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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Latente (Cortometraje)

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(ON THE TV) TV Commentator: Today the Argentinian authorities have expressed against

the new manifestations demanding the aproval of a food emergency law.

The debate on this measure is expected to begin tomorrow Thursday at the congress nation.

For more information, lets go now with our partner Sabrina Roth.

Sabrina, what is expected tomorrow at the congress of the nation?

Reporter: Hi Luis, Good evening

Well if you allow me to refer to the represion that there was, as you mentioned it, today in front

of the Ministry of Social Development

Lucia: Did you sleep well?

(Martina nods) Martina: You?

(Lucia nods)

Lucia: Ahh thanks mom

Lucia: Mom, can you turn that off?

Lucia: Are you coming to Juli's house?

Martina: Ummm yeah, i think so. You?

Lucia: I don't know, im not sure

Martina: Why? Lucia: I don't like her that much

Martina: I don't know

She's kinda fake

Lucia: But we should go anyway? shouldn't we?

Martina: Huh?

Lucia: We should go anyway.. Martina: It's Juli

Boy: Well here we are, this Tuesday do not forget, 14 hours park San Martin. We will meet to say all together NO to cut budgets for our education

Lucia: See you guys there!


Lucia: Are you going?

Martina: No, she doesn't want me to go

Lucia: Oh Mar always the same with your mom?

Martina: but I have to listen to her, or then she won't let me do other things

Lucia: I talked with my mom and we had a big fight.. she doesn't want me to go either.

Martina: So you're going anyway?

Lucia: Of course! I don't care what she says.

Martina: Why? She's only going to be angrier.

Lucia: I don't know, i just want to go..

Lucia: What a nice day

Martina: Yeah

(Singing) Lucia: "Aca estamos juntas en plena playa"

Lucia: Mar I can't.

Martina: Read it.

Lucia: Should we read it together?

Martina: Okay.

(Both Singing)

"Acá estamos juntas en plena Plaza rapeando por la gente, rapeando por la gente, rapeando por las masas, rapeando por los pibes que se quedan en la casa."

Martina: It's easy.

Lucia: But if i do it alone I can't sing it right.

Lucia: These are nice.

Lucia: Let's read the one we made the other day.

(ON THE PHONE) Martina: Lu why didn't you come to school?

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