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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The day of the Gag Concert shoot | 화려한 외출 [Gag Concert / 2020.02.22]

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(The day of the Gag Concert shoot)

(In the dressing room)

(Things look busy)

(What are they getting ready for?)

(Seongho and Sangguk are getting in costume)


(What's his costume going to be?)

I look ugly already.


Hey, let me see. What are you?


Why do you look so funny?

(He's just getting started and he looks funny)

Hey, what is this?


Show some respect.

Don't try to stand out with a bright color.

(That's why I'll be the color of poop!)


Hey, even your eyes look like mine.

What are you doing?

It's nothing.

- Hold on. / - It's nothing.

There are ethics with costumes.

Your eyes and nose look just like mine!

Are you a dog too?

Gag Concert.

Gag Concert?

The Gag Concert character.

(The characters that are always on stage)

(We saw Seongho as the pink dog last episode)

(Sangguk will be this other character)

(Who will be the top Gag Concert dog?)

I thought only I get to be a dog.

We never agreed on that.

I'm an important person on this show too.

(I want to be the only one...)

Your Chinese food is here.

(Seongho ordered Chinese food for everyone)

(They'll eat first!)

I know it's good that you're trying hard...

You got food on you.


Be more careful.

Oh, no...

He spilled food on himself.

Please be careful.

But you can't tell with me.

I'll color you in later.

(Happy that he's the color of poop)


It's a good thing I'm the color of poop.

(Sheesh, Sangguk)

Hey, Jinha.

Be honest.

Who looks more like a dog?


You two are very dog-like.


(This punk)

The makeup artists...

Since they applied our makeup...

- Who's more like a dog? / - Seriously.

Like a dog?

Let's close our eyes and have them vote.


Raise your hand if Seongho looks more like a dog.

(They think about it)

(Waiting with high hopes)

(Who will the makeup artists choose?)

Does Sangguk look more like a dog?

(Time to reveal the result)

I have the result.

Seongho is more like a dog.

- How many votes did he get? / - 4 votes.

It was anonymous, but he got 4 votes.

If he got 4 votes, that means...

Oh, I guess I wasn't supposed to say that. I'm sorry.

(3 hours before the shoot)


- Hello. / - Hey, dear.

- Dear. / - Yeah?

There's something you have to do.

Seoyeon is coming back from kindergarten,

but I think she's going to get home before me.

Oh, no.

- Alright, I got it. / - Okay.

Hey, my daughter... What should I do?

(A funny yet sad situation...)

How can you go like that?

But I have to. There's nobody else to do this.

You're going like that?

You're really going like that?

What else can I do about my daughter?

(I might as well enjoy the trip)

This is how I live my life

(Just wait! Daddy's coming)

(He just has to put these on)

(Sunglasses with his costume)

(Seongho manages to arrive on time)

(There it is!)


(He reunites with his daughter)

- Hello. / - Hello.


(It's daddy!)




Thank you. Good-bye.


Mom couldn't come get you, so I'm here.

(Meanwhile, in the studio green room)


(Gwangbok is shocked)


Gwangbok is shocked.

(Tries to say hello like a dog)

Gwangbok is shocked.

It's your uncle.

Gwangbok is shocked.

This means he thinks you're a dog.


He's accepted you as a dog.

- So you want to fight me? / - Right.

Right now...

You're a dog to him for sure.

(Gwangbok tries to psyche out Sangguk)

Here he comes!

Oh, no! Don't let him go.

Don't let him go.

Don't do what?

- Don't let Gwangbok go. / - Him?

- Don't let him go? / - I'm scared.

(Jinha shows up)

Seonggwang, they need you for rehearsal.


I have to leave him here.


(He's going to leave his dog behind?)

He'll bark.

(Sangguk is careful not to get paint on the dog)

No, Gwangbok!

Wait here, Gwangbok. I'll be back. Wait here.

You can't leave him with me.

(Very troubling)


(Very troubling 2)


(Trying to talk to Gwangbok)

(Being ignored)

(No answer)


(Trying to get his attention with a treat)

I'm going to eat it.


(I'm not eating that)

It's really hard.

You don't want it?

Gwangbok, eat it.

Gwangbok, shake.

(Trying to touch Gwangbok)


Shake my hand.

Gwangbok, look at me.


(He's been struggling for 10 minutes)

Gwangbok, lie down.

(This is so annoying)


(10 minutes before the shoot)


(Sangguk takes some time alone)

(He goes to a radio booth playing music)


(What's that?)

(What a dog day)

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