Practice English Speaking&Listening with: David and Lauren's Near-Perfect Proposal - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

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my name is David Gray I'm 31 years old and I'm a mechanical engineer

oh you can do your best now I'm gonna compete I'm a competitor I played

baseball my whole life anything I do I do 100%

I'm a little nervous but it should be epic

hi welcome thank you thank you thank you Wow okay your name is David Gray

why do you into the show audition today for my girlfriend

robots oh yes like have you ever done something out of your element for love

well today today is kind of like that

how you feeling today oh my gosh I'm so nervous but I feel good this is my

girlfriend Lauren Waguespack you know when I met Lauren I knew she

was the one there's no doubt in my mind she makes me the happiest man in the

world now we're not a group no your boyfriend and girlfriend yeah I support

her and everything she does but I'm a competitor I'm here to compete the best

I can so I think it all come together in the end I'm so proud of both the

opportunity especially you I love you hey come give me a pep talk right here

come on

she is so nervous and he's trying to hide it too nobody knows about this this

is what I'm really really nervous about before I did this on everybody want to

come to you and ask and I wanted to ask you you know I love your daughter very

very much and uh I just want more to just have your blessing and taken

Lawrence hand in marriage I was very relieved when he gave me the nod I knew

was the right thing to come to him as a man and ask his permission if you got my

blessing brother I've been keeping this a secret for a long time you're nothing

you are my number one love it to mrs. this like this is a game chance a

life-changing experience right here you you sound very in love very very sweet

I'm very in love okay and what are you gonna say I'm a sing a little for my boy

Usher nice and slow all right ready I need y'all to help me out a little bit


seven o'clock on the dot I'm in my drop top cruising the streets

I got a real pretty pretty little thing that's waiting for me a food of

anticipated good love don't keep me waiting I got plans to put my hands in

places I've never me too let me take you to a place nice

and quiet there ain't no one that's interrupt

I just wanna when you say you were doing this for love

was it your girlfriend who are you to do this well I mean she this is a

competition for her she's taking it serious she's a great talented singer

what's the number her name's Lauren wagons back the color

way okay we're gonna vote Holly enough I'm sorry Dave I'm gonna say no Kelly

I'm gonna have to say no Debbie no Lori thank you baby thank you very much

I've been nervous about this proposal all day I got a note from the judges

Lauren can't say no well I think it's gonna be good oh my god

your name is Laurie Waguespack David's girlfriend absolutely let me ask you a

question Lord why did you make him do this I didn't make him do it he supports

everything I do we do everything together but you realize he was

competing against you we loved competing against each other I mean yeah so I have

a question what are you doing girl he's entered the competition to support you

you said he supports everything I do I just needed tip oh I'm sweet I love him

with everything I have oh honey I'm gonna be sweet love whoever this man is

come into my life - what are you gonna sing for us today Teenage Dream by Katy

Perry all right

you think I'm pretty without any makeup on you think I'm funny when I saw the

punch line wrong I know you get me so I let my walls come down down let's go all

the way tonight no regrets just love we can dance until we die you and I we'll

be young forever you make me feel like I'm living up to

it's the way you turn me on

hey hey I want to tell you something I love you more than anything in this

world and it doesn't matter what anybody thinks

what the judges thinks I love you forever I'll support you in whatever you



so proud of you good

I'm so glad you guys are gonna have a beautiful babies

y'all are you we're gonna practice sure okay

you mind if we go through the motions now yeah that's okay I'm gonna say no

okay well you got one yes yeah I don't so much thank you

we're married you're about to cry now

are you like a little brother we thought yeah I'm going to experience this

competition maybe another night would have been your night but don't matter

because guess what right tonight our night we got the rest of our

lives - uh - just marinate

The Description of David and Lauren's Near-Perfect Proposal - THE X FACTOR USA 2013