Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Conference

Difficulty: 0

Slime God: And that was the story of how I banished an entire race of slimes (Rip Chaos Slime)

Hive: okay, okay, okay. Okay just get in

Hive: Wait out here dad. I'll be back in a minute. Meanwhile, you can sit on the floor

Slime God: wait what, Hive! wait!

Slime God: (Villager Noise)

Hive: *Humming

Hive: Xeroc... I call you... sarcastic snapping noise

Xeroc: Eh? Hive, you caught me at a really bad time. I was at where you said the dark might have been and-

Hive: I'll cut right to the chase then

Hive: Xeroc

Hive: The Devourer has died

Xeroc: *Disgusted noises

Xeroc: What!? How!?

Hive: Who else but the renegades?

Xeroc: Which renegades are we speaking of?

Hive: Hmm, I don't know

Hive: Maybe if you'd been watching over everything like an omnipresent God like you were supposed to, then you would know.

Xeroc: But the darkn- uh, who?

Hive: What do the Profaned Guardian, Plaguebringer captain, and the Devourer's Envoy have in common?

Xeroc: Uh... They're all completely expendable?

Hive: Yes, but no. The correct answer was they're the reason the Devourer is dead.

Xeroc: Are you... Are you joking?

Xeroc: I mean, minus the format.

Hive: To be fair, They were in Cosmilite.

Xeroc: Oh! Well that changes things... (should have mentioned that earlier)

Hive: I'm sure you can now guess why I've brought you here

Hive: It is crucial you do not show yourself physically or metaphysically

Hive: You are to make an army that doesn't incriminate you, with the Devourer as your paladin

Hive: if you need me, I'll be at the ocean

Hive: Something's there... and I haven't planned it to be...

Xeroc: But why are you using ๐˜ฉ๐˜ช๐˜ฎ again

Xeroc: He very clearly failed you

Hive: I put him in Cosmilite

Hive: What do you expect? It was a blunder on my part. I'll ensure it doesn't happen again.

Xeroc: Wait!

Xeroc: You certain he won't fail this time? I mean you remember what happened in-

Hive: Instead of complaining about him worry about your army

Hive: You don't want to make the same mistakes Crevi made, do you?

Xeroc: Fine...

Xeroc: Tell him to meet me at the Hallow

Amidias: Run little sock. Don't fade away into obscurity like I d-AHHH HES coming.

Hive: Hmm

DoT: O?

DoT: Hive! Oh man Hive

DoT: You gotta hear what happened.

Dot: So it started like this!

DoT: Boom! Bwatang! Cawbwang!

DoT: and then they went all shwree-

Hive: Shush

Hive: This is not the time for stories, Xeroc needs you for his army to-

DoT: A rematch? IM UP!

Hive: Of course you are. Let me get some proper suiting for you...

Hive: There. It's a bit faded but it'll do. Exodium and Shadowspec compound with Lumenyl highlights

Hive: Perfect for a warrior such as yourself, and impossible to make through normal means

Hive: Xeroc can do the rest, and empower you when you meet up with him.

DoT: Wait... didn't we kill this guy?

Hive: I got bored one day and made some stronger versions of the old worlders. I promptly fulfilled their purpose and killed them

DoT: Fair enough.

Phasoul: So, am I getting any upgrades or?

Hive: No

Phasoul: What!? No bloody black and red hull!? No mechanized arms with guns attached?

Hive: What you have is enough for the mission I'm giving you

Hive: At least until when Xeroc gets to empower you

Phasoul: Aw fine, Take me to Xeroc then, bloody Hell...

Hive: Sarcastic snapping noise

Hive: Hmph

Past: Hey! Hive!

Hive: Eh? What are all of you still doing here?

Future: Where else do ghosts go but Hell

Hive: Yeah, but the Christmas special's...

Future: Bah! Who cares whether its the Christmas special or not? All I care about right now is getting a fold!

Past: Uno! Take off the bow gift head!

Present: Gosh darn it!

Future: Wanna join Hive?

Hive: Eh, sure, why not

Hive: But I gotta warn you...

Hive: I'm an ace at card games

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