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- [Pilot Voiceover] Flight attendants,

prepare for takeoff please.

- Traveling to every country in the world

seems magnificent on the outside.

And in most cases, it is.

- [Airline Voiceover] Final call for boarding.

- But there is a dark side to this lifestyle

and it comes in the form of logistics.

Specifically airports.

In this video,

I'm going to admit my biggest fear as a traveler

and the reason behind my severe anxiety.

(intro beat)

- [Airline Voiceover] The doors of the plane will close

in five minutes.

- [Drew Voiceover] At this point,

I've been on the road nonstop for eight months.

I am tired.

I haven't slept more than five hours a night

in quite some time.

Heck, I haven't slept in the same bed more than three nights

in a row for what seems like ages.

- Dude, it's starting to pour rain!

I got all my bags on me.


- [Drew Voiceover] My last three haircuts have been

in Kabul, Afghanistan,

Caracas, Venezuela

and Baghdad, Iraq.

- Carl, he cut my hair. I'm bleeding.

I'm not kidding.

Don't you see the blood?

- [Drew Voiceover] While I've had absolutely

incredible experiences in these countries,

they did take a lot of energy out of me.

I am drained mentally, physically, and emotionally.

And that's the reality of being a full-time traveler.

- Ugh!

- You okay?

- Oh! That was so uncomfortable.

- That's not fun at all!

- [Drew Voiceover] I found myself this morning

at the Abu Dhabi airport and wanted to get something

off my chest.

Here goes nothing.

- So guys, I have a little confession to make.

I hate airports

and flying is my absolute least favorite part

about traveling.

- [Drew Voiceover] I'm not really scared of flying itself.

Like once I'm up in the air,

I'm very comfortable working or sleeping,

but I'm talking about the process leading up

to getting on that plane.

Especially these days during COVID.

Right now, I am heading to Mauritania to make an epic story

on an iron ore train going through the Sahara,

stay tuned for that video, by the way.

But I'm now in the Abu Dhabi airport

and it's been a disaster day.

I came from Dubai and I had to,

just to cross the border over land into the this emirate,

into this province,

you have to show a COVID test, which I have.

Is this the checkpoint for Abu Dhabi?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Do I need my passport or just my COVID test?

- Passport and COVID test and ticket.

- And they're checking everybody's?

- Everyone, everyone.

- But my taxi driver didn't have one.

And so, in the middle of the highway,

I switched taxis to another taxi coming into Abu Dhabi.

So switching taxis so I can get to Abu Dhabi.

With a driver who was from here,

who didn't need a test, very confusing. I know.

- Hi, I'm flying Turkish Airline.

Here's my passport and I have COVID test.

And then I arrived here,

and then this airport is a complete mess.

Everybody's panicking.

I've been to 50 airports over the last few months.

I've been fortunate enough to travel,

but this one has been the most disastrous.

It's been completely chaotic,

like in every sense of the word.

And so, my bags are always overweight

because I'm carrying stuff in them,

and then they had to weigh it,

And I had to convince him that this is all camera gear,

so I need to bring it on.

And there's just a lot of extra problems.

And airports in general,

being in over a thousand airports over the last eight years

in over 194 countries,

has contributed to my severe anxiety,

which I don't really talk about very much.

But I'm talking about all the immigration checkpoints,

all the questions being asked.

Is in there. Everything I give you is there.

All the security times, they dump out my bag.

And when you sit there and there's going through your bag,

you just feel completely powerless,


Like, they have your whole life in their hands.

I have all my hard drives.

All my computers,

all my camera gear,

all my passports.

My life is in these bags.

And so, it's stressful when you travel nonstop

to have people questioning you

and my profession as a journalist

and a YouTuber is unwanted in many countries

like Mauritania.

It's going to be really hard to film where I'm going.

So I'm already planning on how to like be undercover

and be sneaky about it.

There's been times in airports,

like in Libya, they don't issue tourist visas into Libya.

So I made a video there.

I'll link it right above,

but you have to get a business visa

and I had to pretend to be an oil consultant.

And so when I went through immigration,

they asked me a million questions about my job

and what I am,

and I hate lying to them,

but I wanted to visit Libya.

And that was the only way to get in.

In Cairo airport recently,

I got my drone confiscated,

a brand new Mavic Air 2.

(propellers revving)

$2,000 dollars, done.

Literally sitting here for two hours.

We talked to like eight different people.

This system is absolutely chaotic

and I just really hope to get the drone back.

'Cause I just bought it.

And traveling with a drone in general is just a nightmare.

I mean, it's like pro, it's banned in most countries now.

And so it's very stressful.

I also have a fear of flight delays and cancellations

and that's why I come super early

and I try to book at least a three or four hour layover,

but it happens to me all the time

where a flight gets canceled

and I miss my leg

and then I have to find an airport hotel.

And then I get ripped off in the taxi.

And there's all of these logistical nightmares when you

travel full time and I'm not making this video to complain.

It's more of just to share a little bit of behind the scenes

of what my life is like,

because it's a lot more stressful than you would think.

And I think some of you guys out there could relate to me.

And if you can, please comment below.

We'd love to hear if you guys also have a fear of airports,

a fear of flying, not a fear of flying,

I like being on airplanes,

'cause then I can chill and relax.

I'm talking about just the airports and the process of

traveling itself and especially with COVID,

it's very tough having to wear a mask 24/7.

Obviously I took it down now because

there's nobody within 30 feet of me.

But guys, I appreciate you tuning into this video.

It's a different one than I normally make.

Not so adventurous.

I'm just sitting here in an airport,

but thank you so much for listening.

I love you guys so much and comment below.

We'd love to hear from you where you're watching from.

And as you could tell,

I'm very nervous to go to Mauritania to shoot

and to be questioned at the airport.

Last time I went there,

they didn't want to let me through immigration

and they had to actually call my local contact

and he had to come to the airport to pick me up

because they were skeptical when they saw my camera gear.

So anyways, stay tuned for amazing adventure coming up.

This might be my most daring,

overall adrenaline junkie,

crazy trip.

I'm meeting my good friend Thomas from Yes Theory,

the guy I was recently in Afghanistan with

a few months ago

and great guy.

I can't wait to see him.

And here goes nothing.

If you're still watching this,

thank you for tuning into my rant.

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Thanks again.

And I'll see you in a few days from Mauritania.

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