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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anki Tutorial - RealLife English

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Hey RealLifers, what's going on? Today I wanted to just give you guys a quick tutorial on

how to use Anki. Anki is one of our favorite tools here at

RealLife English and it's probably one of the best tools you can find for learning new

vocabulary, so let me just show you the basics of how to use this program.

If you're using RealLife Radio then you're getting the RealLife Radio Anki flashcards,

so, to import these, all you have to do is click here on "import file," and then you're

going to look for it on your computer. And it's going to look just like this. It's a

.apkg file. And then you would click open. I already have it here, so I'm not going to

import that right now. So next, let me show you how to actually use

this deck. So you can see I have a lot of different decks for different languages. I'm

going to show you with the RealLife Radio deck, though, because this is the one you're

going to be using. So, you can change the settings if you want

to allow you to study a different number of cards each day. So, right now I have it set

to 20 new cards per day, I believe, so I'm going to click, "Study Now," and here's the

first word, "Chilling," so first I'm going to think of, "What does chilling mean? I believe

that chilling means 'to be relaxing'." So you can see we also give you here the pronunciation. So, I was right, it was "relaxing, not doing

anything," and that was pretty easy, so I'm going to go here and click the "easy" button.

As you can see, it puts "4d" that means four days. It's going to wait four days because

it's going to show this to me in a few days, as it's quite easy.

It works the way that your memory works. If something is very easy, you don't need to

see it again right away, but if it's something that you don't know very well, then you need

to be reminded right away to help you remember it better.

So the next one is, "Kicking ass." So, let's imagine that I don't know what "kicking ass"

means. I have no idea, so I'm just going to tell it to show me the answer. And there we

have the pronunciation as well. So, kicking ass means to be very successful or do very

well, but I didn't know that so I'm going to press "again." It's going to show it to

me in less than a minute. So, now that I'm going along, too, as well,

you're going to see some different numbers down here. It means that I still have 12,

the blue; I still have 12 more new cards to study. I have two to review. The ones that

I didn't know very well. Alright, so, now you can see pretty easily

how to use that. So now, I'm going to click on "decks" to go back to that home panel.

And next I just want to show you how to create a deck. So you can go down here to, "create

a deck" if you want to create your own. Say, "Example." So, then you're going to just click

and you're going to click on it and click on "add" to add new ones. So up here, this is kind

of important, you can create different types of decks. I tend to do this "basic and reverse

card." That means that when you review it's going to help you review both the first card,

and the second card, and reverse. So, here you're just going to put the word that you're

learning. So let's say, "Piece of cake." And that means something that is very easy.

You could also add a picture (using this little paperclip button), or audio (here, with that

button). You can also use different stylistics when you're using it on the computer.

Alright, so now I'm going to go back to that homepage, to show you the next thing.

So next I want to show you, you can also, other than just using the cards that we're giving

you, and other than creating your own, you can also go to the database, and download

decks that other people created. So you just go here to click "get shared," and from there

you're going to find a bunch of different topics, so if you're learning any other languages

you can look here, as well as anything else, and you can also just click the search button

up here, if you need something specific, but for now let's click English, and here you're

going to see a lot of different decks that people have made, so, you can scroll down

a little bit and look for one that meets your particular needs. I would recommend that you

stick to the ones that are at the very top. These are the ones that are the most popular,

or the most highly rated. So, you can also see, and you might want to be careful of this,

that some of these are for particular languages. So let's say, this one looks pretty good,

"4000 Essential English Words." You're gonna have here a description of it, and then down

and then down here you'll even find some samples, and this one even comes with sound, it comes with pictures,

so this might be a very useful deck for you. So you just would click "download." And then,

once this downloads, you'll be able to easily open it and use it with Anki.

And then, the last thing I want to show you is syncing this because maybe you'll be using

it as well with your phone. So to sync it you have to make sure you have an Anki account.

If you don't have one, then you can easily make it, and then you can sync both your phone,

your iPhone or your Android, and your computer, so you can study both at home and on the go.

I highly recommend this. Alright guys, and that's about everything

that you need to know about using Anki. I hope you found this useful, and just feel

free to leave any comments on the YouTube video if there is something that I didn't

cover and that you're having a problem with, and I'll do my best to help you out with it.

Alright guys, have a good one, later.

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