Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Peppa Pig Double YTP

Difficulty: 0

(Cockerel crows)

My birthday party

It is peppa's birthday

It is very early in the morning.

(Snort X2)

George wake up, it's my birthday!

(Yawn X7 )

I'm going to have a party!

And daddy is doing nothing!

Quick George! Lets wake mummy and daddy up.

Mummy pig and daddy pig are still awake

Wake up! It's my birthday!

Wake up!

(Funny music)

(Strange muffled sounds)

(Censor beep)

It's very late!

It's five o'clock in the MOOOORNING


(Funny music continues)

(Censor beep)


Is it? A dolls dress!

I can put it on teddy!

Thank you everyone!

You're welcome Peppa! (Snort) I didn't know teddy was a (Mans voice-over) BRAT!

Of course teddy is a (Mans voice-over) BRAT!

(high pitched) I love my new dress! Thank you everyone!

Daddy is doing a magic show.

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