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Namaskara! I am Mojess.

I am studying MD in Texila.

When I was studying in India

I couldn't able to score good marks and didn't get any seat.

I thought of taking B-CAT or C-CAT in India

Then I realized

cost was very high

We will not be able to bear that much cost

If I would take C-CAT

It will be a burden on my parents

Then I decided to study abroad

or in different states

I got to know about Texila American University in Guyana

This is the only English speaking country

In the whole Caribbean country

Where we can study

Because I searched about it on the internet

I have searched a lot, saw so many feedback

I watched videos on YouTube as well and saw feedback from the students.

Feedback was good, then I decided to go to consultancy


From there also I got to know that this University is well reputed

and got to know that I can take up these kinds of courses and curriculum which are related to my field.

and wanted enroll for US curriculum strictly

Then I decided to come here.

When I came here, I had a doubt

that the decision I have taken, Is it good or bad?

When the classes started, I qualified PM3

and MD1 and I am very happy right now with my decision.

The curriculum is very god here.

Lecturers who teach us are very highly qualified and well educated.

All the faculty who are dealing with us

approach us and takes well care of every student

and examine if we are doing good or not in studies

and if we have any doubts in class

we can approach the faculty members personally as well final aim is to

settle in US

and I am following US curriculum

and aim is to qualify USMLE

and this University is giving us chance to qualify for USMLE

and they are preparing us from the first day for that

and the final exams

are going to be objective type and they are preparing us like that only

so that we will be ready for the future exams.

I am very happy now after Joining Texila American University.

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