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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kapkara Bir #Tral Yakaladım ( Balık Avı )

Difficulty: 0

Fish on, I got one.

That's a good one.

That's not a trophy, but

it's close.

That's a nice fish.

Going down...

This one has a little bit of weight.

Where is he going?

Let's see if I can wore him out.

Don't go towards the rocks.

That's a good one.


If I can get him...

One step down.


don't come off.

That's not good.


not good.

That's a nice one.


That's a nice one.

Nice looking fish.

It was worth coming early in the morning.

Let's have a look at him.

Nice looking fish.

Look... He ruined the shape of the hook.

Look at that.

Let's check the leader line.

Its OK.

But I need to change that hook.

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