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Hi, it's me Gabi your American English teacher from

Have you ever heard the terms Monkeywrench

swamps or bang for the buck

These are idiomatic English expressions that are very common in the workplace in

business English and so in this free english lesson, I would like to share 20 of the most

Common, most popular English idiomatic phrases that you can use at work

Now you should be able to understand what they mean

And so I'm going to explain the meaning as well as share an example with you

So I hope that when you watch this lesson you get out your English notebook and you take notes and write these

Expressions down and as you watch I hope that you repeat the phrases after me to practice your pronunciation

If you are ready to improve your English for work

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Our first expression is bang for the buck

This means that you get more value for the amount of money that you spend the results are

greater than anticipated

for example, I think that we should get the

Large-sized desserts because we're going to get more bang for the buck

It's almost the same price as the small-sized dessert or another example related to businesses

I think that we should try online advertising because we'll get more bang for the buck as

compared with a TV commercial to work out for the best is a great phrase to use if

something perhaps

Disappointing or negative has happened

Maybe an unexpected delay something that has slowed your project down at work

You can use this phrase to sound more positive and optimistic. For example our

Speakers for the conference were delayed by bad weather

But that's okay because we needed some extra time. I think it will all work out for the best

So this is a phrase that you can use to make someone feel

Better if they're worried about a situation to call it a day to call it a day means to end

Work we have worked really hard and we can't really do anything more until we receive more information

So let's call it a day to throw a monkey wrench in the works

means that you have an


complicated problem this storm threw a monkey wrench in our

conference because five of our speakers were delayed by the bad weather to be

swamped to be swamped means to be very

Busy, I can't go out after work today because I have so much work. I'm swamped

I have to work overtime. Keep up the good work

I just love this phrase because it's a great way to encourage your co-workers or your

Employees who you see doing a good job or making an extra effort

I see you're making some extra effort with your English

Keep up the good work to put something off now

This phrasal verb is super common because many people tend to wait until the last minute. This is exactly what it means to

Procrastinate I put off

making the slides for Monday's

presentation and now I have to work on the

Weekends to prepare them to take off actually this phrasal verb to take off has several meanings

One of which is to become popular

Suddenly. Wow, this new product really took off

Sales are through the roof or take off can also mean to take time off

for example

I'd like to take Friday off this week so that I can run some errands

People person are you a people person?

a people person is someone who is very

Extroverted who enjoys talking with other people and who can relate to them generally

Someone who is likeable a people person loves interacting with other people and get more energy

from having lots of conversations

Jessica is a people person so she got promoted to the head of

public relations

I'm sure she'll do a great job there

crunching the numbers means to do a lot of


Before we buy any new equipment we need to crunch the numbers

To see if we can afford it to have a lot on your plate means to be busy

it's kind of like to be swamped, but

Swamped is more in this moment and to have a lot on my plate means in general

I have a lot of projects going on

It may not be something where I have to work overtime today

but it means that I'll probably be working extra time for an

Undefined period of time sorry I didn't call you back sooner

I have a lot on my plate right now selling like hotcakes

Means that an item is selling very quickly something that is very popular and people want to buy it

Additionally to be hot means something that is popular to think outside the box

I really like this one because it means to think creatively so we need to come up with a new unique campaign

we really need to think outside the box on this one a

Win-win situation is a situation. That is good for both parties

so if you have a partnership, for example, this is a

win-win partnership because that business is going to gain popularity with our promotion and

We're going to have another stream of income. So it's a win-win situation

For me when you study with go natural English

it's a win-win situation because you enjoy improving your and I

Enjoy teaching English to test the waters means that you try

Something without fully committing to see if it will be successful or not. We're testing the waters to see if

Online advertising could bring in more customers than TV commercial advertising

Learning curve a learning curve means the time it takes to understand a new system or procedure

don't worry about our

Software there's a very small learning curve and you'll be able to use it in no time at all off

The top of my head or off the top of someone's head

We usually use this when we're talking about ourselves and you need to provide an estimate to someone

How much do you think that Maserati costs off the top of my head I would say about

$200,000 on the back burner on the back burner

Means a project that is less important or has less priority than another one at this moment

Going to new trade shows is an activity that's on the back burner for me right now

I need to focus on other projects in the red or in the black

so these colors mean whether a business is profitable in the black or

If it has a lot of expenses and is not profitable that is in the red

Uber is a startup company that was in the red for many of its

Startup years many startup companies are in the red for the first few years that they're in business

They don't make a profit until later on to ramp up

means that you increase

Activity, we need to ramp up our efforts finding new customers

We need to ramp up our efforts learning English. Did you learn any new expressions in this English lesson?

I hope that this was helpful because you're going to hear these common expressions at work at some point and I want you to know

What they mean and also how to use them

Feel free to practice your own answer in the comments and I look forward to hearing from you there

Thanks so much for watching

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