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We now have as of this recording, 71% of precincts reporting in Monday nights, Iowa caucus.

I will talk later about how Iowa should not be the first in the nation primary.

More on that later or tomorrow.

The results didn't come into us on Monday night because of the total crash of the technology

used to report results in Iowa and we had a very embarrassing 24 hours for the Iowa

democratic party and for the democratic national committee and a 62% of results were released

Tuesday afternoon.

As of this recording, we've gotten another nine percentage points of the results.

71% have been released.

Most analysts believe that Pete boot edge edge who is now leading will be the eventual

winner of the Iowa caucus.

Now remember, these are proportional delicate allocations, so it will be a mathematically

meaningless victory for boot edge edge relative to Bernie Sanders in the grand scheme of things.

But we'll come back to that.

Looking at the results as of a few minutes ago, Pete boot edge edge with just under 27%

of the delegates, Bernie Sanders with just over 25% of the delegates, despite as you

might notice, Bernie having more votes in the popular vote.

As of this counting, you'll notice Elizabeth Warren in third place with about 18% Joe Biden

in fourth place with 15% and uh, Biden followed very closely by Senator Amy Klobuchar with

about 12 and a half percent of the vote.

The only other people getting any delegates are Andrew Yang with 1% and Tom Stier with

0.3% everybody else, including Michael Bloomberg and tools see Gabard with literal goose eggs.

Just zeros.

Now without going into the detail, the reason that Pete can have more delegates, while Bernie

has more raw votes, it's similar to how you can win the electoral college, but lose the

popular vote the way Donald Trump did in 2016 the delegates are apportioned at a local level

and you can win some precincts with a big popular vote margin, but then lose a lot of

little priests or a lot of, lose a lot of other precincts by small margins and end up

with a popular vote win and without the most elegance.

We don't yet have the final numbers in the end.

More than likely, this will mean 10 pledged delegates for Pete and 10 pledge delegates

for Bernie.

They might end up deferring by one or two.

That's as of right now, we are still waiting on that last 29% of the vote.

This does not put anybody in any kind of a decisive position.

We will very quickly get another democratic debate this Friday.

We will then go right to the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, which will be 24 more

delegates in total.

Bernie right now very much in the lead in New Hampshire.

So remember this is one of four primaries before March 3rd super Tuesday.

The delegates are apportioned proportionately, um, and the DNC is increasingly panicking

about, uh, Joe Biden's poor performance and Bernie's good performance.

We'll talk a little bit later about the idea that's being floated about giving super delegates

the power they had in 2016 which had been taken away from them in New Hampshire.

A Bernie Sanders.

Remember Bernie won handily in the 2016 New Hampshire primary.

He had about 60% of the vote to Hillary Clinton's 38%.

Massive victory in New Hampshire in 2016 but again, it's 24 delegates.

Iowa was 41.

New Hampshire is only 24.

The big repercussion here is not for Buddha judge or for Bernie.

The big repercussions here are for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden's terrible performance has shaken the establishment to its core and later in

the show we're going to dig into that in more detail.

Elizabeth Warren's poor performance also leading to some deep thinking about her future.

She got just four pledged delegates and is currently pulling in fourth place in New Hampshire.

Very unlikely New Hampshire will give Warren any momentum.

There was a report yesterday, I don't know if it's been confirmed that she has been canceling

and rescheduling a lot of, uh, plans travel to both Nevada and South Carolina, the third

and fourth primary States.

It does not seem like things are going well for Warren and really they haven't been for

about, I think about six or seven weeks at this point that we've been covering.

So those are the numbers as of right now in the Iowa caucus results by the time you watch

this clip, by the time we publish today's show, we may have 100% of the results or closer

to it, but generally speaking, these are the results.

A, uh, overperformance by Pete boot edge edge, significant under-performance by Joe Biden

and Bernie Sanders, roughly percentage wise with the level of support that the polls indicated

going in.

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