Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Prometheus Research Team of National Technical University of Athens

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hi i'm Sevastianos. I'm an electrical engineering student at the National

Technical University of Athens. I'm also a member of Team Prometheus.

Our team began its activities seven years ago by a handful of students.

It's main goal was to design and construct high efficiency electrical vehicles.

Our team has continuously participatedin numerous international fuel efficiency vehicle races

the journey hasn't been easy. We began with extremely limited resources and funds.

But with hard work, dedication and our enthousiasm to apply innovative ideas and methods we managed to

overcome so far these difficulties. In the last two years we have been working on our

latest accomplishment "Pyrforos II", a vehicle constructed solely by our team

Pyrforos, meaning he who brings fire, is named after the Greek mythical titan

Prometheus, who introduced mankind to fire.

According to our calculations and testing our vehicle is capable of covering the

distance from Athens to Paris at a cost of approximately 60 cents of a Euro.

We are also very proud to inform you that because of our team work performance along

with our personal consistent promotion of the Greek culture in the Eco-Marathon races

we were granted the best team spirit award among 200 competitors

Hi! I'm Christos, the manager of Prometheus.

Our team consists exclusively of undergraduate and PhD students

All of our members are volunteers, hard-working scientists committed to

excellence and the achievement of our goals

But sometimes hard work is not enough. The team has many travel expenses

as well as vehicle improvement costs

Therefore, relying on private funds has become the only option in order to

continue our research and development.

This project cannot be completed without your support. The future is in our hands

Together we can contribute in creating a healthier planet, with polluting free

inexpensive transportation.

Support Prometheus!

The Description of Prometheus Research Team of National Technical University of Athens