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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Very Important FACTS, 20th Century, for UGC NET/JRF Exam July 2018, English Literature,

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute I'm

professor agua agua in my last video I

discussed with you the knowledge or the

important facts which would be helpful

to you to crack this UGC net exam I had

already covered from Elizabeth an age to

the Victorian age the Victorian age is

considered from 1832 to 1901 when Queen

Victoria right so let's begin the

important facts of the 20th century in

this video the very first point the

death of Queen Victoria in 1901 and the

accession of Edward 7 seemed to confirm

that a Franco less inhibited and a happy

them yes the people were more frank

because of the psycho analytical studies

of Sigmund Freud and many other reasons

were behind it so the 20th century

opened with great hope but also with

some apprehension for the new century

marked the final approach to the new

millennium second many writers of the

Edwardian period they drew their

inspiration or say join widely upon the

realistic and naturalistic inventions of

the 19th century that is Henrik Ibsen

and drama and Bozek

Turgenev Flaubert Zola Eliot and Charles

Dickens in fiction and in tune with the

NT aestheticism unleashed by the trial

of the archetypal estate Oscar Wilde saw

their task in the new century to be an



like what that means the new the 20th

century writers they drew their

inspiration from the above in drama and

in fiction next HG Wells utopian studies

the aptly titled anticipations of the

reactions of mechanical and scientific

progress upon human life and thought and

a modern utopia these are the two works

of HG Wells they both captured and

qualified this optimistic mood and gave

expression to a common conviction that

Science and Technology would transform

the world in the century ahead to

achieve such transformation out modern

institutions and ideas had to be

replaced by one more suited to the

growth and liberation of the unions for

this writer HG Wells and many others

they tried to shape the society

according to these surroundings science

was developing with great speed so their

writings were also replaced by the

modern scenario what was whatever was in

front of them they jotted down or they

reflected the same in their novels as

well next George Bernard Shaw with his

plays like Man and Superman major

Barbara turned the Edwardian theater

into an errand or debate upon the

principal concerns of the day that means

he started revealing the in the inner

side of life Man and Superman imposes

the life was theory so they were not

just dealing with the hick need topics

of the Victorian era or the errors of

the past but they started to decode life

mode through their work the question of

political organization the morality of

armament and war

of class and of the professions the

validity of the family and the marriage

and the issue of female emancipation

that means they were just not influenced

by the war there was no patriotism

attached to the world

there was no romanticism attached to the

marriage or being a being an army person

all these set cliches were broken by

their work that means the new century

the 20th century writers they started to

break away the cliches of the past the

believes of the past and they started

delving into do things more deeper than


next v John Galsworthy made use of the

theater and strife to explore the

conflict between capital and labor and

injustice he lent his support to reform

of the penal system now Karl Marx

studies that is the max ISM it became

very popular in the 20th century and the

writers they started using the same to

make the society aware of the cross

differentiation the labor class to give

their rights to them so their texts were

also based on the same content sixth

Harley Randall E Barker whose

revolutionary approach to stage

Direction did much to change theoretical

production in the period detected in

voice a inheritance and waste we the

world - works by Ibaka the hypocrisy is

and the seat of upper-class and

professional life see in the new

Classical Age another and the ages after

they were not concerned about the

quality or the deceit of the upper class

but now the writers were bold enough to

project this in front of them

society seven Arnold Bennett in honor of

the five towns detailed the

constrictions of provincial life among

the self-made business classes in the

era of England known as Potteries

portrays the regional in the north of

Geographic county of Staffordshire

England the country's main producer of

China and earthenware so the novels were

based on the Potters and the Potteries

gasps worthy in the man and of property

the first volume of the Forsyte Saga

described the destructive possessiveness

of the professional social order

dominated by a middle-class capitalist

typically with reference to its

perceived materialistic values or

conventional attitudes all based on Karl

Marx Marxism an e/m foster in where

angels fear to tread and the longest

journey portrayed with irony the

insensitivity self repression and

philistinism of the English middle

classes philistinism means those who are

hostile and indifferent to culture art

painting so all this change was coming

up with the novels with the writers of

the 20th century it's the old wives tale

Bennett Arnold Bennett showed the

destructive effects of time on the lives

of individuals and communities and

evoked the quality of battles that he'd

never masked in his other fiction in

turn among gay

HUL showed the omnious consequences of

the uncontrolled developments taking

place within a British society is still

dependent upon the institutions of a

long defunct landed aristocracy and in

Howards End Ian Foster showed how little

the ruthless and self-important world of

contemporary common scared for the more

rooted world of culture although he

acknowledged that commerce was a

necessary evil today India were facing

the same thing the more rooted world of

culture is totally ignored with the

contemporary commerce so this you can

read and Howards End written by him

foster nine the new century had begun

with Great Britain involved in the South

African War the Boer War and it seemed

to some that the British Empire was as

doomed to destruction both from within

and from without as had been the Roman

Empire yes in the new same century that

is the twentieth century British was

losing its hold on the colonies so

American novelist Henry James in the

portrait of a lady had briefly and

atomized the fatal loss of energy of the

english ruling class and in the princess

castle must simmer had described more

directly the various instabilities that

threatened its paternalistic rule this

means the imperialistic rule which was

there by the English all over the world

in this work the instability of the

imperialistic rule of the British is

discussed the tenth one man was a

solitary romantic creature of will who

had any cost imposed his meaning upon

the world because he could not endure a

world that did not reflect his central

place within it see man is just a part

of nature he is not the center of this

nature but man is so egoistic that he

cannot tolerate a world which doesn't

show his position important

so what he does is through his work

through the various means in his

capacity he shows himself as the main

entity of this world Joseph Conrad who

was born of Polish parents another

expatriate novelist that means he

remained out office a birth country all

the time he also shared Henry James

sense of crisis but attributed it less

to the decline of a specific

civilization then to human father


he was so philosophically novelist that

he was concerned with the mocking limits

of human knowledge and I was not

affected only by the content of his

fiction but also its structure so in

alma's folly and Lord Jim he had seemed

to sympathize with this predicament and

in heart of darkness

Nostromo secret agent and under Western

eye he detailed such imposition and the

psychological pathologies he

increasingly associated with it without

sympathy so the realism of the 19th

century was of course borrowed by the

20th century literature but they

transformed the same to express what is

considered to be peculiarly their old

work their own anxieties their own

preoccupations that means the anxiety

and the preoccupations of the 20th

century literature although the same was

borrowed from the 19th century realism

to know more about 20th century

literature you have to read the text the

actual text of the novels and plays

written by these modern and postmodern

authors actually they are not as easy as

tell the Victorians because the writing

has become complex the reader has become

complex and the writer has become

complex the literary theories are

incorporated in their writings as the

development of the science

philosophy and other fields of life

literature has also become very much

complicated very much different than it

used to be in the Victorian or in the

Elizabethton or in the new classical era

so it's not that easy it's it cannot be

just studied through the history books

also you have to read the actual text

you have to collect matter from so many

places they're not there in the books

collected as you find till the Victorian

era so hope you must have liked this

video must have gained a lot from it so

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again with the next video take care

until then thank you so much



The Description of Very Important FACTS, 20th Century, for UGC NET/JRF Exam July 2018, English Literature,