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Hi, I'm Bruno. I'm Bella.

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What happened today was that...

...the Fluffies from the Fluffies Channel chose us to try some food.

How bad, right?

Then Bella said, "Let me try everything."

Damn it! I´m here with a Minion

Let's do it, then?

Am I looking cute?

[Chris] You can not cheat!

I'll even cover my ears.

[Chris] Here is the first one

[Chris] What's the name of the product?

Can I try it?

Is this one?

Damn it! This is very good!

Feel the smell!

Can you smell it?

[Chris] You almost hit her eyes.

Can we name the brand?

I'm not sure if I can remember.

[Chris] The brand is appearing on the screen.

[Juliana] I do not know if it's going to be the same brand later.

It might not be.

It's a snack...with bacon

It's my favorite... You can't go wrong.

It's been 2 years...

Where is it now?

I'll take care of this later.

I've lost my Minion!

Very good!


I told you I'm allergic to scarlet eggplant.

Here in Canada is like this... say you do not like spicy, but they serve spicy anyways.

Then, if you say that you have allergies...

that's it... even the Chef comes to your table apologizing.

Do you have more?

[Juliana] The second product

Bella is eating everything, isn't she?

Be quiet!

Let's see.

[Chris] It's not bacon anymore.

Damn it! Is it peanut brittle?

Be quiet!

This is rapadura (brown sugar candy).


1 x 0

No, 2 x 1

Very good!

I loved this thing

[Juliana] You like everything!

Bottomless pit.


...where is your hand?

Eat it.

No, I want to ease the palate for the next one so I can beat you.

Eat more!

Leave my napkin alone.

Look, even blindfolded... you want to see?

I know she hates when I do this.

[Chris] That's her nose!

Do I have to wait for him to eat or can I say it?

[Chris] What's this?

Wow, let me tell you...

I remembered my school...

...Miss Maria.

[Juliana] Miss Maria, how funny!

Miss Maria used to sell this... Astrogildo...

...We used to study at Astrogildo.

André, are you there?

We all studied there together

André, this is from Miss Maria, right?

Eat this.

Don't tell us what it is!

Miss Maria used to sell this thing, same as Miss Odete.

It's a snack...

[André] I know what it is, but I won't tell you.

It's a pizza flavored snack.

Or cheese.

[Juliana] Oh my God!

Pizza flavored! No, you said it already.

Isn't it pizza?

Isn't it ham?

[Juliana] Almost!


[Chris] A cousin!

It's not ham.


2 x 2

Bel, there is more rapadura. Do you want it?

[Chris] Here is another piece.

It's slimy.

Banana candy

That's delicious!

Wow! Eating this in Canada!

I love banana candy.

I always wanted to participate in a blind taste test.

I think it didn't record it. Do you want to do it all over again?

[Chris] We should do it all again.

I think it'd be good.

How delicious!

Very good!

[Chris] Next one.

[Chris] Eric hates this one.

Does Eric hate this one?

[Juliana] Really?

This one?

[Juliana] No

This is the banana one.

[Chris] They never say no to this.

[Chris] This is the next one.

Get out of here!

Ah! I love this!

Biscoito de...

Hold on!

This is biscuit here...

...everything else is a cookie.

[Juliana] Good one!

This is a biscuit.

[Chris] Controversy!

Bruno, don't hold my hand.

Stop it!

Not worth cheating!

Stop it!

Go back to your seat!

I don't know what it is, but it's so good!

Are you eating already?


[Juliana] He took it away from you!

Juliana hasn't served it yet.

Don't be silly!

Wait. Wait.

Where's the other one?

Damn it! I don't know what it is but it's chocolate.

This is

Where is it? Is it gone already?

Is it gone already?

[Juliana] You have to guess what it is.

[Juliana] It's in front of you.

Is this one that I'm touching?

It's Talento (brand), isn't it?

[Juliana] Good one!

Is it?

I didn't know it was here!

[Juliana] What flavor is it?


[Juliana] No!

White Talento

[Juliana] White

[Juliana] Very good!

Is it white?

[Juliana] It's white.

It's with cashew then.

[Juliana] No

Raisins? No raisins.

Caramel... Crunchy

[Juliana] Dulce de leche. Very good.

[Chris] This one is going to be different than the others.

[Juliana] It's going to be very interesting.

Give to me first.

No, no!

[Juliana] Who wants to go first?

I do!

Ladies first

[Juliana] Wait a second.

I hope it's going to be a scarlet eggplant candy.

Who would eat that?

[Juliana] For sure there is!

[Chris] Here is a fork for you...

[Chris] It's a spork (a combination of spoon and fork).

[Juliana] It's on the tip of the fork.

Here? Here?

[Chris] What is this?

Oh my God! After so many sweets...

Now this bitter thing?

Where is the napkin?

I don't want to swallow this.

I've never eaten this before.

[Juliana] You never ate this...

[Juliana] What do you think is it?

This is my face of disgust...

It tastes like cheese now...

...but it wasn't like this before.

What is this, Bel?

[Chris] You can take it off!

[Juliana] Can they take it off?

Pequi (souari nut)?

[Chris] Pequi (souari nut)!

[Chris] The Brazilian legend!

What is this? Pequi?

I never ate pequi in my life!


[Chris] Now you have!

Yeah, I think I don't like pequi, guys.

[Chris] Scarlet eggplant or pequi?

I think we should record this all over again.

So, was it a good experience?

We loved it! Wonderful!

I think we should record it again.

We are going to have more pequi for you guys.

Very good!


[Juliana] Scarlet eggplant and pequi

I will pass this one.

This one is good!

Thanks to Juliana from for the products.

Thanks, Ju! Come on over!

Bend over!

Thank you!

We are the Fluffies!

Follow us!

Follow them...

...and her too!

Which one did you like the most?

The banana candy.

Everything before pequi.

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