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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GUESS THAT ANIME CHALLENGE with TEENS & COLLEGE KIDS (React)

Difficulty: 0

- I gave myself a heart palpitation.

- I know, I literally can't catch up.

- I pointed. I had more dramatic emphasis.

- Just 'cause you point.

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) We have been very lucky to have Crunchyroll

supporting FBE with a lot of fun anime videos.

- I love Crunchyroll. - I love anime.

- (FBE) Including sponsoring this, which will be

a guess that anime challenge. - Ooh.

- Are you good at anime? - I was gonna say,

he got excited just as I got excited.

- I was just on Crunchyroll this morning.

- I haven't watched a good anime in a long time,

so I'm actually hoping to get a recommendation out of this.

- I got the subscription, so we gucci.

- (FBE) We're gonna show you the opening title sequence

of popular animes and see if you can guess the show.

- Okay.

- (FBE) Each round, you'll both hear and see

one second of the opening, up to fifteen seconds,

so just shout it out when you know it.

- Shouting out? So it's not buzzer.

- Um, okay. - This will be fun.

- I don't know anime, but okay.

- I'ma win. - Dang, she's so confident.

- I watch a lot of freaking anime.

- I believe it, I believe it. I feel like I don't

watch as much as you do, but I watch a lot.

I'm like, wait, this is actually gonna be so fun for me

right now. I'm so excited.

- (FBE) Here is your first anime clip.

- ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ - Isn't that

My Hero Academia? - Dang.

- Oh, boom boy.

- Ah, captain, captain-- - My Hero Academia.

- No, no, no, no, it's-- - Whoo!

- Damn. - Whoever--

no button. Don't need any buttons.

- My Hero Academia. - I've never seen it.

- Freaking love that show, dude.

- My Hero Academia. Not because I've seen it,

because I reacted to it.

- (speaking Japanese) - This looks really fun.

- ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ - (both) My Hero Academia!

- (FBE) I think that was Dionte.

- Damn it. - Yeah!

- This one's gonna be a battle.

- Good start.

- (FBE) All right guys, so here is your second

anime clip. Here's your first second.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Oh.

I don't know about this one.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Whoa.

I don't know it. - That looks like

a moodier one.

- Do you have any guesses? - No guesses at all.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Steins;Gate 0.

- (FBE) Close enough. - Boy.

- (FBE) Technically, it's just Steins;Gate.

- Oh, okay.

- Steins;Gate. Whoo!

- I couldn't even formulate the words.

That's crazy. - I'm catching up.

- (FBE) We'll skip to three seconds.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Ooh, sounds like

a love story. - The back to back,

it does look like a love story.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Ah.

I don't know. I can't put it together.

- Can we have more seconds? Because I have no idea

what this is.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - I don't know it.

I don't think I've ever seen it.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - ♪ (humming) ♪

- Oh, I know it, but I don't know

the exact name of it. - Really?

You could just-- here, I'll help you out.

Just give me a word and I'll try to help you.

- It's something-- ah, no, wait!

Why am I gonna tell you? I was about to tell him.

- There's numbers. - Oh, and they looked

old-fashiony, so... - They got a little bit

of color. I think we saw

a little bit of blue up in there.

I really don't know. - I think we need more time.

- We need to just think of names of things it could be.

- It looks a manga I briefly scoured

and it was kinda dark and Gothic style like that,

but I don't know.

- (FBE) Last chance. We're skipping to fifteen seconds.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪

- This sounds like something I'd do DDR to.

- I thought it looked familiar and then no,

it definitely does not look familiar.

- Yeah, I'm lost.

- This isn't helping. - We don't know it.

I don't think we're gonna get it. - Yeah.

- We're not gonna get this.

- (FBE) So, this one is called Steins;Gate.

- Oh yeah, we would have never got that.

- I've never heard of that one before.

- I've never heard of it. - Dang, I really want

to know more about it, though. - It looked cool.

- I've watched it-- a few episodes.

I haven't fully watched it yet, but I'm almost there.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - One Piece.

- (buzzer)

- One Piece? - (buzzer)

- No. - Dang.

- Yeah, One Piece is the pirate boat.

- I know. I thought that was a boat.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Fairy Tail.

I'm sorry. I got excited.

- That was so quick. - I love Fairy Tail.

It's so good.

- Oh, Fairy Tail. - Fairy Tail, [bleep].

- Yeah! I just really like how

whimsical it is and how colorful.

I don't know, I think it's really cute

and the art style's really adorable,

so I'm into it.

- Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail. - Ah!

- I almost fell out of the chair. - That was the first anime

I ever watched. - That was my first one.

I've watched it completely through like six times.

- It's at least 100 episodes. - It's so--

- It's long. - It's so good though.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - They're having so much fun

together, though. - I feel like all the characters

usually have a ton of fun in the intros.

They're all smiling. - We're having fun!

- Yeah.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Fairy Tail.

- Yeah, I think I needed to see more of that.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪

- I've never seen these characters.

- More seconds!

- (FBE) Okay, here is fifteen seconds.

- All right. Time for us to still

not get it. - Yep.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪

- Oh, it's this show. - For a second,

I thought he had a breakthrough moment.

I was like, damn it. - It's the show with

the cool anime characters. - And the weird looking

frozen snowman.

- What happened? They all exploded.

- I have no guess. - I always see the guy

with the pink hair around Twitter,

but I don't know off the top of my head.

- (FBE) This is called Fairy Tail.

- Oh! I've heard of this.

- Okay, I was like, why'd you have that reaction?

I wanna know what it's about, because it looked really interesting.

- I gave myself a heart palpitation. - I know, I literally

can't catch up. - Whoo!

- Me too, [bleep].

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Shoot.

- I just saw someone getting kicked,

so I was like, oh God, are you okay?

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Why did that look

like Naruto? That kick.

- It looks a little familiar, but... - I'm not ringing any bells here.

- Oh wait, that looks so familiar. - I know what it is,

I know what it is. It's Hunter X Hunter.

- Oh. - Whoo!

I was right there.

- Hunter X Hunter. Whoo, yeah!

I just recently finished that one. - I literally know all of these,

but my mouth can't spit it out fast enough.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - Ooh, they're fighting.

- Some guy's doing a Mary Poppins thing,

kinda drifting down in the background.

- They have this weird baton thing.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - What?

- I like the... that pose.

- Oh, Hunter X Hunter. Okay, once I saw clearly...

- (fire burning)

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪

- Oh, he looks like he got beat up.

- Saw some cards.

- I have absolutely no idea.

I'm gonna need more seconds.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪

- He looks familiar, but I'm not ringing anything.

Got nothing. - I don't know.

- Crap, I've actually seen this before.

I've seen that character. You know how something

comes to your brain and then you're like...

and then it just leaves and it's like "[Bleep] you, Tom."

- (FBE) So, this was Hunter X Hunter.

The 'X' is actually not pronounced. - Huh.

- I've seen that, I think on Crunchyroll or something.

- There's so many animes I need to catch up on,

that I just have no idea even exist.

- This is intense. - I don't know how

to use words right now. - I know.

- (FBE) Okay, here's your last anime.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - You wanna keep going?

- I saw a man. He looked big.

He was blonde. I saw a village.

- That's Attack on Titan. - Oh.

I've heard of that.

- ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ - (both) Attack on Titan!

- (FBE) I think that it was the both of you

and I wanna give both of you a point.

- Yay. - It's okay.

He won, though, so it doesn't matter.

- (both) Attack on Titan. - (FBE) I mean, you guys

said it at the exact same time. - Dang it.

- (FBE) So, I might just have to give you guys the tie.

- Okay, let's go. - All right.

- (both) Attack on Titan! - I think I got it first, right?

- (FBE) I'm just gonna give you guys a tie.

- Okay. - You win.

- Thank you. - You win.

- (both) Attack on Titan! - I pointed.

I had more dramatic emphasis. - No way.

Just 'cause you point.

- (slowed down) Attack on Titan!

- You can win on the episode, I'ma give myself a point.

- Alberto gets one Alberto point.

- This was really fun. - This was really fun.

You guys are giving us good animes, too

to be honest. - Yeah.

- Crunchyroll, you are a lifesaver.

You've introduced me to so many amazing animes

and thank you. - We're best friend now.

- Super best friends. I'm super excited for this.

- Anime best friends. - Oh my gosh.

- Hey guys, Alyssa here. A big, special thank you

to our sponsor, Crunchyroll. It's because of them

supporting us that we're able to bring you this

and many other anime themed videos on the channel.

It means a lot for us to support brands

who support YouTube channels like FBE,

so if you enjoyed what you saw today, click the link

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and more. See you next time.