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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【大食い】ネバネバ最高!イカ納豆丼[みょうが塩昆布薬味たっぷり]10人前[4500kcal]【木下ゆうか】

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hello, it's kinoshita yuka


jaan! i made what called squid natto rice bowl with plenty of seasonings

There are both natto and squid, and on top of that there are plenty of salt kelp, Japanese ginger and lots of delicious seasonings

this is the first natto for 2020

Hay! I have said this a lot this year...

But we are still in January

so, let's see the recipe now !

the ingredients...

Rice 180g, Natto, Squid 50g, Japanese Ginger, Oba leaves, noodles sauce 1 tablespoon, sesame oil 1 teaspoon, salt kelp 2g, onsen eggs, green onion

Let's start with preparing the onsen eggs

How to prepare the onsen eggs : boil the water, then turn off the stove, then put the eggs in the water for 13 minutes.

But because I'm going to prepare a lot of eggs, I'll put the eggs in the water and then i turn off the stove

Let's cut the Japanese ginger

ah! I was immersed that I covered the camera

And we cut the oba leaves as well

we put in the bowl, natto...


And Japanese ginger that we cut a little while ago

oba leaves...

noodles sauce...

sesame oil

and we mix it well

then we cut the green onion

And today, of course, I'm going to use Miyagi rice, the delicious Date Masayume rice

Then, we top the rice with the natto and squid mix

salt kelp

onsen eggs...

How will the result be today?

waah! great success !!

Rely on me for delicious onsen eggs!

This is like a dream

Wow! The dish became a little strange

and by adding green onion...

jaaan! we finished it !

the fragrant of the natto is so nice

I also prepared 1 kg of miso soup


the eggs looks so yummy, isn't that !?


the best !

mmmm !

really tasty !

The cold natto with this hot rice is really delicious too

There a lot of ingredients in harmony, the beautiful fragrant of natto and the taste of the spiced salt kelp are really delicious.

mmmmm !

and the texture of the squid is also good !

squid is so delicous !

and the taste of this sticky natto is truly tasty !

mmmmm !

Why they put miso soup on the right side?

If you eat with your right hand, the soup may bother...

Especially since there are many people who use their right hand, then why they put the soup on the right side?

mmmmm !

As expected from Date Masayume rice, very tasty

Date Masayume rice is delicious with anything

If you want to try Date Masayume rice, I'll put the link in the description area below!

Although I didn't use a lot of ingredients, mixing them together made the dish very tasty

they are doing a good job !

and it goes so well with miso soup !

ah! natto with rice is a happiness maker

The quantity is also luxurious, the best!

The texture is varied which is so fun to eat !

This dish is good for diet in a normal quantity

A healthy dish for a healthy life

I like rice a lot, especially Date Masayume rice

mmmmm !

the thin texture of squid is great!

And the sticky natto makes the salt kelp sticky, which is very tasty

why sticky food is always tasty !?

I love natto and grated yam a lot !

the last bite, itadakimasu !

mmmmm !


squid natto rice bowl was so tasty !

healthy and good !

Although I eat a lot of "junky" food ...

But I eat a lot of healthy things like this

My body is energetic and healthy

The winter is not over yet, but I probably did not have a cold ... No, I got a cold

I got a cold

But it was a slight cold. I love staying at home, so maybe when I got out, the virus affected me quickly because I'm not used to it.

People who get out a lot may be less likely to get affected by the "cold virus"

How did we move from talking about rice to this conversation?

Lon is here !

He is Mell !

Mell, the squid natto rice bowl was tasty !

Mell !

using plenty of seasonings was so good !

There are a lot of delicious seasonings in Japan

seasonings are the best !

And because this was delicious, why don't you try this as well !?

and as always thank you for watching

If you have any suggestion, I hope you will inform me via the comments below

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and i wish for everyone happy and tasty day

bye bye

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