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Salute to you guys!

How do you come up with these?

Hello guys!

My name is Saurabh

And my name is Karan

So, what is our task for today?

Ohhhh Our TASC today is related to the results, my friends!

The memes that you all have made for The Family Man Season 2

The ones that you all are seeing here

A few of them are going to be reviewed

I mean weve shortlisted a couple which I will review I mean, we will review

So, whos the winner?

Ill tell you whos the winner, what is the rush?

I mean my heart is pounding too

But lets first review a little bit, lets enjoy it a little

And then we will announce the winner

Stay tuned!

Lets go!

The script said stay tuned


Stay tuned and lets go!

Stay tuned! Lets go!

Lets go!

So, the first meme is...

After cancellation of 12th board exam Me asking One Plus 9 phone to my dad

I think you can relate the most

I was going to say the same thing

I think this the smaller weapon of Srikant sir's


...father has a special weapon too what do I say...

That, I believe is a universal weapon

This is enough! That stare from afar...

Shall I?

-Yes, no, maybenothing! -Nothing

Actions speak louder than words!

Vendors asking for payments

Influencer marketing team...

Just don't make eye contact, keep walking!

Nice! Nice!

The same happens with friends also

They never return your money

'Just keep walking'

They don't even walk away. They still hang around shamelessly

''I'll return your money tomorrow, bro.''

And that tomorrow never arrives

Account Manager: Good morning guys

Creative Team: I think we are...

When your Goa leave gets disapproved

Tell me whats happening there?

Tell me bro

Tell me please

Everyone can relate to this!

And they don't even have to tell us, Instagram is enough

They make you feel so jealous!

Salute to you guys!

How do you come up with these?

Normal mode

Srikant mode

The second mode is perfect for you, I feel

We cant do the first mode at all!

The first mode is impossible

Always for lifeSrikant mode

Oh my God!

I believe this is every corporate employee's dream!


I've never worked so far, just graduated

But you can 100% relate to this

Yeah, this is very relatable

And Srikant has done complete justice to that situation

This one is yours!

This is your mode!

This is everyone's mode, bro!

This is my favourite mode

Don't call this the Srikant mode, this should be the Mumbaikar mode

Who ever eats a single vada pao you tell me

It's impossible to have just one Vada Pav

No chance, one vada pav is like...

To fill up till here

To fill this you need, four, five ten, twelve...


This is absolutely correct

Agreed, this is correct

My parents never bought these many phones for me...

As many Chellam sir has! Impossible

Even the one phone is on EMI

Let's move on to the next!

Perfect! Perfect!

Look out for yourself, bro!

Everyone needs a home loan

Hogwarts is the safest place in the world Also, every year in Hogwarts:

I think we are under attack!

*gibberish spell*

This keeps happening in Hogwarts

You have your mother's eyes



Ron- Why did Draco call you a mudbood?

Hermoine- All muggle-borns are called mudbloods

This was the scene I realised something is fishy

Something's gonna happen

In the books- Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?

Dumbledore asked calmly

Dumbledore in the movie-

He comes running and he's like...

Did you do it? Did you?


I can't recollect this scene, but...

This is the problem of fake Harry Potter fans

Cedrig Diggory dies, Hogwart's band-

I can't recollect this scene

I know!

Best Friend: I cant find him on social media, I only know his first name

Me: *Imitates Chellam Sir*

Chellam Sirs memes should be a whole new category

I feel there should be a whole new web series for Chellam Sir

Books to me after exams: You dont care for me at all!

Scrap dealer...give it to them as soon as its done

-You must be remembering the graduation days -Yes, I finished it recently so I remember!

No man, no! We dont care at all!

They also did not care for me as much, which is why I used to fail

He's interested in music

Yeah, he plays me also!

This one's nice

I think he's the smartest in the entire show


When you dont participate in annual function and refused to give Rs. 300 to teacher

Le teacher: I never see you at any activities

It was the same with me in school

I wanted to go for the annual function but these useless friends of mine

Literally, teachers were like Wholl give Rs.300?

We havent seen you, We havent seen you Where were you? Where were you?

When you have your exams tomorrow and Indias cricket match is going on TV

Tell me whats happening over there

Tell metell metell me... please someone tell me whats happening

Mumbaikars in monsoon after waiting 2 hours for rickshaw

This is everydays nonsense!


It doesnt even have to rain this is bound to happen

Its very normal nowadays, even if its raining, snowing, or there's a volcano eruption

Anything can happen but it doesnt matter

Rickshaw guys will never agree!

We. Don't. Want. To. Go.

When you invested twenty lakhs on your son's education and hear him saying...

'A single sheet of paper can't decide my future'

This is the story of every other person these days

'A single sheet of paper can't decide my future'

What nonsense!

Twenty lakhs! Hmmm...

Friend: Bro, please give me money today, Ill return it tomorrow

Ive been roaming with morons

Ill give it tomorrow

By the way, when are you going to give me my money back?

I was going to ask you the same question

I returned your money

No, I lent you money... You're supposed to return it

Guys, next meme

Next week? Next meme!

When my single friend finally gets a girlfriend

You must have experienced quite a drastic change, right?

No man, this change will never happenin your life

-Do you have one? -Yes, I have

Can't see it on your face

Whether I sleep, eat, work or scroll Instagram...

This is what comes in my mind



A minimum




A minimum


Are you a minimum guy?

I am... uhh...

Is there anything in between? Medium guy!

Regular, medium, large are also Pizza options

We both are medium guys

Boss while assigning work to me on weekdays

I know you want to do it

No one can lie like this!

Like Srikant! He tells a story

-Yeah -He'd definitely win a storytelling competition in school


Just like that!

He makes a story, just like that

When the boss wants one week of work to be done in one day

What is it?

You get on my nerves!


Just shut it!

-No one can do it -Its an emotion

I want to do this with everybody

Should I try this on you?

But this is how you end up reacting... Great yeah, thank you!

This is what I was about to say

That is the mood... but this how you have to show it


Girls- Boys don't know real pain Boys-

Why does this misery not end?

Why doesn't this end?

If one can achieve this, I think it's enough success

Only that my biscuit should never fall when I dip it in the tea

And one can fall, but at least I should be able to save it using another biscuit

Atleast that should survive

Even that doesn't work. The second biscuit also falls

This is a very difficult TASC

Nice! Nice!

When you bought her new clothes, chocolates... and then she says "You deserve someone better."

This scene was very emotional

But this meme takes it to another level!

Oh my God!

I gave her even more things...

She didn't even tell me I deserved someone better

You don't deserve someone better

I deserve you, I guess

So these were some memes that we loved

And they were...

-It was so much fun -Awesome stuff

Now... we announce the winners

Dude, I forgot, what will the winners get?

Dudethe top 10 winners will get a One Plus 9 phone!

Oh My God! Brother, I shouldve participated too!

-I made a mistake, man -Yeah you should have

But, this is for the top 10. What about the other 50?

The other 50? Do you know what theyll get?

Theyll get an annual membership of Amazon Prime

Amazon Primeif youre watching this video

If you could give me that One Plus I mean I had to repay him as well so

No, no. That's different

I was saying

If someone who has received a One Plus and doesnt want it because they already have one, can give it to us

...and you can give me my money

Sir, you can give me my money

Oh, guys! I forgot to mention one thing

Amazon Prime Video will contact the winners directly

So, stay tuned and lets go!

Karan, please give me my money and go!

Give me my money!

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