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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: up down on off

Difficulty: 0

hello I'm Nick Shepherd welcome this

video is about four prepositions up down

on and off I thought with diagrams of

what I want to show you his up he is

down he is on and he is off that's the

basic meaning we'll come back to that

later but first I want to show you three

pictures here's the first one it's a boy

on the stairs he's running down the

stairs now here's a girl she's running

up the stairs she's running up and he's

running down and here's the diagram with

up and down here's the second picture

same girl again this time she's on her

bicycle and here comes the boy he's

falling off his bike she's on the bike

he's coming off the bike and here's the

diagram with on and off and here's the

third picture is a tree a girl and two

animals there's a squirrel on the left

and a cat on the right the squirrel is

climbing up the tree the cat is climbing

down the tree the squirrel is going up

the cat is coming down now look at the

girl the girl is sitting on a branch and

here's the boy he was sitting on a

branch but now he isn't he's fallen off

the branch let's go back to my diagrams

first up you can go up a hill climb up a

tree walk up the stairs now down you can

go down all those things down the hill

you can climb down a tree you can walk

down the stairs now on you can sit on a

chair get on a bus put something on the

table or on a shelf and finally off you

can get off the chair you can get off

the bus you could take something off the

table and now it's your turn

here are five sentences and you have to

put up down on or off in the spaces

think about the meaning of each sentence

more than the grammar I'll give you ten

seconds to think about it you can stop

the video if you like okay here are the

answers one she got on the bus and sat

down at the front two he walked up the

hill to the top three he went down the

escalator to the underground train four

he got off his motorbike and went into

the shop five she walked up the stairs

to a bedroom on the top floor so that's

it for today please write a comment or

ask a question and you can subscribe

thank you to Caroline for the

illustrations to Hugo for technical

support and thanks for watching


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