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18 years of Jesus's life are missing. What happened in those 18 years?

Yeah, it is very well known in the Bible that where Jesus was for 18 years. He disappeared when he was 12 years old and he came back when he was 30 years old.

And all the churches even they know the truth, but they don't want to tell you the truth.

Why? Because they will collapse if they will tell the truth. Because the truth, truth is something else which churches they don't carry it.

We know it that Jesus's father Joseph was the greatest person on the Earth. He not only saved Jesus, he saved also his mother.

When all the people were throwing stones on her, Joseph was the only one person who saved her - and married her.

And Jesus was not even his own son but he considered fully that he is his own son.

And those people are not mentioned even in the Bible.

And those people are not mentioned even into the Bible...not respectively. Maybe their names are there. How they can tell the truth of the Jesus?

Where he was 18 years? It is very easy. Like Joseph loved him so much, more than his own son maybe. More than anything else.

So he was worried how to make him educated. And there was no universities those days like these days we have all over universities.

There was only one education center in the world. It was Nalanda. The name of the city was Nalanda. Nalanda existed those days in India.

And the trade was open. There was no barriers, no borders. Anybody can go anywhere.

So Joseph thought if my son get a very good education from the universities, I will be the happiest person on the Earth.

And that's what he did. The businesspeople they were traveling there, and he requested that he could take him to there.

Because education was free, fully free education. And you have to be in that center 16 years at least.

And they will provide your food, your living, and your education was so free. So that's what Joseph thought that if Jesus get very well versed and educated he will be in good hands.

That's why he sent him. And there are proofs now in Tibet. After 16 years when he finished his education he traveled. And Tibetian, they have a history. They keep every little record.

They found Jesus's signature and name. And it matches those days. So it is possibility even the churches know the truth they don't want to tell you because if they will tell you the truth that church will collapse.

Churches are hiding many things. That is the one thing. Even though they tried to make it different that Jesus was here maybe he was in Galilee.

Nazareth...they say that he was doing like he was a businessman, he was young, he has to support his family, he was like a fisherman. That's what they are trying to make it just a better picture.

But that is not the way because Jesus even two years they got him two years he was teaching marvelous. He was teaching for the humanity and people didn't like him because it was new for them.

When it is new and revolutionary people don't like it, and that's why they don't want to tell you the truth. The truth is Jesus was very well versed, very well educated, and ask them where was the education center those days.

Only one education center in the whole world. Nalanda. And still it is ruins there.

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