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(film reel clicking)



(water rushing)

- Alan.

Alan, don't hang up.

I've heard that.

I'm not calling to discuss it.

That's old news.

I want to start over, so...

Is that what you want?

You want me to beg for it?

I understand that our original deal was,

was like 20% now and the rest deferred,

but I'm gonna have to call it in.

I'm telling you I'm not going back on my word,

I'm just telling that what I gave you before

was a gift and I don't wanna talk about it on the phone.

Yeah, I can get together.

I have time, you know that.

That office space that I told you about?

Yeah, I think I'm gonna need it.

Probably first of the month.

Yeah, I know that's sooner than we said, but...

Just see what you can do.

I appreciate it.

(water rushing)

(footsteps thudding)


(water rushing)


(crickets chirping)




(water rushing)

Noah, I got to run to town for a couple of hours.

I'm putting you in charge of house,

vice-president of house.


(breathing heavily)



- [Woman] Oh my God, did you hear that new Tracy

got on the new stock guy?

He's like, 17.

She's like, 38.

- There's no more room.

We should take these home.

- Well, you know, could be my dinner.


A customer did it.

- Yeah, I don't see it anywhere.

I'm just gonna stuff it somewhere on the shelf.

La la la.

You really wanna be high class?

- [Daisy] Box wine?

- Box of wine.

- [Daisy] Let's mix it up.

- Oh man, nothing says class like a box of wine.


- [Daisy] I would do it.

- What else are we--

(talking over each other)


- [Woman] I can't wait to get over this cold.

- How long have you had it?

- Like a week.

- You sound terrible.

- Yeah, well, cigarettes help a lot.

So, what's been up with you?

- My dad called.

- Really?

Where's he calling from?

- Somewhere in California.

He's by San Francisco.

- So what'd he want?

- He lost his job and his girlfriend left.

- That sucks.

- All at the same time, yeah, whatever,

but apparently, the kid has nobody to take care of him now,

so he wanted me to, I guess, help out.

- So he called you to take care of his kid?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Like, all I would need to do is feed him

three meals a day and that's it.

He has a pool and there's a deck

where I could just go and like, read and smoke.

It's a guest house, which is--

- That's cool.

- Another deal.

- I thought you were going back to school next semester.

- I missed registration.

- Oh.


So, how long has it been since you've talked to the guy?

- Ten years.

- Oh my God.


What a fucking bastard.

- Okay, it'll give you some privacy, some distance,

you know, if you need it.

- [Daisy] Yeah, its, well, I mean--

- Space stuff.

- I'm here to help you out, too, I guess, so...

- [Wyatt] I'm not sure the last time those were cleaned.

If you need some liner, or--

- No, it looks...

It's fine.

It's fine.

Do you come in here a lot?

Not really?

- [Wyatt] There was a time when Noah was afraid

to come in here.

What do you think, Noah?

Is this gonna be okay?

Having someone stay with us for a while?

- [Daisy] Yeah, cool, okay.


Does he have a strict eating time or bedtime or...

- [Wyatt] It's usually about the same time, but,

he just knows himself, you know, and I trust that.

- At age five he knows himself?

- [Wyatt] Yeah.

- Okay.

Noah, do you want food?

- [Noah] Sure.

- [Daisy] Got it?

- I'll take a couple of grapes.

Those I can eat with my hand.

- [Daisy] Okay.

- [Noah] And what is this?

- [Daisy] Mango.



It's good, the mango.

- [Noah] Thought you were trying to give me--

- [Wyatt] Yes.

- [Daisy] You want one?

- [Wyatt] I would, I would love some, thank you.

Is that new for you, mango?

- [Daisy] Never had it before.

- Yep, Hawaii.

Some of the roads can be actually slippery.

Fruit falling and there's so much of it

and it falls on the road.

- I've never been to Hawaii, but--

- [Wyatt] Maybe we can all go one day.

- [Daisy] That'd be nice, that'd be nice.

Here ya go, help yourself.

- Oh.

- [Wyatt] Real plate, Noah.

Real plates makes noise.

- So are you looking for a job right now?

Or are you just taking a break, an indefinite...

- I haven't decided.

- You've had garlic before, right?

- [Noah] I hate it.

- You hate garlic?

- [Noah] Yeah.

- Oh, this only has like a tiny, tiny bit.

You can't even taste it.

- It tastes like poop.


- [Daisy] Eat that, eat it!

- [Noah] My mouth's full.

- [Daisy] Mmm.

- [Noah] Mmm.

- Mmm, good huh?

I have two, you have one.

I could just throw these two at you.

- [Noah] I could throw this at you.

- Well.

- [Noah] I spill the water on you.

- Well, I have a water bottle and the cup.


- [Noah] How 'bout two more bites of this, this big?

- Uh.

- [Noah] Please?

- [Daisy] That's not gonna work out.

- [Noah] Okay, this big.

- Okay, that big.

Two more bites of that big.

You can use your napkin.

- Nuh uh.

- No?

You don't believe in napkins?

In a circle.

You have to try and high five me right now.

Oh, that was easy enough.


Above the head.


You have to do this one, too.

Above the head.



Scissors, cut scissors, ready?


I don't drink strange concoctions, here you go.


You can take that.

- [Noah] I can push it.

- Ew, ew!


Uh oh.

Uh oh, uh oh, we got to put it down.

- [Noah] Okay.

- Now you have to clean it up.

Now you have to clean it up.

- [Noah] Nope.

- Yep.

Clean it up.


- [Both] One, two, three, four, I declare--

- [Noah] I quit.

- What?


- [Noah] No, arm wrestle.

- Arm wrestle?


No, you're so strong.

(water rushing)


Ah, it's not warm, it's cold.

And then you touch the bottom,

and then you come straight back up.




- I actually only went down halfway.



Can see you right there.

Right there.

- [Daisy] No you can't.

- Right there.

- [Daisy] Nope.

- I can see you.

You're right there.

Right there, now you're right there.

Right over there.

(crickets chirping)

Tell me if I'm hot or cold.

No, I have to hide (mumbling) and you try to find it.

Hide under the covers.

- [Daisy] Okay.

(crickets chirping)

- You're hot, you're on fire!

- [Daisy] Okay.

- Try opening this cupboard.

- Oh, what about this one right here?

- No.

- Oh, no?

- Only one of 'em.

- Only one, well, I choose that one.

- [Noah] The bottom?

- No.

- No, not this one.


Oh, great.


- [Daisy] I found it.

I would check in your flowers, maybe.

- Where?


- They're around.

They can be any kind of flowers.






Sit down, sit down.

Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah.

Sit down, okay?

(giggling) (thudding)

Noah, I'm serious this time, okay?

Do you wanna go to bed in your own bed?

(thudding) (groaning)

Noah, Noah.

Come, seriously.

Come in bed.



Noah, okay that was, I wasn't expecting that.

You don't do that when people are not expecting it.

- Okay, I'm gonna do it again.

- No, you're not.

No, you're not.



Come on, it's not that bad.

(thudding) (groaning)

You're bad.


Be quiet.

(yelling) (splashing)

What are you doing?


Noah, you do that one more time

I'm gonna put you on time out.

Okay, that's it.

Go to your room.



No, don't take another step.

- Okay.

- If you do, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna get up, I'm serious.

- Okay.

- Stop it, I just dried off.

Put that down right, stop it.

Put it down, now.

(mumbling) (giggling)

Put it down.


You're gonna break the doors.

I'm serious, stop it.

- [Noah] And you're gonna have to pay for it.

- No, I'm not.

(mumbling) (banging)

Stop it.

Stop! Stop!



- Can we do a like, less than ten,

more than ten kinda thing?

I'll tell ya what, let's do less than ten

with some kind of option to expand.

So, less base that has like, room,

you know, maybe in a year.

- Ten's a pretty big number.

I'm just trying to be realistic here.

Well, let's--

- [Wyatt] Not feeling unprepared.

- Well, that's okay.

Five people, you'd need a space at least 750 square feet--

- I mean, you're the professional.

That's why I brought you here today.

- [Noreen] But for me to do my job, I need--

- I was hoping that you know, that you'd kinda come

with all this done and then I could just sign off on it.

We could move on.

My intentions aren't to make you uncomfortable.

I sense that you're uncomfortable.

- Wyatt, this is business.

I'm trying to keep it on business.

If you can't keep it on business,

then I will find you another broker,

commission or no commission, okay?

- [Wyatt] No, no, absolutely, you're totally right.

- [Noreen] Alright, so.

- I called Daisy.

We got to talking.

Her situation, my situation, what I've got

up on the hill.

It took on this win-win quality.

She's here.

- [Noreen] You invited a person that--

- Not a person, not a person, my daughter.

- You know nothing about this girl.

For all you know, she's at home--

- That's true.

- [Noreen] Cleaning you out and gonna leave

Noah there alone.


- Okay, I know about the first ten years of her life

and I know,

this part I love, she's actually,

she's got this Bohemian quality.

- [Noreen] Lovely.

- Yeah.

- So, is she into drugs?

- It's like this whole soul...

In all honesty, she's kinda like 21 going on 12,

but, I think that's something that, you know,

maybe with some time, some mentoring,

somebody, I mean, I'll be honest, she's struggling

with Noah but I struggle with Noah, so...

- [Noreen] Wyatt, it's your problem.

- But I think, I think--

- I can't help you with that.

- I think if she had some help, you know,

somebody that can--

- Then hire a nanny.

- I've made a horrible situation even more horrible.

I know that doesn't surprise you, but...

- [Noreen] It's not my problem now, Wyatt.

- It's like my life's turned into this kaleidoscope.

You know, every day I get up somebody's turned it

a notch and it's a whole new picture.

I just want it to stop turning.

What you and I had worked.

- [Noreen] It's over.

- Let me talk.

Do you know Riesling?

- [Daisy] Yeah, I've had it before.


- [Wyatt] Cheers.

- [Daisy] Cheers.

- There's more, I just opened this bottle, so...

- Okay.

(crickets chirping)

You drove me to kindergarten.

I remember that.

- I remember that day.


Actually, it was day care.

It was the year before kindergarten and

your mother was taking you and it was so hard

for her to drop you off, so she said,

"You do it this time."

so, I said, "Okay, how hard could it be?"

So I took you and I dropped you off

and I walked you in and took you in the room

and I stayed for a minute or two

and then I left and as I was driving away,

I looked back and you were looking out the window

with this horribly sad face just doing

this really slow wave.

- [Daisy] I cried the whole day, Dad.

- And I understood why it was so hard

for your mom to take you then.

- [Daisy] Yeah.

- Yeah.

(crickets chirping)

You have your mother's eyes, you know.

- Yeah.

- [Wyatt] You haven't heard that before?

- No, I have.

My mom wasn't that much of a talker.

She's always there for me but...

Anyways, I think she was ready for me to leave.


- [Stylist] Do you want a glass of water?

Glass of wine? Tea?


- A water's fine.

- [Stylist] Okay.

Something a little different but not totally different.

- Yeah, not totally different.

Not too, 'cause I still wanna let it grow out

but I want it to grow out choppy.

- Okay.

So usually, we'll get you started with a scalp massage.

So are you new to the area?

- Yeah, I just moved into my dad's house.

- And the woman said, "Try on this ring, try on this ring."

so she tried it on and she goes, look, Dad,

I have your Jaguar on my finger.

It's like a $64,000 ring.

I looked him in the eye and I said, "You know this house

"is worth over two million dollars?"

and he was like, yeah it's two acres.

I was like two acres?

And he was like yeah.

So, I've actually been reading the papers.

Two acres in Los Gatos would probably go

for about eight million and they had to sell

the Ferrari and their son is in New York

going to a $50,000 a year college and they can barely

afford what they're doing.

(dryer whirring)

So are you pretty busy at the house

hanging out with Noah, or do you get time

to yourself or...

- I have time for myself, but it's,

it's constantly interrupted.

- It's like a full-time job.

- It is.

- I love these brushes.

They have a ceramic core in them,

so they heat like a curling iron.

Your total today is 80.

- [Daisy] Okay.

- [Stylist] I worked my way there, I guarantee it.

- [Daisy] No, no, it's much deserved.

Keep the change.

- [Stylist] Are you sure?

- [Daisy] Yeah, I'm positive.

It's my dad's money.

You deserve it more than he does.

(crickets chirping)

Why are you spying on me?

Give me those.

I wanna spy on you.

- [Noah] I think I wanna throw it at your head.

- [Daisy] You're gonna throw it at me?

- Yeah.

- [Daisy] Oh, okay. I'm gonna go eat breakfast then,

and you can stay here, you can have fun in the tree.

I don't care.


- Can you not do that?

- [Noah] Why?

- 'Cause it's bothering me.

- [Noah] Nope.


- You're gonna spill on yourself, look.

- Who cares?

Oh yeah, I don't care.

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me,

tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me.

- [Daisy] You know what?

I'm not listening, I'm not listening, I'm not listening,

I'm not listening, I'm not listening--

- Tell me!



- Give it to me.


No, no.

(thudding) (giggling)



Come here, give me that.

Give me that, give me that.


- [Noah] Daisy, Daisy, lookit.



I dropped it.

- Do you wanna take your clothes back to your room?

- [Noah] Nope.

(water rushing)

- Hi, love, Daisy?

- [Daisy] Yeah.

- Hi, I'm Noreen.

- [Daisy] Hi.

- [Noreen] You don't know where Noah is right now?

- No, he's out playing somewhere.

I don't know.

I don't know, he's a kid.

That's what kids do.

- [Noreen] I know, but...

- When I was a kid, I used to treasure those moments

when I could run off and go out into

the wilderness and explore, so...

- 'Cause we had, you know when I was here

we had our routine and it was great

and he seemed to be really benefiting from that.

- You don't need to worry about him.

He knows how to take care of himself.

I think it's the over-parenting that drives

children to a certain extreme.

- [Noreen] He's five.

- There's a line that needs to be drawn, I think.

I mean, I'm not saying that you're crossing it,

but I'm just saying that it's there.

I mean, I had no intention of being the mother

when I came here.

I had no idea what I was, I didn't know what to expect.

I've been taking care of my younger cousins

my whole life.

- [Noreen] Okay.

- This kid, there's something wrong with him.

- [Noreen] Well, if he has a structured day,

he functions much better.

- And I wasn't here to mess that up.

I'm just here to feed him meals.

- You know, hopefully I can help you out a little bit.

Maybe we can learn a little bit more about each other

during the process.

Oh my work,

and I work some funny hours sometimes

and I might be in a showing, so I'll just,

I'll get back to you as soon as I can after--

- What do you do?

- [Noreen] I'm a commercial real estate broker.


(breathing heavily)

- [Noah] He had two bearded dragons.

One he forgot to close the cage

and they crawled into the neighbor's yard

and they were hanging on like,

to the window.

That little cage they were in.

They crawled down through the mailbox

and they crawled to the other neighbor's yard

and he found them.

Oh look, it's two hummingbirds.

- Really?

- [Noah] They just flew away.

- Aw.

What about, do you like bugs?

- [Noah] Yeah.

- I think bugs are cool.

- [Noah] Me too.

- Do you have a favorite bug?

- [Noah] Yeah.

- What's that?

There's a slug on the pot, too.

- [Noah] Okay.

Oh, there he is.

- [Daisy] Well, they're Egyptian mice.

They're a little bit different.

They have red hair, red fur.

- [Noah] There's no such thing as them.

- [Daisy] Well there is in this story.

- No there isn't.

- [Daisy] Yeah, there is.

- There isn't.

- Yeah, there is and they have black dots

all around them.

(talking over each other)

Kind of like--

- [Noah] Is not.

- A ladybug, I would say, but in mice form.

So, they lived in Egypt.

- [Noah] They're unreal.

They aren't even real.


How 'bout a little game?

- Okay.

Let's play a little game.

- I know, whoever has the fighting speed of (mumbling).


- [Daisy] I'm gonna go read.

- Ah!

- [Daisy] Okay, see ya later.

- Right.

- These guys can move diagonally, yes, diagonally,

so if you're up here like that,

and I don't have that guy, I can move diagonally

here and then diagonally there.

Okay, the whole object of the game

is that you wanna capture my king, basically.

- How?

- What you do is you move up, and the king's right here.

Anyway you all-

- Why don't we ever go out?

Noreen always took me out.

- Well, I'm not Noreen.

What did Noreen do?

Did you guys go to the park or something?

'Cause we could go to the park if you want to go there.

But I don't know about today, though.

You don't wanna play chess?

Or read a book?

(water rushing)

- [Wyatt] I asked them just to close off

this section for us.

It bothers you.

- [Noreen] It's fine, Wyatt.

- [Wyatt] I didn't ask them to close the whole restaurant.

I just asked them to close the room.

Which they were happy to do.

- [Noreen] Somebody really needs to say no

to you every once in a while.

- [Wyatt] So, how's the commercial

real estate game going?

- [Noreen] It's alright.

I mean, it's a lot of work.

- [Wyatt] Yeah?

- [Noreen] Not like I remember it, but--

- [Wyatt] Yeah?

- [Noreen] I think I had more energy back then.

- [Wyatt] That's hard to believe.

So, are you chasing deals or are the deals chasing you?

- [Noreen] You know, I mean, a little bit of both.

I mean, it's not a super hot market, so,

I guess yeah, I'm chasing a couple deals.

- [Wyatt] And?

- [Noreen] And what?

- [Wyatt] So, do you date some of these guys?

- [Noreen] Well--

- [Wyatt] Yeah?

- [Noreen] I entertain my clients.

I mean, it's part of--

- [Wyatt] That's great.

- [Noreen] If you want repeat business,

you need to keep your clients happy, so...

- [Wyatt] Right, right.

- [Noreen] If they ask...

- [Wyatt] Actually, that doesn't sound like

commercial real estate.

That sounds more like the world's oldest profession.


- [Noreen] What about you?

- [Wyatt] Giving it up.

You're doubting me?


- [Noreen] I know you.

- [Wyatt] No, no, seriously.

I've given it up.

Because I'm convinced that no one could uh,

no one could replace you.


- [Daisy] You're...

- [Noah] What?

- [Daisy] You're pulling my shirt.


Just the hair.

Just the hair.

- [Noah] Okay.

Could you put it up here?

Like this.

So it does this, like covers your eyes.

- Oh.

I'm watching T.V., though, so I don't--

- Come on.

Why don't you push it up?

Get the other side.

Okay, that's straight.

- Thank you.

My hair's so soft now.



- I was in this store not too far from where,

it was like a month after I moved out.

I saw you in the store.

That I would just bump into you in a store...

and not know why you were there,

how you got there...

That's when I realized how much...

There's a part of me that would take it back if I could.

I'm so glad you're here now.

I'm sorry.

Didn't mean to go that far with it.

Not sure I wanted you to see all that.

Well, I have a big day tomorrow.

We could either do their offshore account

or we could do something locally,

whatever your comfort level is.

And I was also thinking about personal service corporation.

- [Woman] Okay.

- I don't know if you've ever thought about that,

but someone in your situation--

- [Woman] I haven't really.

- Yeah, it gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility.

You know, the Bahamas or where ever it takes,

three, four days.

I could work something up.

I could give you the information.

We've got some packets I can fax to your office,

and then give you a few days to look.

I wonder if maybe, maybe I could get you

to sign a letter of intent today,

just to you know, let me know that we're--

- [Woman] Ummm.

I don't know that I want to sign anything today.

But I could, I'll definitely take a look at it.

- Okay.

- [Woman] But I--

- Well, I don't wanna push, I just...

- [Woman] One of my policies is I always take

24 hours to think over anything before I sign,

but I just wanna make sure--

- Absolutely.

I totally understand, I totally understand

and maybe it's something I'll just send to you.

I don't wanna step in too fast.

- [Woman] Okay, no, I'd be happy to take it home with me.

- It's all about comfort level.

- [Woman] And take a look.

- Good.


- [Woman] Thanks.

- I mean, it's the business thing

that's making you uncomfortable.

There isn't anything here?

- [Woman] Oh no, no, no.

- Yeah.

- [Woman] No.

- Can I ask what it was that brought you to me?

I mean what was it about...

- [Woman] Um, well, the stuff you had in your ad,

and then our phone conversation.

You seem very personable and--

- Good.

- [Woman] And we definitely, you know--

- Good.

- [Woman] You're (mumbling) dumb things down for me.

I appreciate that but you're still explaining

it the way I can understand.

- Yeah.

That's terrific.

That's what it's all about.

I want, you deal with my company, you deal with me

and that seems to be something that I've learned

is kind of a niche, where it's not where I'm gonna

set this up and then hand you off to somebody.

When you call, you'll talk to me directly

and I like to think that that's--

- Stop going through that stuff.

That's Wyatt's stuff.

- [Daisy] Call him Dad.

He's your Dad.

You should call him that out of respect.

- I never.

(engine chugging)


(conductor mumbling)

(Noah thudding)

- [Aleksey] Are you still in school?

- [Daisy] No.

- I teach a little in the evening.

- [Daisy] Do you?

- Just, teach Russian to Americans who want

to learn a foreign language.

- [Daisy] Really?

The food here is disgusting.

- By the time I finish a sentence,

you'll break your tongue.


Keep it simple.

Hello, goodbye.

- Okay, hello.

(speaking foreign language)


- [Aleksey] That's more of a--

(speaking foreign language)

That's if you were like, meeting somebody you just met

who is older--

- [Daisy] It's more formal?

- Formal, yeah.

- So, don't do that to me.

(chuckling) (speaking foreign language)

Lucy Locket lost her pocket.


That's a tongue-breaker.

- Yeah.

- Kenneth Fisher founded nothing.

Nothing in it, nothing in it, but a binding what?

I don't even know your name.


I'm sorry, it's just kinda silly.

- I'm sorry, Daisy.

- [Aleksey] Alexsey.


- Alexsey?

- [Alexsey] Yeah.

- Alexsey?

- [Alexsey] Alexsey.

- Alexsey.


- [Alexsey] Alexsey.

Say it fast.

- Alexsey.

- [Alexsey] There, perfect.

- Alexsey.

Okay, I'll just say it really fast.

- Not that fast.

(mumbling) (chuckling)

Thought iris was one single flower.

- [Daisy] Nuh uh.

- Smells like iris.

- Mmm hmmm, ooh.

- You see I can pronounce this one.

- [Both] Egyptology.

- Egypt, no Egypt, no.

- Egypt?

- Egyptology, no?

- Egypt.


- Is that what I said?

- You said Egyptology.

- What do you call it?

- Wizardology.


(speaking foreign language)

Oh, gosh.

- [Alexsey] Come on, you can do it.

- No.

(speaking foreign langauge)

- [Alexsey] Yeah, our rite of passage

was serving in army for two years.

- Oh.

And you had to do that?

- [Alexsey] Everybody, well, before the fall

of the Soviet Union, yeah, it was a required thing to do.

- How's that?

I mean, I don't--

- [Alexsey] Not pleasant.

It's like you said about architecture.

We walk around, through it, around it.

We don't notice it's so big and poetry is so small,

people just don't see it, or dismiss it.

It's like you can walk by and see

all these poetry books and the same time

not notice what they are.

- Right.

- [Alexsey] Unless you just stop and look.

(speaking foreign language)

Eh, come on.

- The American Years.

- It's an American writer, Russian name.

Just put it back.


(speaking foreign language)

To love another is a heavy burden,

but you're lovely with perfection

and knowing the secret of your charm.

It's the same as knowing the mystery of life.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get that personal, it's just--

- No.

- [Alexsey] It just happened to be something I picked.

- It's beautiful.


It's beautiful.

- [Alexsey] Yes.

- Stop it.


You're gonna push me, ah!

- [Noah] Yes.

- Cool, let's go down.

Okay, this'll be a goal.

One goal.

- [Noah] Not here.

- Not here?

Where do you want it to be?

Right over here?

- [Noah] Why is my goal smaller?

There's a leaf there.

Right there.

- [Daisy] Right here?


Alright, okay, okay.

- [Noah] Let's start from zero to zero.

- [Daisy] Zero to zero? Okay.

- I think it's a great building for you.

Fabulous location, close to public transportation,

there's a guard in the lobby and

you can have key card access after hours

and on the weekends.

This is the second suite.

Little bit larger and as you can see, two offices.

This one is window lined on Montgomery Street.

- [Wyatt] Utilities seem to be a little light.

- And lucky number three.

This is the biggest of all three.

It's, all told, 744 square feet.

Private office, reception area,

another private office or office and conference room

or you could fit several people in here.

I think they actually have three.

- He has noticed.

- [Noreen] That you're not around?

- Yeah, no, that you're not around.

- Well, I'm sure he has.

You just, you throw up diversions

so that he doesn't realize that you're not there

and I go away and you get somebody else

to come in and take--

(talking over each other)

- That's what this is really about is diversions.

That's what you wanna talk about are my diversions.

- No, it's not.

It's about the fact that you need to spend time

with your son.

- [Wyatt] I am spending time with him.

- Really?

- Yeah.

I spend a lot of time with him.

Daisy spends a lot of time with him.

I mean, there's only 24 hours in the day.

You think he wants to be alone a little bit, too, right?

I give him his space.

- [Noreen] You just throw debris at him

and hope he doesn't notice that you're not around.

- Debris?


Did you say debris?

- [Noreen] I walk out and you just find somebody else--

- Jesus, debris.

(talking over each other)

- God, you get away with everything.

- [Wyatt] I am there.

I'm there.

If he wants something, I'm there.

- [Noreen] You're there?

You come home late.

You read The Economist and you go to bed.

- [Wyatt] I admit, there are a lot of things

I don't understand.

- [Noreen] And all I am concerned--

- [Wyatt] But watching a sitcom with my son is

not gonna make be a better father.

- [Noreen] Do you want to have me on the margins

of my life just as a sometimes annoyance

or do you really want to try to work things out?

And go forward.

- [Wyatt] She has me in her life.

She's 21 and she has me.

When I was 21, I didn't have a me in my life.

We connect.

I know you don't believe that, but we connect.

We talk, I could even tell you what we talk about.

But there's a connection.

She knows it and I know it and it's there.


- [Daisy] Go, silverware, some place settings.

- I'm sorry, you said you met in town?

- Yes, traveling, the train station basically.

- You met on the train station?

- Yeah, just started talking, just reading books.

- That a good place to meet, train station?

- It just happened.

It wasn't planned.

- Okay, so here you go.

- [Noah] I wanna have a sip.

- Just a sip.

- [Noah] Okay.

- Just a sip.

This is um, some orange salad and this was

spicy fiesta salad, I just, and it's not a lot.

Oh, Noah, stop it.


- He'll sleep well today.


- Um, so...

- I'd toast but I'm all toasted out.

- No, don't, shake it around the table.

No, stop, stop, stop.

I'm serious, you're gonna get it, the table--

- [Alexsey] Immigrated.

- [Wyatt] You immigrated.

- [Alexsey] Actually illegal.

- Legal.

- [Alexsey] Legal.

- He's been here a while.

- [Wyatt] He's been here a while.

- [Noah] Wyatt.

- Intriguing.

- [Noah] Not calling dad, Wyatt.

- [Alexsey] Been to Russia, ever?

- No.

- [Daisy] Oh, Dad.

- [Noah] Wyatt.

- Almost.

- Call him Dad, it's polite.

- [Noah] Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.

- [Wyatt] Got some last minute (mumbling).

- [Noah] Wyatt, Wyatt.

- [Alexsey] I mean, your body or...

- [Noah] Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.

Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.

- I'm gonna throw that at you.

- [Noah] Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.

- He's always like this.


[Noah] Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt.

Guess now I'm leaving this table.

- [Alexsey] It's getting late here, so maybe,

maybe we'll all unwind here and go to sleep some.

- [Daisy] Right.


- It is late.

(Noah laughing)

- [Daisy] Get out.

Go downstairs.

(Noah laughing)


- [Aleksey] So, did you do this yourself, or...

- [Daisy] Oh, yes.


No, no, no.


Stop it.

- [Noah] Okay.

- Noah.

No, Noah stop, I'm serious.

No, stop it.

I'm taking that away.


- [Aleksey] Excitement.

- Are you gonna say something?

Or are you just gonna let your--



- [Noah] Wyatt.

- You got my shirt.


No, stop it.

- Noah.

Okay now.

- Hey.

I picked up some flowers this morning.

They looked pretty good this morning

but they were in my car all day.

I think there's a few more miles on 'em.

They're actually daisies.

Gerbera daisies.

- [Daisy] I mean, why don't you just go about

asking me to take him to school?

- [Wyatt] I guess asking is hard for me.

I'm used to telling and I'm not comfortable--

- Just say what you want.

- I mean.

I mean, you have to admit.

This is a pretty cool deal.

- But how long did I have to wait to get a cool deal?

- That wasn't all up to me.

- No, you didn't even try.

You don't try, Dad.

- Well, it may not appear that I try.

- You don't try with the women that you're with.

You don't try with Noah.

Do you do anything with him?


- Noah and I are kind of on different planes.

- [Daisy] He's five!

Of course you're gonna be on different plane!

- You know people orbit, right?

I have an orbit, you have an orbit.

Noah has an orbit and you know?

Sometimes those orbits intersect and sometimes they don't.

- That's bullshit.

And you know it.


(airplane engines revving)

(airport announcer mumbling)

(man mumbling)

- I thought I'd come back here and um,

let you know that I'm gonna be moving back in,

so I just wanted to let you know personally,

so you didn't just see me move stuff in

and you're free to stay as long as you want.

- Am I gonna be needed here or?

If I'm not needed, if I'm gonna be in the way then,

I can just--

- [Noreen] Oh, no, no, no, no.

You won't be in the way, not at all.

I mean, obviously, you won't have as much

responsibility with Noah, but you know,

that's a good thing, right?

- I guess congratulations.

I don't know how you would, what you normally say to--

- [Noreen] No, I know.

I know what you mean.

It's different, but we're gonna work on it, so...

You okay?

- Yeah.

I'm happy for you both.

- [Noreen] Good, I'm glad.

I didn't mean to interrupt you.

- [Daisy] No, it's okay.

- [Noreen] I just wanted to let you know.

- [Daisy] Thanks.

- And I'm probably gonna stay here tonight

but be bringing some stuff throughout the week, so...

- [Daisy] Okay.

- Okay?

So, just holler if you need me.

Be in the house, okay?


See ya.

- Alright.

- [Noreen] I'll shut these for you.

- [Daisy] Noah really likes soccer.

- [Noah] I like (mumbling) soccer.

Oh, backwards.

- He's getting better, every day.

- [Noah] Go straight.

- He seems to really enjoy it, which is,

so pick up that phone.

It's, I don't know, I think maybe we should consider

putting him on a team.

- [Noreen] Other way, other way, other way.

- It'll--

so I think...

- [Noreen] Look at all those bones you just got.

You're almost there.


Oh, did you want some coffee?

- Um, is it already made?

- Yeah, here.

- [Daisy] Sure.

- [Noreen] We need a new pot.

This one drips all of the time.

Here you go, sweetie.

- Thank you.

- Mmm hmm.

Oh, and there's some bacon left, too.

Do you like canteloupe?

- [Daisy] Aye, it's already cut, sure.

- It is.


- So is this um, is this a typical morning?

Do you normally make extravagant breakfasts?

- [Noreen] I never do call an omelet extravagant,

but I mean, yeah, I love, I love cooking.

It's fun, and it's nice to have

somebody to cook for, you know?

I mean, oh I was staying with my friend Polly

for a little while and then I started looking

for my own place and then Wyatt and I

started talking again and it was,

there was no need to sign a big, long lease somewhere, so...

Nice and warm.

- You really didn't have to do that.

I feel bad.

- [Noreen] Oh, no, don't.

It's so much fun.

- It's a lot.

- [Noreen] So, there we go.

There you go.

(water rushing)

(train engine chugging)

- [Daisy] You know, she's done really well for herself,

considering, you know, everything.

She hasn't asked for child support.

She never did.

She could fend for herself, which was, you know,

to me, that's an excellent role model to have.

- [Noreen] She's sounds like she's a strong woman.

- She is, yeah she is.

- [Noreen] Yeah, that's good.

- [Polly] Oh no.

You gonna get 'em all?

Did you spill all your crackers?

- [Noah] I got lots of bitsy crumbs.

(plane engine roaring)

That's a airplane.

- [Polly] Mmm hmm.

- [Noeen] Polly, this is Daisy.

- Oh, sorry.

Nice to meet you.

- [Polly] You, too.

- [Daisy] And who's this?

- [Polly] This is Bob.

- [Daisy] Bob? Hi Bob.

[Polly] Hello.

- [Noreen] So, you were saying solar water heater?

I'm sorry.

- Yeah, we're building a (mumbling) house.

- [Noreen] Oh, wonderful.

- My husband is building it actually.

- Do you have four car lots?

- [Polly] Four car lots?

- This one here?

- [Polly] Well, it's only one car.

- What kind of car is it?

- [Polly] It's a Volkswagen.

- Oh.

- [Polly] It's a diesel, which my husband

has converted to run on vegetable oil.

- Oh, wow.

- [Polly] It's great and--

(talking over each other)

- [Noah] She's putting the keys like this

in front of my face.

- [Polly] Is he?

- Yeah.

- [Polly] Is it hypnotizing you?

- No, he's just putting it like this.


- Alright, just put a little bit in.

- [Noah] Tell me when to stop.

- Stop!

- Ooh.

At least, I think that will help.

- It'll be extra lemony.

- It will.

- I think it'll help.

- I think it will.

Oh, look at that.

(blender whirring)

- Did it help?

- [Noreen] It did help.

We can put some more tahini in there, too.

- What's tahini?


- [Daisy] That stuff.

A little more in.


That's all you want in there?


- I think a little bit more.

- Turn it on.

- I think I want it--

- Let it go.

(blender whirring)

- Daisy won't let me put some more.

- No, he's put in way too much.

(talking over each other)

Stop it.

- I wanna put some more salt in.

- [Noreen] But it doesn't need more salt.

- Ew!

- That is thick, isn't it?

- It's good, no, it's good.


(crickets chirping)

(melancholy music)


That was beautiful.


("Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")




(talking over each other)

- [Aleksey] Oh, no, she is done.


(gibberish on piano)

- [Daisy] Yay.


- [Aleksey] Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.



- They're so well behaved.

- [Aleksey] For you.

- Oh, thank you.

Hey, Noah.

Noah, it's time to go.

- [Noah] No.

- [Daisy] Noah, we have to go now.

We have to get going.

Have to make dinner.

You ready?

- [Noah] No.

Try to pick me up.

- Okay I will.


Let's go.

- [Noah] Can't.

- Let's go, come on.

Okay, it's time to go, sorry.


Okay, let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.



- [Aleksey] You like waiting here?

You wanna come back here?

If you're gonna be behaving, you can come back here, okay?

- Ah!

- Listen to your sister and then you can come back here.

You guys can play more with--

- (singsong) She's not my sister.

(water rushing)


- [Woman] This way, this way, keep going Roman.


(whistle blowing)

- [Coach] You guys don't move your feet, okay?

You stand behind the line.

Whoever kicks the ball, when the ball goes out,

where ever it's supposed to go, pick it up

and throw it in, okay?

- You just kind of let me know where you need

to be in terms of a style and a shape

and I think that we can probably

put something together reasonably quick.

- You know what I'm looking for?

Something that'll work.


- [Jeweler] That'll guarantee your work.

- Okay.

Right, box it up.

- [Jeweler] Outstanding.

She'll be extremely happy.

- [Wyatt] Terrific.

- [Jeweler] Good.

I'll take care of it.

- I'll get back to you.

- [Jeweler] Thank you very much.

- Thanks, bub.

See you next time.

- [Jeweler] Thank you.

- I only want you to talk about my Game Boy

and like, anything else.

- Okay, anything else, okay.

- My Game Boy and anything else.

(talking over each other)

(mumbling) off a cliff.

- [Noreen] Well, that's not very nice.

But don't you like your dinosaur?

- No!

- [Noreen] Don't you want him?

- Why'd you do that?

- I like my dinosaur, it's only right now I don't need him.

- [Noreen] Try not to spend every night

alone in your room reading a book, writing in your diary

and go out and--

- Watch this, I'm gonna climb Jack and the beanstalk.

- [Noreen] Okay, climb up.

- Oh!


Watch this.


(crickets chirping)



- Pick that up.


I'm gonna leave California.

No, Noah, okay that's it.


Grab your stuff.

- [Noah] No.

- [Daisy] Yeah, come on.


You're not throwing things.

- Wait, backwards.

Uh oh, you're stuck.

Backwards, backwards, backwards.

Oh, wrong way.


I don't know.

Get one and see what it does.



- It's a nine.


- [Man] In fact, most of the girls are playing right now.

Two of them are playing on that orange team over there.

- [Daisy] You know can move it two, two.

The first move you can move it two.

Do you remember?

No, you can't do that, remember?

You have to do it right.

You have to come up two.

- [Noreen] Noah.

Come on.


- [Daisy] Oh.

- [Noreen] Let's go.

- [Daisy] Diagonal.

- [Noreen] You can play--

- [Daisy and Noah] Oh!

- [Daisy] You remember?

- [Noah] Put that guy here.

- What guy?

- [Noreen] Noah.


- Oh, you were trying to trick me, weren't you?

- [Noreen] Daisy.

- I'm not falling for it.

- Come on.

You can finish up (mumbling).

Let's go.

(water rushing)

- [Woman] They're doing a family picture.

We need to stay here until they're done.


(baby crying)


- [Man] Great idea, great idea.

(all talking over each other)


- I said no.

You're gonna hit somebody with it and then--

- [Noah] The tree is way down the road.

- [Noreen] I said no.


- To adopt to theirs.


The Gregorian Calendar is by Pope Gregory

and then the U.S. adjusted.

- You know, if I were in school today,

I would major in Computer Science--

- [Noreen] Absolutely.

- And I would rent a garage--


- [Noreen] 'Cause that's how they all seem to start.

- Rent a garage somewhere.



It's always that garage.

- [Woman] Yeah, that's true.




- [Noah] Watch this, Gabby.




(talking over each other)

- [Man] I thought you were gonna tell me

it's been poisoned or uh--

- [Woman] No.


- [Polly] Is that a bird?


It's a tree.


So, he's been working on his house, too.

Strawmill house, I don't know if (mumbling)

told you about that.

- [Wyatt] No, I don't know about the Straw house.

- [Polly] Yeah, we're building it out of rice straw.

(talking over each other)

- Hi Polly.

- [Polly] You remember Bob?

- Yeah, Bob, hi.

- [Wyatt] So, what's up?

Is it time?

- [Daisy] Yes.

- [Wyatt] You're heading out?

- My ride's here.


I scheduled it this way so it's not a big deal.

'Cause it's not.

Don't want it make it--

- That's probably a matter of opinion.

Um, something for you.

California leaf.

Got both the seasons in it.

But I do have a gift for you.

A real gift,

and I think you're ready for it,

at least I hope so.

Forgive me?


And walk you to the front door?

- It's okay, I know where it is.

- [Wyatt] Yeah?

- It's alright.

- [Wyatt] You do know where it is,

and it swings both ways.

- I shouldn't keep him waiting.

I thank you.

- [Wyatt] Oh, you're welcome.

Take care of yourself.


- Okay.



I'm leaving, no, I'm leaving.

Noah, I'm leaving.

- [Noah] I don't care.


The Description of Around the Bay