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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TOP 5 STRONGEST POKEMON - POKEMON GO VIABILITY TIER LIST (ATTACKERS) w/ NintenDome

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Alright guys, what is going on?

It is Hank here from NintenDome.

And today, I am back with another Pokemon Go video for you guys.

So today, we are going to be talking about the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

And this video is going to be split up into two parts.

This is part one, where we talk about the best Pokemon for attacking gyms and soon Ill

upload part two where we talk about the best Pokemon for defending gyms.

All of the information that I used for this video will be properly sourced down in the


Alright, lets get right into it.

So right now, it seems that the best Pokemon for attacking gyms is Snorlax.

With its best set, lick plus hyper beam, Snorlax is able to deal out a ton of damage.

By the way guys, my moveset video will finally be out on Saturday.

Now Snorlax is definitely not going to be the heaviest hitter in the metagame.

However, what truly makes Snorlax an amazing Pokemon, is its incredibly high HP stat.

Snorlax actually has the second highest HP stat in the entire game and unlike Chansey,

it actually has a decent attack and defense stat to pair along with it.

If you want a very heavy hitter that will not cost you a ton of potions, I definitely

recommend investing into a Snorlax.

And another great thing about Snorlax is that none of its sets are really that bad.

Honestly, I think every one of its sets is pretty viable but again, its best set, and

the set that makes it the number one attacking Pokemon in Pokemon Go, is Lick + Hyper beam.

Number two on this list and of course my personal favorite Pokemon of all time, is Dragonite.

Now if you get a Dragonite running dragon breath and dragon claw, youre going to

have one of the heaviest hitters in the game right now.

With a base 250 attack stat, Dragonites attack actually surpasses that of every other

Pokemon currently availible in Pokemon Go.

In fact, out of all the Pokemon in generation one, Dragonite is only second to Mewtwo in

terms of sheer offensive capabilities.

Yes, Dragonite has an attack stat even greater than that of Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, and


On top of that, Dragonite actually has a pretty respectable defense stat.

However, due to the way that damage calculations work in this game, I actually find the defense

stat to be way less important than the HP stat.

And unfortunately, Dragonite has an average HP stat at best.

So this Pokemon is definitely going to be able to deal out a ton of damage but it might

not be able to sponge too many hits.

I do think its worth pointing out that the dragon typing does give it a very crucial

resistance to water type.

And I really think water typing is probably the best typing in the game right now.

But yes, despite not having a great HP stat, having an amazing water resistance can definitely

come in handy.

Lapras is actually the number three best Pokemon Go attacker.

Lapras is another Pokemon with a very high HP stat.

It is incredibly bulky, with a tolerable damage output and honestly guys, Lapras is the Dragonite


Its best set running frost breath and blizzard can easiliy dismantle dragonites, and thats

why I really didnt include Lapras in that little water grouping because it is water

type but its also ice type.

Its best moves are all ice type.

Of course, a dragon flying type pokemon is not too fond of the cold.

But yeah, Lapras is another bulky tank that is popular because it can sponge a ton of


And you guys are going to notice kind of a trend with that.

Were definitely in a bulky offense metagame.

Now unfortunately, something to keep in mind is that although Lapras has a very good matchup

vs. Dragonite, its ice type coverage is actually not the greatest vs. a ton of the metagame.

Vaporeons, Arcanines, and even other Laprases are going to take your blizzards with ease.

Alright, now number four is the former king of Pokemon Go and that is Vaporeon.

Now Eevees arent common for everyone but theyre definitely common for some people

and that makes Vaporeon a very accessible top tier threat.

So if youre newer to the game and youre feeling really intimidated by all these fierce

looking Pokemon, hakuna matata.

Get seven eevees, name your highest IV eevee Rainer and bam you have the fourth best gym

attacker in Pokemon Go.

Ok, so Vaporeons best set is Water Gun plus Hydro Pump.

Similar to Lapras, Vaporeon has a very high HP stat along with a respectable defense stat

and a respectable attack stat.

Now, in all honesty, Vaporeons stats are exactly the same as Laprases except it does

have a lower defense stat.

So unless youre really hard pressed to get that water type coverage, theres really

no reason to use Vaporeon over Lapras.

The most recent patch that balanced moves a little bit severely neutered Vaporeons

damage output.

So as it stands right now, although Vaporeon is a very viable and very Pokemon, its

kind of outclassed by Lapras in pretty much every way.

But despite that, nothing can change the fact that Vaporeon is a very formidable threat

on its own.

And yeah, it should be accessible to a lot of you guys.

Alright, now the final Pokemon to make this list is another personal favorite of mine

and that is Arcanine.

I know, guys!

Its crazy.

In a metagame where water is so powerful.

In a metagame where the second best Pokemon for attacking gyms is a Dragonite, Arcanine

finds a way to shine with its fire only moveset.

Yes, its best moveset is fire fang and fire blast, which is resisted by a healthy chunk

of the metagame.

However, Arcanine makes up for this with its amazing attack stat.

Guys, its not as high as Dragonites but it is still incredibly high.

In fact, Dragonites attack stat is only 20 points higher than that of Arcanines

attack stat.

Unfortunately, Arcanine is kind of held back by its average defense and HP stats but this

Pokemon will be great for anyone that wants to dodge and weave or maybe just has an abundance

of potions.

Its just nice to see another heavy hitter crack into the top five.

Despite the metagame being so bulky right now.

Alright guys, thats going to do it all for this video.

Definitely let me know what you guys think about the top five strongest Pokemon Go attackers

down in the comments section below that like button.

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And yeah, Ill catch you guys in the next one.