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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Three Ways to Light a Corner Portrait: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey

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In this video I'll show you how you can

create different looking portraits in

the corner of a studio, by lighting it in

three different ways.

Hello I'm Gavin Hoey, and you are watching

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us photographers,

Now if you're a regular viewer to the

channel, you may notice my small home

studio has grown a little bit, it's got a

corner, and that doesn't sound like much

but trust me, having a corner to work in

opens up a whole new world of both

lighting and posing possibilities, and in

this video I'm going to show you three

different lighting techniques, all of

which use just one light, and work great

in the corner.

So to help me out today

I've got the amazing Sofia.

Sofia is going to be the model for this shoot and

as you can see she's sat in the corner,

now my first lighting setup is going to be

something fairly straightforward, it's

actually a centrally positioned light,

so it is fairly even distance from both walls.

I've got it elevated above Sophie,

and that should cast light down, and

light the walls, Sophie and a bit of the

floor now to make it much more dramatic

I've added a grid to my light, and that

is really going to help give a fast drop

off at the edges of the shadow and light area.

Now I need to make sure this is

metering correctly, I'm shooting at f/5.6,

so I'm going to take my light meter, pop

it near Sophie's chin, Sophie can I pop

this near your chin, and just take a

light meter reading just to confirm that

my flash is indeed metering at f/5.6.

Okay let's take a test shot, and see how

this looks, here we go,

this looks really good, the lighting on

both walls is fairly even, the lighting

on Sophie looks great, and the curvature

from the octa box and the grid really

shows well on both walls, with this shadow

forming a nice arch against the highlights.

Okay let's do a few shots like this.

I'm gonna move myself around a little bit

just to see how that changes the look.

I'm gonna come dead center as well,

you stick your hand back onto the wall,

so that works really well - the lighting

is symmetrical on both walls, and even if

I move around from one side to the other,

I still end up with basically the same

look on the walls, so for the second look

I'm trying to reproduce the feeling

perhaps of a large window over to the

side, so what I've got is a large strip

box here with a grid,

you might notice as a theme developing

here with grids, and it's going to shine

across this wall but hit the far wall, so

what should happen, if I get the angles

absolutely right, is this wall will be

darker than the back wall now, that seems

counterintuitive because it's closer to

the light here, but that's where the grid

really comes into its own, let's take a

test shot and I'll show you it in

perhaps the slightly wrong position, here

we go..

So with the current angle of the

grid and the light, is lighting Sophie

just fine, but the back wall, the one

that's actually closest to the flash is

very dark indeed, now that could be

exactly what you want, but the smallest

of little feathers just back towards the

background wall, will put more light in there.

Now we could switch all the room

lights off, and use the modeling lights,

or we could just take a test shot.

Let's do that.

Brilliant, so now we have two

different illuminations on the wall,

the wall that Sofie is standing against is

much brighter - the wall behind her is

that bit darker, and that gives that

sense of three dimensions to this shot.

Okay so let's take a few pictures like

this, Sophie are you ready, okay,

here we go.

Shall we give you a chair to mix it up a

little bit.

So my third and final corner lighting

technique involves much harder light, so

again I'm going to keep the light coming

in from the side, but this time it's

harsh sunlight that's beaming through.

To achieve that look, I'd switched out to a

standard reflector, but with a really

tight 10 degree grid, so for this to work

it's actually really hard to see it with

the video room lights on.

So we're going to turn the video lights off

and just rely on the modeling light, so with the

modeling light I can now see where the

lights going to go, and I've got control

over it, so at the moment we've got

Sophie in the middle of the back wall,

and with the tightness of the grid

almost no light is hitting the wall on

the side at all, and that's giving me a

very distinctive look.

Let's take a few shots like this,

here we go, so this works

really well, but it means that Sophie

can't move, so she steps into the corners,

she's no longer in that circle of light,

but the great thing about the grid is

it's very directional, so if I just turn

it around to the side, I can put the

light back onto Sophie, and into the

corner, but there is one more advantage

of having this setup.

So instead of being a good two three feet,

away from my wall.

I'm actually going to slide this right

the way up against it, and as I do some

of the light will just catch this wall

here, and it'll give me a beam of light

into that corner, and with a little bit

of careful positioning of the light,

something like that, I can light both the

wall, the back wall and Sophie, and she

could be in the corner, which is the

whole reason I've got one of those.


let's take a few test shots like this,

here we go Sophie,

and these look great, so we'll do a

complete shoot, you can really throw

yourself around in there as well.

We've got loads of light to play with,

loads of space to move around into,

let's try a little bit of hair movement

3, 2, 1...

having access to a usable corner space

is a great asset in any studio.

Models will appreciate the extra posing

options that they get, and you get some

fantastic lighting opportunities to really create

a sense of depth and three dimensions to

your photos, now if you've enjoyed this

video or you've got any questions leave me a

comment below.

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I'm Gavin Hoey thanks for watching.

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