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based videos on this channel so

following on from the video I did the

other day when I said there was a

potential leak take it with a pinch of

so you read a video when I said the Kang

the Conqueror is coming it got me

thinking about the whole Avengers

infinity war I've watched it a few times

as I do have it on my ps4 i will be

doing some Avengers infinity war blu-ray

giveaways it comes out in the next week

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details for that I'm so Avengers

infinity war was pretty epic for the

rating when you think about it because

at the end of the movie everyone turn to

dust where they set for the og Avengers

but you got to understand kids will see

in spider-man turned to dust and their

be like what's going on here I don't

understand I don't understand so it was

pretty savage the ending so it got me

thinking what are the ramifications for

the universe going to be but wars gee

what do you mean well Danis got all the

Infinity stones and I raised half the

people from the universe so he's turned

the universe into absolute chaos and

then obviously the end of movie nick

fury's contacted Captain Marvel because

obviously he thinks it's a Kree Skrull

invasion so Captain Marvel obviously

gives him a page during that movie just

in case he needs her help ever again and

then obviously in the preview Captain

Marvel comic we're gonna find out where

she was during infinity war so we've

been told that's pretty cool so it got

me thinking

obviously the ending of ant-man was Jeff

boilers if you haven't seen it but it's

been out for a while now even in England

so ant-man was stuck in the quantum

realm so what happens if when a thing

slap happen when Thanos snapped a singer

after Thor failed to do that epic head

Shan fortnight when he went for the head

shot and missed and then snapped his

finger the gauntlet looked damaged and

we know from the commentary on the

infinity war extra features that fan ass

and the gauntlet are permanently damaged

whether this is physically or


damage so what happened if when he did

it it's created or released a new epic

villain now it could there's ample

villains in the MCU in the comics at

least who are taken fast down even

Squirrel Girl herself has defeated the

mad Titan so what happens if the

finger-snap had caused the universe to

go into so much chaos that some

characters like Kang the Conqueror who

have listed in another video could

actually be released and could end up

being the villain a for Avengers 4 but

Holden wars jus this can't happen

because they're owned by Fox but not

really because Disney technically owns

Fox it's just not gone through there

could be a secret deal that we don't

know about before they obviously agreed

to buy him they could have done a secret

deal because if they're gonna sell him

anyway then they might as well just let

them use cases anyway in my opinion so

what could happen is towards the end of

the infinite sorry it towards the end of

Avengers 4 we could get someone like I

don't know the girl actors come out and

fan us can actually have to team up with

the Avengers after them after they

reverse the obviously effects of the

finger-snap so maybe what happens if

Stannis ends up teaming up with their

heroes or in fact samus dies and there's

a new hero that comes out and I've seen

this leads into Avengers 5 now based on

the comments on my last video people

like no war stew that took 10 years

they're not going to take 10 years to

build up for the next big villain in

Avengers 5 aka phase 4 they're not gonna

take 10 years to build it to a massive

big batter what happens if the

finger-snap caused something along the

way in the grant around something to go

wrong for someone like Galactus or Kang

the Conqueror or someone like that to

come out now it would be very

interesting if there was another villain

in this movie because there were reports

coming out and you can never trust

report so take it with a pinch of soul

and all that kind of good stuff that

maybe this CGI character that apparently

there's the crew was setting up

skeleton-like setups for it maybe

Galactus could somehow be in this he

might be connected to everything because

we know the Fantastic Four's come in we

know the x-men come in so literally the

villain could be anyone now I know this

is a bit of a

far-fetched theory but I think it's got

some grounds so could collectors turn up

Avengers for sure could kang the

conqueror turn up yeah sure could anyone

turn up yes eternity could turn up

because the cosmic beings the kind of

Illuminati the higher people the higher

power are gonna have to try and stop the

fan ass and if they can't that what

happens if someone even more powerful

than phallus comes up Galactus the

planet Peter well am city he turns a lot

of a gang of the Conqueror turns out it

was all interesting because they're

gonna have to set up the next Avengers

movies because Marvel thinks long-term

not short-term maybe there's gonna be a

little easter egg or something but I

wouldn't be surprised if when we leave

Avengers for someone from the main cast

an epic villain an epic character

someone like for someone like Iron Man's

were like Captain America someone's

gonna have to die in this movie and

potentially that could actually be

phallus I know what you're thinking but

think about it seriously what happens if

the quantum realm we know it's the

future we've been told isn't can Captain

Marvel we've been told the quantum realm

is so important to everything in

faithful going forward we know Doctor

Strange can travel through there where

at least I did like with an engine

ancient ones help in at the dock strange

movie so what happens if the next big

villain it shows up at the end of

Avengers 4 he destroys the Avengers but

doesn't kill him and just escapes to

another dimension there's ample

characters that come could come through

so guys let me know in the comments down

below do you think that a new villain

will appear in the Avengers 4 movie I

think it was sweet if Gerlach just turns

up finally

everyone wants Thanos vs. cleitus that's

why I don't want them to kill phallus

off because Thanos versus Galactus would

be absolutely epic but maybe Kang the

Conqueror so guys let me know in the

comment below do you think if Alice will

be killed if he isn't killed do you want

a new villain to shop because I don't

believe that Kevin Feige is gonna make

another 10 years so we're talking at

2028 I don't think that's gonna be the

next big thing we're not gonna have to

wait 10 year to set a next big villain

could be a massive Kree scroll invasion

to do with the quantum realm but

we know the quantum well is definitely

involved in the Captain Marvel movie now

we are expecting the Captain Marvel

movie trailer within the next four weeks

so we know we'll know more details but

like I said let me know everything that

you think about this video down below in

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