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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: In N Out和美式餐厅的秘密菜品 | In N Out & American restaurant not so secret secret menu

Difficulty: 0

can we have two protein style

cheeseburger okay would you like onions

on the cheeseburgers

yes grilled onions grilled onions one

with chopped chili one has subtly yes

okay one animal style fries okay can I

get a vanilla shake

okay actually q vanilla shakes - vanilla


yes so we have two cheeseburgers grilled

onions coaching styles one with chopped

chilies one animal frightened - vanilla

shakes yes see 1484 at the window sure

thank you

how do you got that Halloween without

max three Englishmen teams out to

connect with you should choose

compelling new Olympus Eva the theater

the ayat revisit how Berger now with

your the not Trisha tuning Emma you'll

handle not-so-secret many George oh man

we're in high school but don't use out

the menu and there's a woman that knows

your protection see the confusion face

Africa hot she but if you deal with that

denied actually examine and out

not-so-secret secret many she wanted to

learn hello Michigan in a Chinatown

Jason secret manual Nasir education in

the highlighted the intent who goes out

Cacambo Josephine matatini o te Baba

hahaha Google helps in education bath

Peter dishes animal style surprise her

animal style burger

animal South burger and on Teresa's gala

sold it in dr. Antonio for the el-hawa

extra pickles in actual Thousand Island

spread Yahoo animal style fries nacho

cheese ala cheese France special cheese

curd Chile the our data she should put

in right in and out right it has been

found occurring in about control either

price control voila well down fry

tarnish on the map you will not learn

for us to ensure should help sweetie

Enda through Banyan key calm down Reagan

humming in my job in the middle food

Cappadocia well down fries commercial

shown up so bad usual can I have an

animal style fries well done

can I have a fry well done these

Angela's your woman CY shows you again

that you shouldn't believe a slander

protein style season answer yet one day

in and out pops a periodical connections

or even a social unit circle what pega

haga doble don't you down good show typo

or yeah haha my altar of waters

different individual channel harnesses

real actual feed ry8 can I have a

cheeseburger profile system and you

shoot vegetarian style do grilled cheese

Tasha Honduran pursuit romantic control

order to show an entire Ironman for

ceremonial inner structures Ranger New

Hampshire in Tanana to click commercial

and you can click should add to the

video bro cheese see you Joe Joe here

for your meat lover out there because

you're extra know they're not quite easy

yet so sure is yes I like a cheeseburger

happy illegal burger patty patty - she


burger patty do roping and a whole

Jackie from cheap social-economic guys

on cheese nacho cheese cheeseburger

Senator John Hodgman ISA outdoor chicken

know master Piell double-double sushi

welcome back yes the future legal doping

with achieve side road package cheese

cheddar gobble gobble

Nahar economy should trim the grilled

meat lover - click on 3 5 3 3 5 3 to

show off your shoes

triple stack can you spell top triple -

should send Tom Jackson aye now after

your manual - to leadership 4x4 general

manager quadruple sushi Shan Meis paisa

yo Robbie

she's broken cheese grilled cheese going

to tarnish on me do not you harm a

solution to another signature for days I

don't know Yvonne tackle it did at the

Hama Okamoto mahal measured was to

material in Lancashire

what's with that people give the ability

and massive racial America building as

pegasi on top of me and Bobby to my

tricky job for sure yo yo jerk actually

gets your back equate not the sweetie

acted on my toes your extra toasted

burger can I have a cheeseburger with

extra toasted buns can I have the 2x2

animal style

extra toasted burger the chicken if you

can - Joshua Royale various events right

haha - Tanisha clay up top chilli

jestro natural Pataca jalapeno jalapeno

- here in portugal little selfish to the

math you're doing extra I want ago she

woulda shivaji maharaj - das nações

alveolar lateral artistic cultural

philosopher bear Winnie altitude

equation and I have a animal style

cheeseburger with chopped chili debacle

the gradual naturally she creates a soil

mixes until vada

to shoot boob-o-meter nice you were

hoping Hannah aubergine her lemonade

special funding tab a lemonade Hidayat

aphasia aphasia mahakal gentleman is

over Arnold Palmer

Roberta Gassman pastors Johanna Judah

Arnold Palmer - she got a yielding the

car Photoshop

chicken doctor has a signature drink

there's Hasson getting have to tell me

the inside you go please Arnold Palmer

is named after al Palmer to share half

IP half lemonade so like if I'm sure

we'll do the internal the night CD on

Kavita - can I feel any children haha

no can you tell them you're

tuning the way though so there's a

toilet central core vanilla strawberry

and chocolate how give you senior

Iranian culture Juliana ruble yelling

out I got your title in about burger

have dinners your face happy to help

shoot aha

go true social assistance Fatima sure

turned up you know row now how's your


emergency managers estaba the healthy

welcome to job to the ship's identity of

the Judah initiative utterly loud -

Damien bye-bye


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