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Look buddy!

Welcome to Ryan's Playroom

What are we doing today?

Ryan: We're making slime

We're making slime?

Awesome, okay

So first you need

Glue, 4oz of Elmer's glue

You need baking soda

And you need contact solutuon

First we gotta pour this whole thing of glue

into a bowl

That is 4oz of glue


It's super yucky

Ryan: Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, drizzle....

You need a teaspoon and a half

Of baking soda

Can you dump that in there?

And then we gotta do the little one

Okay, now dump that one in there

Woah good job Ryan

Ryan: Now let's do the food coloring

Not yet

Can you stir?

We have to stir up the baking soda and the glue

We gotta stir it up really well

Okay so after the baking soda is mixed really good

This is the time that you add food coloring, glitter or anything you'd like

Let's do blue!

Ryan: My favorite color is blue too!

Okay so we just need a few drops

Three drops of blue food coloring

We stir this in

Woah it's like magic

Let's see if we like this shade of blue

After you put in your food coloring or glitter, you need to put in a tablespoon of contact solution

And you wanna make sure that your contact solution

has boric acid

We only need a tablespoon

So make sure you don't pour in any extra

Dump it in

It's super slimey

Ryan: One more scoop of solution

If we add too much solution

Then your slime won't be very oozy

We gotta make sure it's all mixed together

Ryan: Ewww, slimey

Look at this Ryan

[ Laughing ]

Look it's gonna get you

Woah it's oozing out

It's like a squid

Ryan: Look kids, look at all of the powder

Okay stir it up

Ryan: Mix, mix, mix, mix....

So what do we add next Ryan?

Contact solution

Now we're gonna start mixing it

So if you use a little less your slime will be a little gloopy

And then I'm gonna take contact solution on my hands

rub them together

and pick up this mess

Oh it's still sticky,

so we might need more

Ryan look

It's pink glittery slime

Woah, look at Lizzie

Ryan, ahhh!

Look buddy, bleh!

Ryan: This is unicorn poop



Woah, we've got slime overflow!

Thanks for watching kids

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