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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VTT HARDCORE ep2 : Violence avec Fatscal

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directed by Alexis Righetti

so Pascal..

today we'll ride a peak never done by Fatscal

so it exists mountains in Queyras he didn't ride

I don't know this place

it's good you put your solar panels


let's go...


more than 2 tonnes are prohibited. Do you think it's good with your steel bike?

it's so beautiful

so clean the trails here, isn't it?

not bad...

this approach is such a pain

not sure we can do it

we've been pedaling... euh have hard time like that for several kilometers


are you building a bridge?

and so!

at the beginning, this was a rest day with a small outing

we changed our mind at the last moment and we're climbing a 3000 m summit

and we left at 10 a.m. so ... it's not sure we can do it

yes it's too late

it's like being between two waves of rocks

two breakers...

it's amazing

2871 m...

I like it

so we wanted to ride this summit... or rather this pile of stones

but it's not rideable at all

there are 20 m cliffs

so we stop at the pass

do you feel the wild of the mountains?

love that

these beautiful rocks and cliffs...

wait a second...

we try...

difficult section...

oh my god!

you leaned the handlebar

here there's an impossible section

yes we have to leave the trail on the left

you hurt your bike?

I have the impression that it was the disc


hey there are horses!

some friends


I think the foal wanted to play


this single!

you ride so clean...

too good!


by the bridge?


wasn't bad after all

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