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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Results of the Pacific Trials | Research | System 001 | The Ocean Cleanup

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I think we can start, what we have done Rick, the information you have submitted

overnight of the DPR we have put it in a presentation.

Our proposal is to continue, we are happy with that.

I fully support what the team proposes,

I think we are ready to proceed to the patch. There's still a few things that we need to follow up.

So we just gave a go to head to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

obviously we did this sort of two to three week trial period

where we just wanted to confirm the basic principles of The Ocean Cleanup concept.

There continutes to be open questions that we will only be able to answer in the Garbage Patch,

but I do feel definitely more confident now than I did when we launched from San Francisco three weeks ago.

I think everything is ready to go to the patch.

Okay, thank you!

I think that's when you say "well done".

We just had a meeting where the team showed us all of the progress and results from the testing in the Pacific trials

they informed us that they were ready to proceed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

and we agreed so they're on their way

We're breaking up immediately our camp here,

opening the system

and moving as fast as possible to the gyre

with three knots average speed.

It's a long journey, the system will be subjected to a lot of forces, but we prepared for it.

Now we are basically putting from the U-shape to the straight shape again

attach it to the back of the Maersk Launcher and,

get the hell out of here.

The Description of Results of the Pacific Trials | Research | System 001 | The Ocean Cleanup