Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUNDAY WITH OLA#27 - GIBSON, TOOL ADAM JONES, GARY HOLT GUITAR

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What's up everyone and welcome to Sunday with Ola number 27

So what's up, you beautiful people?

Are you guys good? I'm ok.

I'm actually really really ok

Thank you so much for asking

You didn't ask, but thank you

Appreciate it

So, I...

We're gonna start out really hot in this one, ok?

We at Solar Guitars released 4 new guitars this past Friday

With Fishman Fluence pickups

I mean, maybe you've seen that we're releasing more and more guitarswith Fishman Fluence pickups

Well... yes

We were pushing a little bit, I like the Fishman Fluence, so...

That's why

So go check'em out, there's a video somewhere in the stratosphere...

But we're gonna check out the news

Ok, so I'm really late to the party regarding this one

But I wanted to talk a little bit about the new...

Is it new? The Gibson Adam Jones of Tool

You know, the guitar player of Tool

Gibson has released a set of custom shop guitars with his name on it

They're called the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom Aged and Signed, antique silverburst


This limited edition Gibson Custom Shop model replicates Adam's #1 guitar

His prized original Silverburst 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The finish has been expertly aged and duplicates the original guitar, as do all the other details

Right down to a mounted replica of his headstock mirror

And the included custom Adam Jones hardshell case

Only 79 of these guitars, personally hand-signed and numbered by Adam

Will be built by the expert luthiers and craftspeople of the Gibson Custom Shop

Ok, so...

There's a mirror on the headstock, that's cool, I wonder what that's for

Oh, is that for...

You know, when you have stage lights going onto the headstock, it will bounce off?

That's actually not a bad idea, I like that

Ok, so that mirror is probably like... you know, worth a lot of money

The price of this thing, this aged one, is... 10 grand

One can argue about the price being a little bit too high, but I mean, it's Gibson

Ok, even the screws are a little bit rusty there, can you see that?

And there's also some shit there on the pickup

Is that like fingershit? Look at that, look at those pickups, man.

They're all rusty and shit

And then there's a little expertly relic'd thing there, by the... next to the pickup

That looks expertly made... what?

It's expertly made, that's what I wanted to say

So... yeah man

You got a crack right there, expertly made crack, that's cool

I mean, ok, I think it looks like a sick guitar

Now... worth 10 grand?

I'm not so sure

But what really surprises me is that they're making 79 of them

And they're 10 grand each, ok?

And they're out of stock, so they're all sold out

My question is now...

I mean, fine, I love Tool and Tool is a great band and they have a lot of fans out there

But even though they have a lot of fans...

I have a really hard time imagining 79 people having the money to buy something like this

Like, who's this guitar made for

The Tool fan? I...

I just don't know, is that a thing that Tool fans are really, you know, rich or something?

It's just a shit ton of money, man

I don't know if they're like building it with unicorn powder or whatever

You know, made by elves...

In the factory or whatever, whatever makes it worth this much

But... yeah, it is Gibson

They do have wicked prices on their guitars, so...

It's understandable, but I'm just really really surprised that it's out of stock

And that they sold all 79 of them

That's insane

I... F***ing congratulations, that's amazing right there

So that's the Adam Jones signature guitar right there

Unfortunately I have another piece of news regarding this

That is not as awesome

I'm laughing, but it's just because it's a great piece of news

It's another article from Guitar World

Where it says '$95k worth of Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Customs stolen in premeditated theft'

13 of the Tool guitarist's just-announced signature models were taken from a Sweetwater truck

Now, an entire pallet of newly released Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom electric guitars has been stolen

The pallet containing 13 guitars was taken from a Sweetwater music truck

At the Flying J Travel Center in Whiteland, Indian, on October 30th.

Gibson and Sweetwater believe the theft was planned in advance

Because one pallet was singled out, out of all the guitars

And this made me think...

I mean, obviously because they're worth a lot of money

It would make a lot of sense for a thief to steal these guitars

Because they're, you know, they're really expensive and he got 13 of them

But I'm still a little... know, shocked to hear that they've sold 79 of them

Maybe I'm on a conspiracy theory thought right here

But what if this is a setup somehow?

What if this is fake news? What if Gibson stole their own guitars?

Why? Maybe they didn't sell all of them...

I don't know, maybe they just want the news

Because now they're in the news, and when it's on Sunday with Ola news, it matters


Fake news or not, I have no idea

It's incredibly sad though, I'm gonna give'em that, I mean, no one likes a thief

Don't be a thief, that sucks, ok?

So there you go, that's a little great piece of news right there

Ok, another piece of news that I have is that... there's a new band out there

It's a super-group, it's Grand Cadaver

Ex-Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity..

They've just released an... is it an EP or they're releasing a...

They've just dropped a single, it's this new super-group of Swedish uh...

Swedish musicians from various bands

And this single right here

It's nasty as fuck

If you like HM2 and just like...

Sick stuff...

This is the f***ing shit right there

This is completely up my alley, I love this stuff

They're releasing an EP called Madness Comes

No, Madness, just Madness, it comes in February 2021

So that's cool, I'm looking forward to this actually, so...

There you go, Grand Cadaver... that's cool

Who's up there?

You won't escape that way

So, a couple of weeks back...

I saw an Instagram post from Gary Holt

Guitar player of Exodus and also Slayer

He was selling a Dimebag tribute guitar

Now, I'm usually just interested in Washburn Dimebag guitars

But Gary was selling a somewhat cool Dimebag tribute guitar

Made by a guy called Tom Smith

And I thought it was a sick-ass looking guitar

So I bought it from Gary even though he wouldn't ship it overseas

For people, he did for me, that's very nice of him, thank you so much Gary

Anyways, I'm gonna unbox it today, it came like this

Oh shit, careful

You would think I've opened so many boxes throughout my lifetime

That I would know how to open a guitar box, but well...

Shit, here it is

Alright, let's check it out

Ooh shit, that looks amazing

Are you guys ready for this?

Holy f***

Look at that, man

Are you guys seeing this?

Look at this

Isn't that f***ing sick?

Yeah man, I mean...

Shit, like really... shit

It looks insane, it looks a lot better than on the picture in my opinion

I guess the backside is mahogany

Maple neck with something... rosewood or jatoba stripes right there

This I guess is a poplar burl top right there

But look at this, man

Cowboys from Hell emblem right there

Dimebag's face on that one

Look at that

It has the Gary Holt EMG signature set

I imagine, which is an 81 EMG and an 89? I think it's an 89.

Schaller floating trem right there

This is probably an ebony fretboard, looks great

So Tom Smith, who built this guitar

He's a small builder that built Gary one or two guitars

He had this done when Gary came along and he finished it up for Gary

And Gary had his guitar guy...

You know, finish it all off, putting in the EMGs, doing the frets and all that and...

Can you see that inlay?

Razor blade inlay...

It's in tune.

It's been shipped all the way from California and it's in tune

That's a good sign right there

Holy shit, I can't wait to try this out

That top right there looks absolutely gorgeous, holy shit


Alright, I'm gonna go and play it in the Sunday with Ola

And here it is

Look at that

That's f***ing badass, so...

At first I was trying to plan and make like a "My Guitar" video for this guitar, but...

The thing is that this guitar came completely set up

By Gary Holt's guitar guy

And it's... it's already been done

There's not really anything to do, I mean the strings are new...

I'm not gonna change the strings and then do a re-setup

On a guitar that was just recently set up by a pro setup guy

How many times did I say 'setup'?

Ok, let's plug it in baby


Let's try this out

There basically no output on this thing

Ok, let me check the battery real quick


I don't know how to open this

Maybe it's a weak battery

I can't get the battery out, I feel like a f***ing moron

Oh well, ok, great, well...

So, I have a dead battery

Like, the output is really low

But it feels really good to play, man

You have to imagine it sounding really really awesome and that these pickups sound really awesome, but right now...

Yeah man

It feels great, I wish I could take out the battery

But it's stuck in there, how do I unstuck it?

Anyways, so there you go

That's my new little guitar right there and I think it f***ing incredible, look at that

Look at that f***ing thing right there

Holy shit

Flexing with Ola, thank you

Ok, so...

Send Ola Shit, I have to make an intro for that

So, I got a little message

It's really nice, I'm getting all these handwritten letters from people

And you know, it's nice, I've never like...

How long ago did I get like a handwritten letter?

Before I started doing this

I don't even remember, but it's really cool, I'm getting letters right now

This letter says...

'Hey Ola, my name is Corey Leblanc, I've been watching your channel for some time, I love it, you rock.'

I've been playing guitar for 10 years off and on

But your videos have inspired me to get better, I have a Jackson Dinky and love it

Hopefully one day I can buy a Dean From Hell or one of your guitars, one day

I'm a big Dimebag fan, I've been playing his stuff for a while now

Just wanted to send you this gift that I airbrushed for your birthday

And to say thanks for your videos

'Your friend, Corey Leblanc' Holy shit man, thank you so much

That's really nice man, it's i-

I mean...

Hearing that I inspired people to play guitar just...

I just don't know what to say, like it's so weird to hear that but thank you so much, I appreciate it

So, he sent me this, which is a... let me get closer to the camera


It's a... I guess it's a like a water or thermos

Is that what you call it? A thermos? Termos?

With the Ola Englund logo on it, and then on the other side... you have Dimebag

Isn't that cool?

I think that's really awesome

F***ing hell man, that's great. Thank you so much.

That smells like...

You know, insides of a thermos

Thank you so much Corey, I really really appreciate that

I appreciate it, thank you so much

Alright, so every Sunday...

And with every Sunday with Ola I'm doing these riff challenges, right?

Where I just write a piece of music with drums

I challenge myself to write something every week

And then I put that in the intro of the Sunday with Ola videos and...

I'm letting you guys download the drums from that song, and you can make your own riffs

And you can upload that to youtube and I might feature you in the upcoming Sunday with Ola's

Now we're gonna check out a couple from last week's Sunday with Ola riff challenge

And we're starting right here with needsmoreblastbeats


Yeah man

This the Swedish death metal grin right here, by the way

That's how you're a badass

Classic man, sounds like old Entombed and Dismember

Even the melody line sounds Swedish

F***ing hell yeah brother

needsmoreblastbeats... well done, buddy

Next up, Melissa Evila


Look at that face

We have the same face now

'Bite the lip' face

Very Lamb of God-ish, I love this

I can hear voices on this, you know?

Skull on fire

Skulls on fire


F*** yeah, that was amazing

Awesome, Melissa, thank you so much, that made me happy

Alright, then we have ArnoldPlaysGuitar

Let's go

Oh, all these sponsors

Ok, shit

A lot of sponsors


Yes, some Gojira pick-scraping, I like it

Oh, he has the Ikea Fredrik studio setup

That's ok, I had that

That's a great f***ing desk right there for a good price

These are some nasty ass riffs, man


F*** yeah, man

That's great


You bastard, that was excellent, thank you

Now Arnold has a youtube channel, ArnoldPlaysGuitar and I...

You know, I'll put the links to all these guys in the description of the video, so you can go check'em out

And you know, give'em a thumbs up, you can even subscribe to their channels

But ArnoldPlaysGuitar has a great guitar-related youtube channel

That I urge you to go check out and subscribe to

I think he's incredible, he's an incredible person as well, very very nice

Ok? Good.

If you wanna be a part of Sunday with Ola riff challenge

Download the drums in the description of this video, upload and write your own riffs

Upload it to youtube

I might see you in the next Sunday with Ola

What's up everyone and welcome to Ola Tasting Shit

Today we have a lot of shit to try out

My good member... my...

My little member, Jack Fisher

He and his wife prepared a huge box, this size

Of stuff for us to eat

- It was fully packed like Tetris - It was fully packed

And there's just so much stuff here, and this is not all of it

He also made a list

Because everything on these packages are in Hebrew

How good is your Hebrew, Louise?

Oh well, I don't know

I don't even know what's up or down

So I'm just looking at the characters to decide ok, this is the right way to hold this

A lot of potato chips..

A lot of... a lot of stuff actually, I mean...

Where the hell do we begin? So, should we just start... where's number 1?

I don't know if number 1 was here

- So many - There's 2 here

One, ok... so we have number 1 here, it's potato chips

Tapuchips, crunch and natural flavour, these are regular potato chips

- Yeah - Ok, so...

I guess they're potato chips, everything here is kosher by the way

That's great

That is great

Good shit

You know, I think this is... isn't this like Lays?

Like the Olay brand?

But probably in like Hebrew version

Sour cream and onion

My favourite

Oh, it says onion and sour cream

You know, we need to, like...

- Do it quickly, because it's so much - There's so much...

But we're going through the crisps right now, or chips

- What does it say? - Barbecue flavour



I mean, isn't this the best time ever?

Just sitting and eating chips

And it's actually...

And it's working hours

- That's what I'm happy about - This is our job

This is my job right here, I'm sitting here eating chips from all across the world

Herb flavour...

Ok, now we're gonna open these, look at that?

So this...


As you can tell 'dubonim' means 'little bears' in Hebrew

Not little beards, little bears in Hebrew

They actually are little bears

But this one, this one has a face in the belly as well

Let me out, let me out

This one is happy

This doesn't have any flavour

This one has a little bit

A little bit of flavour, yeah

I like the chips better than the small little bears

I'm sorry, small little bears

I think maybe these are more for the kids

4, 5... oh yeah, we missed it

Do you wanna do?

- I wanna do - You wanna do?

Small pommes fritos, like we say in Sweden, pommes fritos

They did great

'Kefli' means 'I'm having fun' in Hebrew

- Are we... we are having fun - Yes

Oh, it's like... you know, these balls

I love balls

Those were actually nice

They're like ostbgar a little bit

- But without the cheese - A little bit, yeah

And without the bgar, it's just balls

Ok, onion-flavoured same thing, we're having fun

In Hebrew

I'm having so much in Hebrew right now

It is a wrong word in Hebrew?



Doesn't taste much


A bit of butter...

It has a salt thing here, maybe you need to add salt

And butter


Screw McScrewface right there

Small little screws

- These look like... serial - It looks like Fullkorn

- Oh, yeah - Like, wholegrain...

This bissli right here translates to 'bite me'


Or 'I'm having a bite', yeah...

- Scratching my dick - So bad you can't read it

I sort of wish I knew how to read Hebrew now, but I can't

Look at that, it's like dog treats

This one's a little hard

- Falafel? - Yeah

Ahkh shali bissli, bissli's brother

'Ahkh' means 'brother' in Hebrew

- Falafel flavoured corn snack - Ah, we know a Hebrew word

- Ahkh... - Ahkh-eli bissli

Ahkh-eli bissli

There it is

Wh-what's the red thing?

That's bissli

The brother

The ball-brother

I think we have to take a break

We can't eat all of this today

Ok, Ola Tasting shit

We're gonna continue on this...

Adventure in Hebrew

Kosher style, next week

See ya

And that, my friends, was the end of this Sunday with Ola

Thank you so much for watching and I also wanna... you know, reach out to my beautiful members

Thank you so much for being awesome

And guys, premiere chat...

Don't... oh, who was the winner last time?

Last week's winner was Oilid with the comment 'I like guitars'

And we also had EViL GiMp 'GetMattLaid' before that

Suck my little penis by Myke Owns

F word by Ray Hernandez and Scientology for the win by Marty


You can be the winner of this week's premiere chat

You just have to stick around

And be the last guy

Writing a comment, how about that?

Ok guys, thank you so much for watching, see you next Sunday