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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions on Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 | Got Talent Global

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This looks promising, I'm now excited.

What's your name?

I am Julius "Jun" Obero.

I am Rhea Marquez.

Are you both from Cebu?

Occidental Mindoro;

Rhea is.

Oh okay, far apart.

See, even if your hometowns are distant from each other and you can't walk,

your talent made you meet and now you're on one stage.

We're all excited to watch you.

Their act is so nice to watch.

I'll give you a standing ovation.

Me too.

It's an honor for Pilipinas Got Talent that you (Julius) auditioned here.

Every time...

Every time you turn around, I can see the Philippine flag on your back.

My friend,

thank you.

You showed all the Filipinos that despite having disability,

you still carry our flag.

Thank you, thank you.

It's like I can watch you for hours,

without having a toilet break.

You are very amazing,

I will give it to him; you too are,

but I want to give it to Julius because

it's only your upper body that's moving,

but you are full of grace.

From the hips to the chest,

shoulders, neck, head, hands

the flip of your fingers and hair strands,

everything dances very beautifully.

Thank you.

In this life, how old I already am;

I can't find unconditional love,

But in you (Julius) I found unconditional talent.

Thank you.

you two are very graceful

and thank you very much for giving us opportunity to watch you live.

Rhea, you're like what you're wearing

your movement is so graceful, very gentle

your body is as soft as that fabric.

And I will really give you plus points because

your steps didn't overpower Julius's

and Julius's didn't overpower as well

You really...

know that you are professional dancers and gave so much effort.

Thank you. What you showed us was brilliant.

Thank you very much too.

Let's vote altogether

And because you received a Golden Buzzer from Angel Locsin

see you at the semifinals!

Do not imitate. This kind of act is only done by professionals.

Oh my god, spider.

They're amazing.

Do you want?


You should have that kind of entrance here.


You know you look good

because you're like one person dancing in front of the mirror.

You have the same moves.

Amazing! I can't say anything else

I was so happy with the...

Can you do one more of that?

Great. That simple.

Kids, is coach with you?


Can we talk to him?

Yes you can.

Oh, young one too.

Are you their coach?

Yes I am.

How old are you?

Are you a gymnast or contortionist too?

No, I'm only a dancer

I can't do it but I can teach how.

Kids, with what you showed us, you are great,

We're just making sure you are safe that's why we're asking.

These kids are so amazing,

The coach is gladdening as well because you're inspiring the kids

because their talent is not only for the stage,

it may still go somewhere else.

You, sir, what can you say?

Do you want to say something more?

How cute this is? She's like a goddess.

What's your name?

How old are you?

Is that serious?

Yes it is.

It's like you're fooling me.

I think you're only twenty (years old)?

No, only 5.

Where are you from?

Antipolo City, but hello to all living (here) in Pasig; I live here now.

Your costume, what will you perform, will you do ballet?

I will dance.

To what are you dedicating this? Why did you join?

I dedicate my entry here in PGT to my six-year old son.

He's here.

C'mon, bro.

Angel: What's your son's name?

Robin: He's handsome.

He looks like a child actor.

Yes, how handsome he is.

Just a few more years he will reach you (talking about height).

While I was pregnant, I'm in the peak of my career.

At the height of my career in dancing, I got pregnant.

So I thought, what's this, this is already the chance to do what I really wanted.

But then, when my son came out, pure happiness.

And, that's my source of strength in everything I do.

I raised him alone, because I'm a single mom.

Long live to you.

Thank you!

And I am willing to do everything for him, so he can be proud of me.

Are you dancing too?


May you please dance with your mommy?

Let's see it from Troy!

Troy, my child

Is there anything you want to say to your mom?

She said that she will dedicate her dance to you.

That's love.

Hug mommy.


I'm the fetcher, 'cause we have the same outfit!


Let's watch mommy backstage.

I want to see what you said you're dedicating to your son.

It became very interesting to me now.

Let us watch it.

Thank you very much.

Ballet and jazz.

Amazing, perfect.

Look at her legs.

Yes, amazing aren't they?

Her legs, well-toned.

Do not imitate. This kind of act is only done by professionals.

There, the definition of her muscles.

Wow! She's so strong!

the professional way of dancing you showed us was awesome.

Everything was perfect.

I did not see you feeling any difficulty doing your act.

Thank you.

For me, it was perfect.

that very difficult thing,

you made it look very easy,

very graceful;

and I want to thank you for sharing your talent to us.

We witnessed your mastery. That is Pilipinas Got Talent.

Thank you very much.

I was stressed, my hands sweat because of you.

This is your effect to me; I'm not feeling well right now, I'm sick.

It's as if all the toxins in my body came out when I saw you perform.

Thank you very much.

In fact, with that very stunning performance of yours, you were able to "heal" me.

It was not just a dance for me, it was full of symbolisms

because I saw your story as a mother

turning around there,


to reach the top for your son.

Come, let's go to your mommy.

There they are!

My god, they're wearing masks.

It's as if they're going to dissect me.

I'm excited, you're all boys.

What's the name of your group?

Where are you from?


Oh, it's like Cordillerans; what could "bar" mean?

Do you work in a bar, in a gay bar in Cordillera?

Why Bardilleranz?

"Bar" because of pull-up bars.

Ah, in the gym.


Ah, so you have abs.

Okay, show us your talent.

Good luck to all of you.

Take care, whatever that will be.

Do not imitate. This kind of act is only done by professionals.

Their core muscles are strong enough to...


(Imitating Kris Aquino's speech) I was really entertained.

Where's the one who fell off?

Who among you fell off?

It's me.

That's okay, we won't judge you.

There are times that you're actually falling (referring to falling in love).

But, are you okay after you fell off?

That's good. Because there are some who don't know if they're still okay after they fall.

What they showed us was very exciting,

and I won't get pissed off to GGSS ("gwapong-gwapo sa sarili"; narcissistic) gym "bystanders"

if that's what they'll show us. It's really great.

"By-standing" in the gym can be a "talent".

Thank you.

But me, What I felt was "LLSD".

What does it mean?

"Laking-laki sa dede" (could mean "huge "boobs"") with this one.

I'm so shy of you, brother.

This is the first time I saw such act.

Thank you.

Wow, Boss is "coming out"!

Soon, I'll compete with you.

Who is the oldest?


How old are you?

The youngest?



They have a female member.

Oh, yes.

Angel is asking for the girls.


Yes, we have two female members.

Did they force you to join?

No, it's our choice.

You might be their "hostages".

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