are Chinese.

No. No they arent. Seriously. They are not.

This, my friends, is not mocking on Chinese people, is not mocking on Koreans, nor mocking on the Japanese.

If I laugh on someone, is just on the people which their poor naive brain makes them think like that.

Even though, I can understand the misunderstanding.

The other character in the video is the coronavirusembodiment.

Cartoonish recreation made by my own self.

Why did I draw it like that? Just because is the image that the other characters mind has about the coronavirus,

due to the ironization of his racism.

In fact, if I would do the video right now, I would draw a bowl of rice in one hand, and in the other hand, a slice of "pisa".

Pissa, peek-saPizsa

I apologize, I dont know how to correctly pronounce the ceezee

and in the other hand, a spaghetti dish...

Because sadly, nowadays the racism is growing up, and now is the turn for the Italian people.

I think the video has other interesting topics to debate rather than the racism,

but it seems that the only thing that truly offended is the fact that Ive compared them with Chinese people

Well, the interview followed like this for 40 minutes with completely redundant questions.

And finally, theyve showed the interview on TV. Ill show you a piece of it. Here it goes.

This is very surreal.

I couldnt translate the entire interview.

Anyhow, I put the link of the video in the description

in case you want to see it completely.

What is obvious is that all my video is taken out of context completely.

Goodbye to my dream of visiting Japan.


At least in the report they said that my purpose was not being racist.

Its something.

Actually, I doubt they were having bad intentions. Well, just a little. But not as much as usually you can find in media broadcasters.

After this report, my YouTube video has had numerous comments from Japanese people. Ive translated several of them:

Im a Japanese woman and I was really liking foreign people, and I thought Spain was a place where I would like to go,

but Im very sad because people who has these feelings post songs in YouTube that promotes the racism.

This song really made me sad. I cant forgive

OhWellI dont know what to answer.

Not all Spanish have racist feelings, like me. I encourage you to visit Spain.

ItsIts very beautiful

If I get infected, I go to Spain.”

OhI wish you a very good health in all your life.

It didnt get so much more negative comments.

The rest were odd or positive.

Even one commenter written the refrain in Japanese.

Putting comments aside, is really ironical that it has been specifically Japan the ones that targeted me as a racist.

Japan is probably the country which stereotyped the most the characters from all around the world in different works of them, like in Street Fighter.

Most of the characters are stereotypes of different countries brought to the limit.

Or for example, like this anime.

episode #6

And lets go with my favorite Japanese stereotype. “Punch Out”.

Japanese boxing videogame from Nintendo where you face boxers from different countries.

And there was a Spanish boxer. Do you want to know how he was?

Here he is. His name isDon Flamenco”, and look, this is his fighting introduction:

This offends me as a Spanish?


In fact, I love it. It makes me very funny!

Why we get offended this easily? It doesnt have any sense.

I dont understand this new world.

I blame all this on a simple misunderstand between cultures.

If theres somebody from there watching me right now, you have to know that I love you all.

I grew up with your works and many of my idols are from there.

But anyways, I would like to finish up with these words:

If Ive really offended you, it wasnt my intention. It was only a comical video.

But I wont do it anymore.

I really apologize from the deepest of my heart to all the Korean people.

Not Korean, Japanese!”

Oh, yeahWell,

whatever, they are the same