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so it's Christmas time again this is the absolutely favorite time of the year for

us we love Christmas no wonder we even made a book about Christmas decorations a few years

ago became a big it and we just can't stop knitting these balls they are highly addictive

and every year we design new balls now we've even done the mini Christmas balls which are

perfect for people with small apartments so yeah and today we're going to show you

a little bit more about our Christmas universe and how we need Christmas pots

so I shall show you how to begin so you need five needles and yarn we start by casting on 12

stitches on one needle like this three so you have twelve on one needle and then you split them or

divide them on four needles so three stitches on the each you see now I have three stitches on each

needle then you start with the first round just meet the twelve and what you see on the pattern

is normally is what what is going on on one needle and on some there are two needles yeah so

basically it makes sense four needles four sides so the first increasing I need to then I pick up

the yarn or the stitch under the last stitch put that on the needle and knit in that book

then I need the last one so loaded on the first increasing and I made one round with knit then

I'm the second increasing in the pattern which is this line so here I need one increase one knit to

increase one and meet one so you just follow the pattern so what I'm doing now is I'm knitting

one white increasing one white knitting one white then one red in the pattern in the heart and then

two white increase one white and one white in and now since there's like one red on each needle you

have to twist the yarn on the inside and that's very important to do because if you don't twist

the yarn and if you take it with you and you pull it you will have something that will pull

inside and then you won't get the round shape so you need to take the yarn with you and you

need to twist it occasionally to make sure that it's all nice and stable on the inside and I make

the first pattern stitch so put the yarn on the needle and make one stitch like that then I need

to and increase one so now it looks like this and on the inside it look like this with the twisting

so you see the yarn is following through so it doesn't stretch so then I continue just to knit

around to make the heart and now I have to twist again on this round because there's only three

stitches in the pattern color so there's too many in between again but when you twist never twist

on the same place as you did before because then the color is shine through so you have to move

the twisting the way I knit I when I do with two columns knit with two colors I have one color on

the finger the one I use the most and the other one I throw so that's the beginning of the heart

so now I will show you how to do the decreasing because now I'm up to up to here in the pattern

so I need one then I need these two together just like this but then I have to show you

on the other side because there's something special what's special because there's like

the two stitches I'm going to increase is like the first one is red but which is part of the

pattern and the other one is white and if you do like this like the normal way you

will hide the red stitch so when you knit these two together you had to pull the needle through

the red one and then into the white one and then you knit them together so the red stitch

are facing you kind of and then you need one that's the increase the decreasing decreasing

this and then I continue knitting around with two decreasing on each needle and go into the

red and the white and you knit two together then you have one round with no decreasing so

you decrease on every second round until you have 3 stitches on each needle needle what

you can do now is also you can sew the whole hole from the beginning I can show you how so

just this I just leave like that just pull it to make the nice stitch and then it's

okay so go through the stitches that you cast at home like this

just pull it and then I make a note

i'm a pull this in the side of the ball

now I just cut the yarn and then I pull the tail

through the 12:12 lost stitches just pull it through like this

then when I've done that it's time for the irony so I have the ball it's ready

and now we're going to shape it we're going to make it round and beautiful and for that

we use an iron and iron and a wet cloth and the reason why I use a wet cloth is because

we need the humidity which is really good for wool we don't want to iron on top of the wall

because that might also burn the yarn or the wool so what we do is we take the Christmas

ball put it in the in the towel or cloth which is wet fold it on top and then with

the iron we just start steaming it and press it leave it for a while and then we start looking

at what we have and as you can see lots of steam coming up that's actually very good

and the ball is being shaped keep pressing until the cloth is there rather dry and

hopefully when I remove my cloth yes look at that isn't that beautiful fabulous it's

a Christmas ball it's almost literally out of the oven look at that and now you need filling

yes you can use this polyester filling or you can use wool I'll use the wool anyway the trick

with a wool is you want to make it as thin as possible and you want to make sure that because

otherwise when you start stuffing it you'll have it lumpy you don't want lumps no so and then I

just start stuffing from the top which we still haven't sown in so that's the first that's the

first batch we're going to need quite a lot and it's a good idea that while you're stuffing it

you're also shaping it and making sure that there are no lumps and that it's all evenly distributed

in the in the ball so I think this isn't this is enough now and just shape it a little bit

with your hand and when I pull the thread that is on the top like this you pretty much have already

made ball so now you just sew the whole hole on the top the same way as you did in the beginning

pull the yarn through the last stitches make a knot and pull the yarn through the ball take

it out somewhere if you'd make a red string on the white ball you will have a red knot on the

bar on the bottom that's not nice so on this one white these are all 40 stitches put it like that

that's the string then I cut the yarn make a tail then you put the needle through the first stitch

then you pull both of the details through those two stitches like that then you have the string

now you need a longer needle is good and then you put the tails the tails through the ball

so you start on top of the ball and you pull it through under then the other one and not

at the same spot so just take it on the other side out now you shape the ball so it's round

and then you make a knot like this and don't pull too hard because then it will be a more

like apple of the bowl this and then you just pull the tail through the ball somewhere like

and then you cut the tail then you have the Christmas ball ah look at that

we just want to give you a word of warning this is highly addictive so once you start

make sure you have a lot of time on your hands because you won't be able

to stop look at us we knit every year have been doing this for five years and every

year we make more than every day before Christmas yes that's our calendar so enjoy

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