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Welcome to the Bosch eBike Systems Sneak preview with our new products for model year 21.

These new products and functions ensure greater safety and efficient mobility in the city.

They maximize the riding enjoyment of E-Mountain biking.

They are also an even smarter way to connect eBikers with the digital world.

Let's start with this point: connectivity.

Connectivity with the digital world increases riding enjoyment on the eBike, and it redefines mobility.

It creates a mobility that is the perfect response to the needs of the individual cyclist.

Mobility that gets people to their destination with greater flexibility and safety, and with

less stress.

Since last year, it has also been possible to experience Bosch Connected Biking with

our Kiox on-board computer.

Small, robust, and connected.

This makes it the ideal on-board computer for ambitious sporty riders.

Starting this year, Kiox can do even more.

There's a new update available.

Starting from model year 21, eBikers can now easily explore the countryside and venture

into unfamiliar territories thanks to Kiox.

This is all due to the new navigation function.

Kiox uses the smartphone for this purpose: It connects via Bluetooth to the eBike Connect

smartphone app - this is where the navigation is running.

The planned trip can then be seen as a line on the on-board computer display.

It shows the course of the route so that the user can follow tracks without difficulty.

The view on the display realigns to the direction of movement while riding.

This simplifies orientation.

In addition, the eBiker can always see how far he or she is from the destination.

Kiox also makes it easy for eBikers to plan routes in the eBike Connect App or in the

online portal.

The routes can then be sent to the on-board computer via the app.

When connected with Komoot or Outdooractive, there are even more routes to explore.

The update also includes several technical improvements.

For example, the Bluetooth pairing has been stabilised.

This provides a better connection between Kiox and the eBike Connect App.

That was by no means all the new features: the display output can now also be customised.

This means that each biker only ever sees the right data and screens that he or she

has personally selected.

The new Kiox functions will be available as a software update from summer 2020 onwards.

And the same applies for the future: We will continue to provide new features and improve

the functionality of our on-board computers by offering regular updates.

This is also a good news for those who have been waiting patiently: Starting summer of

2020, the Kiox on-board computer is available for retrofitting from bike dealers.

With Kiox, we are now offering another connected on-board computer that supports navigation.

Naturally, navigation is even more comfortable with Nyon, our all-in-one on-board computer.

We launched Nyon in 2014 and have continued to develop it ever since.

The time has come for a new version.

And here it is: the new Nyon on-board computer.

And now, I'd like to show you some details of Nyon.

The new Nyon on-board computer has a touch function, which makes it incredibly easy to operate.

The 3.2-inch high-resolution colour display is extremely robust.

It can also be used in rain and dusty conditions or even with gloves.

During trips, Nyon is controlled intuitively via a separate control unit.

The display always offers excellent readability under all lighting conditions.

The brightness and backlight adjust automatically.

A special coating reduces reflections and fingerprints.

The eBiker can also choose between a dark or light display with maximum contrast.

The user interface can be personalised to your own needs.

This allows you to choose the riding data and screens shown on the display.

The touch function also has several advantages when it comes to navigation: Destinations

can be entered manually or selected on the map.

The corresponding map section can be easily enlarged and moved with your fingers.

If you want, you can save your current location and return to the starting point of the ride

at the end.

You can also permanently save your home or work address.

Nyon has a number of other useful functions to enable eBikers to focus purely on their trips.

For example, notification tones draw your attention to the next turning.

A map shows how far you can expect to get in the relevant support mode under the geographic


During ride planning, Nyon ensures whether or not a destination can be reached with the

selected support.

While on the move, the on-board computer provides an early heads-up if a different mode needs

to be selected.

Nyon can also help you to achieve your personal fitness targets: The on-board computer uses

pedal force and cadence to calculate the eBiker's performance.

It shows the current calorie consumption and can be combined with an optional heart rate monitor.

During the journey, speed, performance and cadence are compared with the average performance values.

Personally speaking, this increases my motivation significantly.

Nyon can do even more:

Together with our smartphone app, and online portal the on-board computer forms a single

smart system.

Nyon automatically synchronises the ride data as soon as it is connected to the smartphone or WiFi.

Software updates are also loaded over the air.

The online portal let's eBikers plan their own routes and transfer them to Nyon.

The import and export of GPX files enable a very flexible approach to route planning.

When used in conjunction with Komoot or Outdooractive, an unlimited variety of routes can be discovered.

Afterwards, our recorded ride data can be shared using apps like Strava and Komoot.

The connected functions also include additional digital protection against theft.

A Lock premium function is designed as a complement to a mechanical lock.

Motor support is automatically deactivated when the on-board computer is removed.

The mount for the on-board computer is also well conceived.

Nyon can be installed in two mounting positions, ensuring an ideal view of the display.

The mount for the on-board computer can be placed either above the stem or centrally

over the handlebar.

So, that's our new Nyon on-board computer - a smarter, more intuitive, and more connected generation.

By the way, it has already won the Red Dot Design Award and will also be available as

a retrofit option from autumn 2020.

The new Nyon paves the way for eBikers to enjoy a fully connected eBike experience.

The connectivity solutions available with Nyon, Kiox and our Smartphone Hub, bring real

additional benefits to cyclists.

They ensure greater comfort, plenty of riding enjoyment, and greater safety.

Which brings me to the next point.

We strongly believe that the safety for all cyclists should be further increased.

We are seeking to achieve this with innovative products and solutions.

These include developments such as the first production-ready anti-lock braking system

for eBikes from Bosch.

The ABS provides more stability when using the disk brakes of your eBike and is designed

to help avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, despite all the safety precautions, accidents cannot always be prevented.

Things are no different with cars.

Hence the need for eBike solutions that can be deployed in an emergency.

This is exactly where our new "Help Connect" service comes in.

This is a familiar situation for everyone: you are out and about on your eBike on your own.

But what happens if you have an accident on a remote route and injure yourself?

Help Connect is a new COBI Bike app premium function.

It is an electronic emergency call system that can be relied on to provide quick assistance.

The first few minutes are vitally important when an accident happens.

Valuable time is often lost before someone finds a rider who has crashed, and the emergency

service arrives.

This is where our new "Help Connect" service comes in.

A smart algorithm enables the smartphone app to recognise when an eBiker has fallen.

What's more, it can also tell just how serious the accident was.

In the event of an accident, "Help Connect" automatically alerts a trained service team

which is on standby around the clock.

The Bosch emergency assistant then contacts the eBiker.

In the event of an emergency, he or she notifies the rescue service.

"Help Connect" can use the smartphones data connection to transmit the current coordinates

and the severity of the accident.

At the same time, the smartphone plays warning tones after an accident.

This triggers an alarm that can be heard in the immediate vicinity.

First aiders can be made aware of the accident more quickly, enabling faster intervention.

The eBiker can also trigger the emergency call manually at any time.

The function is currently only available for users with German SIM cards.

"Help Connect" gives eBikers a better feeling of security on every ride.

As you can see: Every new piece of technology and every innovation makes eBiking even safer.

The bike is a significant element for the urban mobility of the future.

More than that: it is a game changer.

This is especially the case because it gives new impulses to cycling culture.

Thanks to electrical support, even more people are discovering the bicycle for themselves.

For example, commuters, who find they can now handle long distances on a daily basis.

eCargo bikes are becoming an increasingly common sight on city streets.

Many people already regard the eBike as an eco-friendly alternative to the car.

This is a positive development.

Our Performance Line Speed and the Cargo Line are the ideal drive units for these two purposes

in our product range.

There are updates for both of these drive units this year.

Let's start with the Performance Line Speed.

It is designed for use on S-pedelecs and offer support up to 45 km/h.

For model year 21, we will provide even more torque with a software update.

This will enable the drive unit to speed riders with a torque of 85 Nm.

And this ensures a more powerful and dynamic riding sensation, which is evident when riding

with low cadences.

High speeds can be achieved quickly, and long distances can be covered effortlessly.

Our drive system for ecargo bikes, the Cargo Line, is also receiving an increase of power.

The drive unit is available in two versions - with a support up to 25 km/h, or for the

Cargo Line Speed up to 45 km/h.

Our software update will not only benefit cargo bikers with a stronger torque of up

to 85 Nm, they will also experience more dynamic support.

The motor provides even more powerful support in low cadences.

This eases uphill starts and acceleration when transporting heavy loads.

The software update for the Cargo Line can be installed by bike dealers from summer 2020 onwards.

However, the Cargo Line Speed and Performance Line Speed cannot be retrofitted.

While eBikes are ideal for urban use, they are equally popular beyond the city limits.

More and more people like the idea of combining sport, nature, and technology with an eBike.

After all, anyone who has tried an E-Mountain bike will tell you the eBike like this enables

you to reach new destinations and enormously increases your riding enjoyment.

We are showing you the new Performance Line CX, our E-Mountain bike drive unit for model

model year 20.

This drive unit is light and compact yet extremely powerful and efficient.

It offers maximum thermal stability and great efficiency.

Thus, we have set a new benchmark in the E-Mountain bike area.

And we have also received a great deal of positive feedback and won quite some awards.

Of course, this is very welcome.

This also pushes us to achieve more.

We are continuously developing our drive units and also aim to further optimise the

E-Mountain bike experience.

Therefore, we present an extensive software update for the Performance Line CX for model year 21.

The update offers E-Mountain bikers even more riding dynamics, agility, and intuitive handling

on trails.

In order to achieve this, we first of all, increased the torque to 85 Nm.

This ensures faster and more powerful acceleration, especially at low cadences.

Moving off on steep ascents is made significantly easier.

The performance upgrade offers full power over broad cadence range.

This enables to master unpredictable riding situations even more effectively - for example

in the case of late gear shifting or accelerating out of tight corners.

Riding remains very smooth, even when in turbo mode, pedalling strong while standing.

We have also taken the "eMTB mode" to the next level.

In the progressive riding mode, motor support adapts to the individual riding style, depending

on the pedal pressure.

The software update further refines this mode.

New sensor and motor control functions now provide even more dynamic and natural support

in an extended cadence range.

This ensures a more natural and dynamic riding sensation.

Organic handling on the trail improves significantly.

Traction control improves and start up behaviour is also much finer and more sensitive, especially

in low gears.

The "Extended Boost" as a new feature of the "eMTB mode" ensures improved performance in

challenging sections on trails.

This helps E-Mountain bikers to surmount exposed routes, steps and stones even uphill.

The system responds by applying the right pressure to the pedal in any given situation:

In a fraction of a second, it provides a dynamic push to surmount an obstacle.

The E-Mountain bike can be maneuvered with agility and ease through technically challenging

sections thanks to the "Extended Boost".

This increases the flow and reduces the tendency for pedals to jam.

The software update provides maximum riding enjoyment on the trail.

It can be retrofitted for all eBikes with Performance Line CX introduced in model year 20

onwards and is available from bike dealers in summer.

Then it will be time to expand your flow.

Which brings us to the end of our presentation.

Thanks for your attention.

The Description of Bosch eBike Innovations for 2021 // Die Bosch eBike-Neuheiten 2021