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There is perhaps no greater symbol of the Empires dominance, no greater argument

for the futility of defiance, than the colossal flagship of its mighty fleet, the Tarkin doctrine

epitomised, the Executor Class Super Star Destroyer.

Larger by a factor of ten than most Imperial Warships and wielding the firepower of an

entire fleet of Star Destroyers, a single Executor Class was more than capable of engaging

entire hostile battlegroups, and conducting full scale planetary invasions without reinforcements.

Even without engaging in combat, the mere terrifying presence of the Executor Class

has been known to inspire the immediate retreat or surrender of hostile forces, and as a means

of maintaining order and security through fear the ship was second only to the Death

Star. 19,000 Meters in length and approximately

4000 Meters across, the Executor Class was the largest starship in the galaxy at the

time of its commissioning, and one of the largest in recorded history. Over 280,000

officers, gunners and crewmen served aboard each vessel, with personnel and cargo being

ferried throughout its vast interior by rail-jet carriages and turbolifts. The Executor class

was designed by the brilliant Lira Wessex of Kuat Drive Yards, who had previously designed

the extremely successful Venator and Imperial Class Star Destroyers, Wessex had intended

for the Executor to represent a quantum surge in starship design, exceeding all of KDYs

previous works. The Executor Class carried an enormous array

of weaponry, in excess of most imperial fleets, included in this arsenal were 2000 turbolaser

cannons supplemented by a further 2000 heavy turbolaser cannons. The ship also boasted

250 ion cannons, 250 concussion missile batteries and a huge array of point defence weapons.

The Executor class was also capable of carrying thousands of TIE Series Starfighters, as well

as five full legions of Stormtroopers, amounting to 38,000 troops. In order to support this

massive infantry force during planetary invasions, the vessel also carried 30 AT-ATs and 40

AT-STs as well as 2 prefabricated garrison bases and 200 assault shuttles.

The Command Tower of the Executor Class was almost twice as wide as the length of a CR90

Correlian Corvette and required its own dedicated shield generators and life support system.

The tower played host to the bridge, officersquarters, mess halls, Starfighter coordination

centres and holonet communications suites. The Command Towers shaft was lined with

massive heat-sink panels and radiators intended to dissipate the heat built up by the ships

gargantuan hypermatter reactors. These reactors provided the massive amounts of energy needed

to power the vessels 13 engines, each the size of a small starship in their own right.

At least one Executor Class vessel, the Terror, was known to have been outfitted with a Stygium

Crystal fuelled cloaking device, allowing the ship to become fully invisible to both

sensors and the naked eye. This feature increased the already massive monetary cost of constructing

an Executor Class to a level even the Galactic Empire could not reasonably sustain, for this

reason the Terror remained the only Super Star Destroyer ever to be outfitted with cloaking

technology, and the ship was assigned as a carrier for the Empires wing of Prototype

TIE Phantoms until its destruction by the Rebel Alliance in 3 ABY.

Construction of the first Executor Class vessels began on the order of Emperor Palpatine in

3 BBY, initially two of the vessels were built simultaneously, the Executor, the first of

the class was constructed at Fondor Shipyards, while her sister ship the Lusankya was assembled

at Kuat Drive Yards. The Executor would go on to become easily the most well-known ship

of its class, striking fear into the galaxy as the personal flagship of the Sith Lord

Darth Vader. Though the Empire built several more Executor

Class vessels across the course of the Galactic Civil War, Vaders flagship was always the

most famous, at the head of the huge battlegroup known as Death Squadron, the Executor was

involved in several crucial engagements with the Rebel Alliance across the course of the

Galactic Civil War, including the Blockade of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth.

The Executor would finally meet its end in the pivotal battle over Endor in 4 ABY, having

been expressly ordered to remain at station keeping outside of the main engagement zone,

and with its fighter complement out of position engaging alliance forces, the Executor was

left vulnerable to rebel Starfighter attacks, and suffered damage to one of its command

towers sensor domes, overloading the bridge deflector shields. In a moment of tremendous

luck for the Alliance, the brief loss of shielding on the Executors bridge coincided with

Alliance A-Wing pilot Arvel Crynyd suffering serious damage to his craft and electing to

sacrifice his life by ramming the Executors Bridge. The small fighter penetrated the Super

Star Destroyers command deck and exploded, instantly killing Admiral Firmus Piett and

his entire command staff. With control completely lost in the middle of a battle manoeuvre,

the mighty executor slammed into the surface of the second Death Star and was completely

obliterated. Though the loss of the Executor at Endor would

be serious blow to the Imperial Remnant in the years following the battle, other Executor

Class vessels such as the Lusankya, Reaper, Intimidator and Knight Hammer would go on

to serve in several conflicts years after the Galactic Civil War, some in service to

the Imperial Remnant, some at the command of rogue Imperial Warlords, and some even

sized by the New Republic to serve in their growing Starfleet. Regardless of their masters

however, the terrifying presence of the Executor was never diminished, and the massive vessels

continued to be one of the most feared sights in the galaxy, even decades after the Emperors


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