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hey everybody welcome to Fountain Place the kiryas expedition now for 10

full steam ahead version with a one-shot and cures expedition

and eat feedback I got from you guys yes it is even more the game itself so I

figured you know what let's make this over the miniseries for now

who played a bit longer and see what you guys think over time here to see more


little mini series type standpoint I will continue going forward if not its

cool we will wrap it up

but at least for now we go 4 steam ahead

okay and you see what I did never mind was going to game already failed

Heene you know what was actually or Joes are we will switch it up

sorry nikola Tesla no offense but we'll go Charles Darwin over here

and let's erase a less let's go back to under Sec his voice here

now welcome back to the Explorers Club boyfriend

have you heard it we are building a statue to all your the expeditions in

like most famous members

where these did you have a good chance a senior lateness and that statue

I think it goes from like deals ekie still a weird it

%uh Romanian type A vaccine for some reason not sure why that happens but it

apparently it does

however I am afraid to tell you that you are not the only candidate

you see it happens towards the end right you in your rival sensitive additions to

prove who is the most famous explorer with Dean R

club so the same random ruling against Isabella bird elsa Crowley

what else our name no hand pump and

panel final okay stop Marcus Garvey

in Richard Francis Burton statue man already now go explore the invention add


good are ash it's a good I'm not doing but not dependent noise anymore

this is my voice now it. so we have elsa girly over here hangin on South America

and Africa we have a

I'm after getting a Maria largesse and Marcus Garvey a fun ride

and a mustache oh man somewhere over here by Australie when these islands are


and we have a haha my Tia physics kicking

its it

is it somewhere in China as Soviet Union Russia I'm calling it still be viewed in

this guy I'm still stuck in the fucking past year

cheeses Soviet Union Wow anyway let's start the expedition

pretty good God Almighty

I'm sorry guys I'm stuck in a passel can I say I am I still live in the eighties


either way eagerly awaiting her eagerly anticipating the upcoming adventure I

boarded the ship the captain to get to arrive so I said and appear

in wage someone approaching would request need to have a message delivered

to the chief

a village located region we were headed to you was going to accept it i hope

you're giving me some chords as well my friend

he has a letter which I promise to deliver just in time for ship was ready

to leave the harbor

that was really unfortunate because we're not getting an extra set of hands

for this mission unfortunately it was somebody hits like here

here's a letter take you to the chief what I'm not sure what's in that letter

to what it's like a bad thing

what he's over there like no insulting she's mom are something I will be your

hand in that letter to 'em

has to be my head on up stick man literally and figuratively

the whatever I accepted it sets sail I hope he gave me some corn it's too

that I'm a little worried about your just come here just throwing a dart

already maybe we should attend to deliver the letter first thankfully the

man had pinpointed the location at the village in our map yeah he did

have higher 'it's a continue here is the village excellent

Silom we have a was a bitter party members here really quickly so Charles


got butterfly enthusiastic he's got that letter to deliver we have

a new Palm sorabji Zaza sorabji you

%uh okay I'm not a leisure is a Persian translator is actually pretty good

this caller will improve communication with indigenous tribes allow

allows one to rest in the villages increases any gain all

address in the villages with this guy yes that's really good

so member legal test it was 140 in the one shot on because yet the increase any


with Charles R we don't have that ability more parade want and so its not

dat big drop


I'm not entirely sure what the red one is let's see here superstitious suffers

from irrational fear what is unknown or mysterious

so we could probably be an issue like if we're out removing

things from shrines maybe he might think I've curses and whatnot

let's see here now the dice rolling this is something

I'm going to previous really going to miss scene I'm not comfortable with the

combat whatsoever I still don't really quite understand it

I'm gonna try to do my best if anything this plea from battles but

I've had like probably three rules off-camera

in battles and I still can really understand it and by rules a min Lee

actual attempts at rules because you're literally rolling dice

not pun intended on that one but um I got a few attacks in but for the most

part I really couldn't do much I just got wrecked so

when you try to avoid comment for the most part there is gonna be a guide

in the Steam forums really soon the developer says explaining to be better

because there is not due to reopen the game still

for combat and he also talked about the next versions gonna probably be a little

more fleshed-out

and this version right now has a little bit of an issue when it comes to comment

were doesn't necessarily tell you

when you could attack or not so I it's a it's a known bug

for the offer 10 version but it's something that they're planning to work

on film exxon

version easels and a drop a guide in ASEAN foreign city has picked his game

up BS honors and a comment to you

check out the scene forms whenevers video goes up in it'll probably more

likely be there already

on RT and we also have sweetie mcallister as much as a

as much a tough whereas its fine gentlemen already

and again these rate here are going to be for combat-related if I'm right

d eyes are for aimed attacks

I'm not entirely sure what the brain when might be and Charles Darwin has a


in one's and that this it probably be for blocking if I'm right much about the

hand missed again

if you hover over this new information on it I can really let you know

come to a conclusion about it and love you just kinda guessed million spitball


Rd you are a a whiskey expert increases the insanity when drinking whiskey is I

could be pretty useful to get some whiskey earlier

alrighty so let's get on with our role here really good as bill is really

quickly and see what's happening over here

and to the village slivers letter

we entered a maven native village about your your tribe a precious looking stone


was place in the village centre the natives observers would caution they

were polite enough earnest

offer to help our cause thanks to a new Palm sorabji

and his ability to translate we would be able to rest in the village X another we

need to right now we're still at 1010 110 so

we're probably not gonna rest right now even though it probably better Canavan

relieve the stress but am thinking at the same time

on resting here might actually wear out some other points with the indigenous

people so we might just want to use it when we actually really do need it right

so on the start of a beer but eleven-letter for one

me brought a letter to the village chief to reward is he told us about the best

sites to see the city including a holy shrine which he marked on a map

our time at the natives was a delayed the remain friendly in office more help

perfect and we had a pretty good up outing with them so as you can see here

from 10 mean up to 12 so now we have a lot of the more extra points to miss

randa here

so I'm not unreasonable just yet let's see if anybody wants to be recruited to

the cause severe

we sat down and spoke with the natives to see if anyone was interested to seek

fame and glory

and we have apparently an animal handler year animal handler joined our track

our extended presence was perceived well by the natives they remain kind of it is

more help

so we lost two points but we're still you know I'm pretty decent standing with


an elderly woman lay down some plans by the idle Nadal's are right there like

him says Ian you know you could probably take that if you want to burden the

could be a bad thing but again this game is all about risk and reward

do you want to take the risk to get a bitter words is gonna be up to you we're

going probably taking risky on occasion do don't don't you

worry one bit about a plate safer here not

sometimes it will not every time I so vigorous in a village be decent ratings

isn't raining here really quickly see what's available to us number if he gets

into the splits over he has to be more fame

or possible fines depending on which we were gonna roll with it here still

we don't have haggling the same around unfortunately diesel some role we could

definitely use some rope as well for a track severe

so let's consider grameen like wine into for now

we don't really have too much to barter with but we just machetes ears mission

is make excellent tools for cutting all manner of things they are particularly

helpful for traversing jungles %uh

so in jungles at the machete could actually use them to you Gold Room it



okay I'll let me toss on these guys in here again the trade value forties and

early too I

if you wanna get high tree values have something like a really interesting for

them like you know

marbles a here actually pretty good trade items is because they're kinda

really weird an intricate for the I'm

tribespeople rear I'm so let me see about grabbing the swine flu dots a lot

right there anything we were to make now on

I'll give you a torch nah not really your style a

increases chance a funny but a place for 10 which is pretty good because I'm Way


darwin's on skill if you could find more butterflies probably better for sanity


we'll see about dropping lighten up three machetes not crazy about throwing

all these away but I would like to get a horn flute already

and it'll be for sanity as well now so is our chocolatiers I'm not really sure

what she would have better when Chuck Lindell be kinda by dr. aid

what if I took this from you Nokia interested in and what led to this

were kinda close to one bird not really willing to spend game are you

am at two ropes enough Sloot for three machetes

whatever taiwanese away all okay so you two to one in one

I'm gonna allow it I'm gonna loud

I so we had a treat in and we actually got a bit of extra points to

which is good so you know what I'm thinking we do now if we

rest in a village in this piece any more days members more days it's been in the

continent the less pain you get so for now I'm actually is gonna leave

back to the tricky part is a new adventure with a so

I'm not gonna see really amused edges yeah we have the shine over here that

the village chief did mark for us which is pretty good

a soccer team will be here now we have a TC day

I so wish unmatched understanding of animals this person is a fine choice if

you wanna gain the most %uh var

your pack animals increase capacity of all pack animals x1 so now our don t

should be able to carry a bit more

because up to see day over here now the only problem with the CDA is as you can

see over here he is

homesick meaning once we assuming we finish his mission

and we get back home he's not gonna leave with us so you can go back home

after we're done so keep that in mind

I could promote him as well we got enough region points but it's gonna be

staying here what's the point now

ID soul we know our journey over year

am with his machete through here okay

still we have another point of interest over here as well as the 14 send any

point cynicism we still can get to that one

meeting down over here that seems interesting not really there is a

mountain face culture over here

that you're gonna go towards that one source come over here to the grasslands

really quickly

just because I wanna see what's over here more likely from here we can

actually hit the submission this

try time anyway now right now my comp is showing that the golden shrines should

be somewhere to the south

East roughly now there's a trick to the golden come by the

Golden Compass the sky the compass that I will actually show off once disarm

this certain landmark in the game that actually does is of a bit too but I'll

talk about the ones we see it

I'm keep it live in suspense here souls approaches reader

is a possible trader here wondering treasonous set up camp your

the colorfully dressed reader had a lot of valuable goods and on offer

most to them seem to be remains a other field expeditions are a little scope for

training here

he has the foreperson is a selection is where's he would not help

the think that he was hiding or we cannot help but think he was hiding

something promise

already so he's got some drums again beam all

whole life and you are galluci my fucking eyes out over here and the


not sure what this is for but it really is needed to drop pictures

I'm still not sure what the idea that would be behind but I guess we'll find


I want to get some chocolate of them just for sanity purposes

member with a trade one away

I M knack yes I will in a speed game you know what we should just barely bypass a


I would like to have the lease items for sure but I don't think we really have to

trade value

market to make it happen look at as I mean for one shovel app to give them

like Fox fiber

hearts it's way too much it feel

but a torch

we do want Orjan one the sport that

torches are kinda really important especially for dark places in a rental

in dark places to do what now

I will you know swallow my pride and drop the five michelle is just for one

shell so we have a little bit assortment different items we could use for

different events member

all these items will have specific user sometimes it's better to have like a big

variety of them

just so that your kind of suited for mostly I'm encounters here

so let's go ahead and deal not too crazy about it but as we have a shuttle now

the emergency now expect to see is again as customers or the next bill its

mission to free up there for early perks a professor possessions okay

already sell 11

2087 send any points yeah

shyness somewhere to these for the most part now we can make it over here with

three machetes apparently

well higher really rather not use old machetes up my friend

either ways and causes all three of them just to get there

I we got their hearing use a rope though

we have to learn %uh that's the problem with machetes mandrel gone

what this is doing is that it's making me used machetes which is in a make me

go to the jungle a lot easier

and use a bless Obama Sandy Point in the process the only problem is that a No

sometimes you really want to use your items is dead buttino

whenever let's go use a paltry machetes already

is unfortunate cables 1 2&3 our ideals exam to shine your dismayed here


something is here well we also have a possible danger appear to be should be

really careful about that because again turn away combat exam shrine

a large building loomed in front of us all manner of plant life were towards

the Sun

waist-high stairs lead us to a door with a kid accommodated Nelson

the structure should some big cracks but it seems safe to exports ok if this

sounds safe

maybe she relax a bit maybe you should relax a bit so we maybe should mind your

business red

sent to the shine we carefully entered a well-preserved ceremonial chamber

it was truly in awe inspiring side in alter flooded by laid

throw into center we can investigate the altar obviously

now is on to refining Tom page water drain and

the golden vase pure gold this would be really amazing to take now here's a

chance is it happen to grab this items in evidence are withering away

or crumbling under my speed we not sure where the I'm

golden shiners yet either so that worries me a little bit

this could be bad but you know what who dares lives right was grab these items

let some clothes

I would not leave empty-handed we secured treasure the moment we obtain a

treasure the IRD begin to shake wildly

are no we heard outside the shrine was followed by the IRD okay this is the one

that was on my last time yep

everything to be basically been destroyed under our feet now we need to

find his golden shine as soon as possible

you still pointing me down almost tourists out the sna well we're gonna

have to go through that one

now the problem is here we get stuck anywhere

work and a bond this seems to be a lotta rock %uh nouns over year to maybe I

should've kinda Vince boys area before we decided to take that

okay so to come over here I am

the IRD is an actually slowing itself under need me I'm surprised

by tonight complaining okay the one that I was thinking was gonna happen was

literally every two years mister script a crumbling away

and basically making a whole way to the center the aired

but I didn't really happen solo I will take it as a good sign

we have a LB to position over here were you pointing me to now go arria

sucking compass still down this way up okay obviously a to a hill we can see


because I be elevated however we can cross is big body a water years so we're

gonna have to come down this way

we serve some chopped liver Sennheiser is going down a bit to what is a severe

healing springs I've never been done an hour in this could be our golden shiner


so we might as be able to make it after a yeah

okay I'm thinking we just go there right now alrighty Goldis I we found another

marty's we found quite a few i want to sale it was like the Ford one hour

31 and I'm we have 20 percentage points left

do you wanna risk it now I say we just exploit cereals get at a year

we had a pretty good first run track over here at the golden vase I have D

homepage water drain as well so I'm feeling pretty good

the modest golden pyramid rules above its environment overcoming all the

obstacles we had yet survived

ascend to the pyramid after weeks of travel you for your he me

and you that my name would be forever remembered the CD approach mean stated

that he would not follow me to the civilized world is unfortunate now is a

problem with the scale leaving

we can carry everything now so um I don't wanna leave that behind

but I also wanna company other stuff see know how did

man to suck so bad essentially alls mission is a true way for the shuttle

if I want this to take this back with many did drop something I think the show

was the one that I'm willing to throw away and then into the shop in a way

just getting into combat we needed a butterfly net

that actually gives a better chance butterflies which is good specially


darwin's ability %uh this is really unfortunate

really really unfortunate dropping a chocolate

now dropping a torch yeah already so here's an example me to grab this

and sorry

shovel what a waste that shovel was a treat after all

well it happens we need to get some more hands and helps carry more proud leaving

another I'm

either a doc your water bottle Sunday gives hand here carry in stuff

so llama will finish expedition over here area

I success will see this adds up out a lil miss a cut here meanwhile

agar cap

already so we were here twenty days we got 20 points up butterflies

we have the golden brown for 100 soar up to 102

chances are going to be in last place but we'll see how we look after me given

the items that we on

acquired from that other shrine so first look pretty good

nobody lost anything nobody went crazy so it's a really good start to the year

we have a strong my increases maximum sanity I can be very ideal

especially with on Darwin's ability to heal sandy with butterflies

we have geography gives additional information about your region decade

also be with you he really good as a matter of fact an impetus

reduce the base any cause for traveling

honestly he's a really good for on you know traveling purposes

but the geography one sounds so good man might be able to can know what's

happening around the area

suppose it is running in the dark do we want us to you

run in the dark with more sanity points or do we just want to get a better idea

and have less point I think geography is wanna go here

the as I hope it's a great one single job if you're here

the and we'll see now course some in last place

oh my god magaziner ease up over here you guys take all the risk in the world

apparently have absolutely no

you know one in you get older ones in the world but absolutely

you know don't even deal with the risk I'm over here thinking about

risk assessment he has over here again cool take everything that shine

I don't care already well if we

Dhoni to Golden Bay swelling at sixty fame which brings up to you

no between these guys are here we could sell as well for forty funds we have

thirty funds right now

I'm gonna definitely give this one is up here a little bit solar lease on a

completely in last place now

and with one word a nation we could probably least give Obama

is celebrated run for her money will probably get across them rally for sure


so we could sell this for 10 or donated for twenty I'm gonna go ahead and the

this is the one that I think I'm gonna gift and we have the pager he would soon

be 20 and 10 as well

I wish I actually am in first place so good

so do we continue donating a bit more dick and gives up front or do we sell

this for 10 funds we could buy something from the market

you know one I am gonna actually guessed it and keep myself ahead as much as I

can because I would like to actually beat the game legitimately

yourself 2003 I'm a little bit these guys it is pretty ideal to continue

going forward here

and now we're point with her second expedition year

we have a Africa and we have Australia

one or the other bottom only harsham harshness lit area

dazzle area so bottom any kind of difficult unfortunately for a stick and

a bomb traverse a year but so be ready when you gonna visit here the whole

thing as Angelina comes up people like to support

does mean a lot see two trips number two and we can you can you going to be

carries expedition here and I'm again be with them some people like to sports

does mean a lot especially for any series and if you want the second ago

further from is a miniseries point you

then your support really does mean a lot I'll catch you

next time

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