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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Owen Pye Internal Part 1

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I started IT works in I'd say June 2016 so a fair fair better time now.

First job at IT Works was a summer job I think I was working with

the ops team so I wasn't speaking to anybody on the phone I was brought in to

add and remove and edit data within the system

so our CRM system that the recruitments use it was my job to make sure that was

all to scratch with the other recruiters at the time so at that time it was about

I'd say trying to find a job but you're not very selective at that age and time

because it was only part-time to go alongside my education but what

what drew me to IT works was because at that time I was trying to find a job and

trying to getting to regular work it was one the directors how they approached me

directors came to me spoke to me felt part of the team upon interview was very

professional but also very laid-back

definitely culture the biggest part of conversation that I had when I

was interviewed was about what the guys enjoyed doing and what the guys do in their

spare time and there was a big conversation at a time around how they

would go out together have a laugh together amidst all the stresses that

were going on inside of work because it's a very high pressure

environment the culture was immediately present I think in my first day I was

joking with my the boss of the team at that time immediately make me made me

feel part of the business because he was calling me I think Oliver for my first

half a day and so that was that was quite comical that's always been a joke

that's gone with us since it took until you know I think just after lunch where

told him you know it's it's Owen not Oliver that I always stuck with us since.

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