Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Blackadder 2002: The Queen's Jubilee (the Royal Gardner) (real subs)

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Her majesty the queen requests and commands...

that to celebrate her golden jubilee she'll be hosting...

a classical music concert and a rock concert here at Buckingham Palace.

Entry will be open to everyone and will be entirely free.

Now, absolutely not.

I think this is a terrible idea.

We don't want thousands of people wondering around here willy-nilly,

leaving orange peel in the petunias and frightening the corgis.

On June the first and third the queen is opening the gardens of Buckingham Palace

for two spectacular concerts with a champagne picnic for everyone.

- I said to her, I said, You are the queen, not Fatboy Slim.

There are twenty four thousand places.

- I mean it would just be an absolute scrum.

Phone now for your chance to be there.

- If I have my way then it won't be happening.

O nine hundred, nineteen fifty two, two thousand and two

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