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These last few weeks

we really used the nice sunny days

A few convertibles

Lotus, BMW M4

All cool cars for southern France


This is the Netherlands

and those nice days are rare

So for the Dutch summer

A bit of rain and a bit of sun

we have the S6 with quattro!

We expected to be testing summer cars in July

Rear wheel drive sportscars!

But the weather is disappointing

But we have our friends from

Who we called for this car

It suits the weather..

Some cars have a little surprise in store for us

And this one turned out to be chiptuned!

making 550 HP!

So I think this is a RS6 light..

We did know it had a Milltek exhaust

Which adds to the "RS6 Light" feeling

It has a very deep growl!

Just absurd!

Which means

that if you drive it slowly

you still have a rumble on the background

The sound is pretty much the same through the revs

Just this low growl

But it's a cool sound from this engine!

We have some experience with this engine

We know what it's capable of

The MTM S8 and RS6 both have the same engine

It's just so capable!

Which you really feel..

The standard S6 is held back

420 HP from this V8 is not much

With this setup

Chip and exhaust...

It turns into the car it can be!

With 550 HP it's very close to the RS6

which has 560 HP

But there are some big differences

The steering in this is lighter

The RS6's is heavier and has more feel to it

The gearbox is less agressive

But it's still very fast

and smooth

It does exactly what it needs to

Except for when you put it in manual

It shouldn't upshift at the rev limiter

But it does..

The chiptuning also altered the Launch Control

Well it's software..

We put it in S

Dynamic mode..

Traction Control off

Left Foot on the brake

Floor the accelerator..

7000 RPM!

It just hammers it through!

With this package

you get a car that is between the S6 and RS6

It's got RS6 speed and power

The sound as well..

But it still has the modesty of the S6

A nice compromise

and a cool combination!

2nd hand prices

RS6 is available from 110.000 (NL) euro's

This one


costs 70.000 (NL) euro's

Which gets you a very very fast car

Which looks subtle and civilized

What isn't different from the RS6

is that you keep putting petrol in it..

But that goes to a good cause!

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