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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The BEST LUXURY All You Can Eat DIM SUM Brunch Buffet!

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Hey guys, it's Mike Chen you know this really weird habit no matter where I go in the world

I always check out the local all-you-can-eat buffet scene. I don't know why I do this

Maybe it's because I grew up in a Chinese restaurant

Not just a Chinese restaurant by a Chinese buffet restaurant

So maybe I'm trying to I don't know recapture my childhood or embrace that warm feeling of nostalgia

Okay, it's really because I eat a lot and right now

This is so exciting because there are certain things that I just love you know spicy food

hot-pot dimsum some all-you-can-eat, and I'm loving even more what we could combine those things so right now. I am headed to an all-you-can-eat

Dim sum buffet, and it's not just any all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet isn't over luxurious all-you-can-eat Dim sum Buffet. Let's go

Today I am at the Yan Ting restaurant inside the st. Regis Hotel in Singapore this right here

It's my holy book of dim sum everything in here is

All-you-can-eat, and there are no carts in this restaurant because every food item you get is made to order

But of course something like that. It's not gonna be cheap, and if you want wine and beer the price

Just goes up from there, but luckily. I don't drink so just tea for me

I'm about to cry tears of food happiness because it's just like I said there's so

Much stuff in this menu and first of all everybody gets one of these dishes

You can either have a double boiled fresh abalone soup with black garlic or lobster

Lobster right here, and there's not only the traditional dim sum dishes like the crystal shrimp dumpling

There's like upgraded them some like the steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with black truffle. Ah yes, please there's also like

sashimi marinated pork belly, that's

I love this I love this

Let's get started so is anything on the menu I

Love this

This is this is so great so can I please have the steamed crystal shrimp dumpling steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with black truffles?

Oh definitely the meat dumplings in chili oil 100% trio of mushrooms with truffle. I like anything with the word truffle. I want that

Char siu Bao definitely some chicken feets yeah, let's. Let's bring up round one in there, and then we'll go from there

Thank you so much. I'll hold on to this magical baby here. Oh my god

I just saw under the rice and noodle section hand-pulled noodles

I can I just sit here and order one of each item on the menu and just slowly make my way through

And this is this is the greatest thing ever I'm so happy right now

Here's to you. Here's to me and here's to you

Gānbēi just want to say I still can't get over how crazy ly

Awesome this place is it's like you go into a restaurant and they hand you a menu of all

Exquisite food items and say eat and whatever you want here you go

This is probably what heaven must be like I'm lonely super hungry in beautiful fashion

Never seen soup served in a teapot before, but that's beautiful

I was told to drink all the soup and then eat the abalone that's left inside

This is the perfect thing to start off this meal mmm rich abalone flavor a

Little Chinese-herby

We're so good and check out the abalone in here look at that

I actually like the soup better than the abalone itself. it's still pretty good

Also I got some hot and sour soup, this is definitely a childhood favorite of mine. It's very thick mushroomy

Man that's spicy well hot and sour right two soups, a great start, it's only gonna get better

This is the steamed pork and shrimp dumpling with black truffle, and they did not skimp on the black truffle

It's a little bit of spice. Happy dim sum day to me

Just as a Shaomai on its own

That was spectacular

but add the truffle flavor and a lot of it makes is so aromatic that's like this bouncy meaty shimpy truffley just just


I gotta keep eating next is a veggie option

This is a trio of mushrooms again with some truffle, and I love that they have smaller serving sizes here

So I can sample a lot of variety. It looks like my little dumpling character. on Strictly Dumpling

again Just a little bit of spice Oh

if you guys ever come here, what are 30 of those because that's what I'm gonna be doing today

I thought the skin would be more like the shrimp dumpling skin

It'd be chewy, but then that skin that was more like like mochi like bouncing mochi, but yet not as sticky as mochi

But like a really bouncy it's like if mochi did a lot of

Pilates in the skin became really fit in tight so that was one of the best dumplings

I've ever had one of the best most aromatic dumplings. I've ever known goodness

Man very rarely will you in your life take a bite of something only once and know that it's gonna stick with you

That's gonna stick with me. This is just something very typical. This is a shrimp dumpling

Classic dumpling

But made, so well everything about that just screams masterful from the way this dumpling is wrapped from the beautiful beautiful shrimp inside

Can't go wrong with that classic. I'll surprised they had this this is hot oil wontons hong you chao shou

There's all my most favorite food items in the food universe, and it's just soaked in this beautiful

Sauce let's definitely add some heat to it oh that's good

It's not what I expected. There's normally a hong you chao shou. It's just a pork dumpling, but it's pork in here. There's shrimp in here

I don't know

This is beautiful veggie here, and the sauce it's just tons of Chinese vinegar you guys know how much I love my Chinese vinegar mmmm

Oh man then just keep getting better another classic the chow char shiu bao pork, bun. Let me see what's inside this oh?

Wow that meat in there this almost just looks like paste

The bun is fluffy as pillowy the inside is just it just like so sweet

and savory and

Fatty they use a lot of fatty meat in here you just can't can't not like this

I had to get some Phoenix claws chicken feet love it with a black bean sauce look at that this one in particular

This one's got a lot of meat on here. This is gonna be a great bite

It's a little salty because it's cook with black beans

But it is unbelievably tender

Mmm. I've never been known so I finished chicken feet before because it's okay. You know gelatinous is all right

This is out of this world

This is so good. I wish chickens had more toes, and this is really cute

I saw scallion chicken on the menu scallion chicken is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken

If it seems like I'm liking everything I've had so far because everything is ridiculously good. I mean oh

scallion chicken so tender they took the bones out of this too. So it's really no fuss here

Just put this in your mouth and just enjoy and enjoy. I will I

Got a fresh hand pull noodle soup and look at this this thing is so fatty

It's already gelling on top to tell right away as soon as I lift it with my chopsticks

This is really bouncy and I think there's some mushrooms in here some pork excited about this

This is definitely not something you'll find at a traditional dim sum restaurant like noodle soup

And I'm kind of kicking myself because this is a lot bigger than I thought it's gonna be and it will definitely take up some

precious stomach real estate

Mmm Wow Wow this is good this is really porky and fatty I need some hot oil with this

Broth is so good. This is almost like pork ramen esque

That's so flavorful and check it out something else you don't see how that typical dim sum place

Scallion stir-fry lobster, this is gonna be way better than any typical steamed lobster

This is the Chinese way tons of scallion and the Chinese way. I feel really makes the lobster sing

How do you go wrong with that you can't you got the roasted pig crispy on top

Soy, sauce chicken duck char shiu aka the four Chinese barbecue amigos, okay?

They don't call themselves that but I do all right. I gotta try a piece of this char shiu it's so fat

That all lean meat look at how saucy that is

Sweet fatty that was good char shiu. I mean almost as good as my own recipe

This is one of my favorite things roast of pig look at that. Just crispy skin layer of fats meat. This is everything

That's good about pork

Key identifying factor, to a great roasted pig is that the skin crackles and it just dissolves

It's like a porky assassin

It shows up destroy it's target

And then just fade away into the night these guys are welcome at my table anytime anytime

This is a really interesting dim sum item deep fried prawn with avocado gonna

Give me a little set of dipping sauce let's try this out oh

I'm not sure you get this when you come here

Avocado in like that like a shrimp roll or like an egg roll before but it has a superb creamy texture

But I feel like the ace in the hole in put this particular item is the wrap I mean look at its flaky

You put in your mouth and the outside it's gone, it's gone in a second and

Then all you're left with is just a sweet prawn and the creamy avocado the prawn kado all right after all that fatty food

It's it's time to take a cucumber salad break


Accelerated Audio plays

But I'm not done ordering

ah yeah

Accelerated audio plays


Think I am about ten fifteen items in we're halfway there we're halfway done working our way

Meet the two new additions to the table sichuan white shrimp and

Manchu style pork ribs deep fried golden prawns and massive ones - oh my god. This is beautiful

That's all about the shrimp sweet tender little bit spicy extremely meaty we know that's not a real way to eat this

See yeah, you got to use your hands and just put the whole head in your mouth

And just suck on that

Juices mmm. come squruiting out mmm. This way you get a lot of the sauce

And that

Is how it's not these are Manchu style

Spareribs manchu of course and Manchurians they were the rulers of China during the Qin Dynasty

The ribs look like they've been deep-fried so the outer layer is nice and crispy. Let's try this

What's really magical about these ribs is that they come in little sizes in this way

They're completely fried throughout, and I some of the best fun. You'll have all that those ribs highly highly recommend it

I guess it's that time not it's not that I want to finish

I've literally run out of time because they make everything to order it does take a little time for food to come to your table

And plus I have to to eat it. I have to film a to talk about it so even though

I'm not a hundred percent full

I think I've reached the end

But that just brings us to the dessert round the gluttonous fried sesame balls are very common thing in dim sum places

But I've never seen it look like this first of all they grounded the sesame sort of like a like a mochi esque

Texture and the whole thing is just really warm look at this


Wow like a goop of sesame, just got out

This is the best version of the fried sesame balls

I've ever had usually after I eat one of these I mean is there's so much oil in there

You kind of feel a little gross, but this

Not oily the mochi is so delicate and then that black sesame paste inside

It goes perfect with a drink of tea of course dim sum gotta have a egg tart

tastes like an egg tart

and this thing look at this

This is a charcoaled pastry with salt a egg yolk and ammonia which is Longan a Chinese fruit

That's there. That's kind of like lychee and the whole thing outside

It's just like a really delicate like little nest and I think it's a little nest of noodles

I'm familiar I'm trying to figure this out. Okay, the salty egg, but it's not so sweet

Not so salty more creamy what's kind of mystifying me is?

The charcoal bamboo charcoal flavor of that outer shell I literally taste like charcoal. It's a little bitter. It's smokey

That's like the perfect

vessel for the salted egg and the fruit

and the thing with that is you put the whole thing in your mouth because you cannot cut it because the fruit is in the

Middle so the salted cake is inside the fruit which is kind of hollowed out in the middle

And then it's sitting that little bird nest of charcoal and maybe like super thin noodles

when you bite down as you crunch through that slightly bitter charcoal exterior if you reach the fruit which is sweet

It's delicate you bite through that the juices out, and then you hit the center, and that's just like a luxurious

Little pocket of melty eggy gold so basically what I'm saying is yeah

You gotta go eat that all right guys my time is literally up here

But this has been such an experience like I mentioned before coming in here

It's kind of like going into a fancy restaurant and them just hemming you the menu and saying go ahead

Whatever you want, and if you're only drinking tea like me

It's only a hundred and eight to Singapore dollars per person now the great thing about being in Singapore is that there's no tips this

Is it this is the final price now guys if you're in Vegas you went to the bacchanal buffet?

That's gonna

Cost you around sixty dollars before tax before tip as much as I love that place the food is not made to order you can't

Beat this place in terms of ambiance in terms of service in terms of food quality and plus the great thing is it's not just

Dim sum. It's like a whole menu of stuff like that. There's so many items

I haven't even tried I feel so bad about leaving right now so to me seventy-five US dollars for this. That's well worth it

plus you get a lobster so if you're from Singapore you haven't been here yet where you're taking a trip to Singapore like me and you

Love all-you-can-eat and you love dim sum guys you need to come

Here as always the information for this place is in my description box below and until we eat again

I'll see you later because I'm just gonna sit here and look at all the stuff that I didn't get

Just food regret everywhere we're gonna have to come back

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