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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.1 Part.2 [ENG/2020.01.04]

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(Producer Jung isn't used to expressing himself)

(What's the 2nd landmark that made him stare in awe?)

(A Gothic cathedral in between skyscrapers)

(St. Patrick's Cathedral)

(The place where Andy Warhol, Babe Ruth)

(And many other celebrities' funerals were held)


this cathedral can hold a total of 3,000 people.

(The biggest cathedral in New York)

The cathedral's located in the center of the city

among so many skyscrapers.

So I thought it'd seem a little awkward.

But it actually looks nice in the city.

(His hand gesture shows that it looks nice in the city)

It goes well with the other buildings.

(I'll go up close)

(He looks inside)


(It's open to everyone but he's watching from outside)

I must look funny from inside.

- Hello. / - Hello.

I'm from India.

(An old man suddenly approaches Haein)

I'm from Korea.

- Korea? / - Yes.

(He ends up having his first interview in New York)

- South Korea? / - Yes.

Or North Korea?

South Korea.

- You're a very handsome man. / - Thank you.

Are you married? Or are you a bachelor?

I'm not married yet.

Do you want to marry in India?

Do you want to marry in India?

Maybe. I don't know.

- You should come to India. / - Okay.

- Are you here to travel? / - Yes, I'm here to travel.

- How about you? / - Yes, me too.

You should come to India. Have you been to India?

I'll have to check my schedule first.

- Okay. / - Okay. Thank you.

I'll go to your country.

So what do you do?

(Is he a producer as well?)

I'm a Korean actor.

I'm a Korean actor.

- A Korean actor? / - Yes.

Then I should take a photograph with you.

I was just passing.

(A friendly Indian man meets a Korean actor)

I'm a spiritualist.

I teach meditation.

- You teach meditation? / - Yes.

- Okay. / - And I'm a healer.

- A healer? / - Yes.

Your energy is very good.

He's a healer from India.

(The first friend he makes is a healer from India)

Very good.

This is my first time visiting New York.


- Today. / - Show me your palm.

(Let me see your palm)

(The healer suddenly begins to read Haein's palm)

He's reading my palm.

(What does the future hold for Producer Jung?)

Let me see your hand.

Very good.

You will be very successful.

- Really? / - Yes.

- What? / - After marriage.

Thank you.

The woman will play a very important role in your life.

- Really? / - A woman. Yes.

(He starts getting convinced)


Next year.

- Next year? / - Yes.

Next year.

(That fast?)

Oh, my gosh.

(Haein's getting married next year!)

- Thank you. Thank you so much. / - Okay.

I'll give you my number in India.

Would you like my number in India?

- Okay. / - Okay.

- This is so cool. / - This is my mobile number.

- Okay. / - You can write down my email.

I will call you.

Call me and I'll take you to the Himalayas.

- Have a nice day. / - Thank you. Have a nice day.

(We hope you have a happy trip)

Have a nice day.

(They now part ways)

I ended up meeting

and talking to an Indian man

who studies meditation.

We became friends in front of the cathedral.

That was so unexpected.

I'm so surprised.

He gave me his email, name and phone number.

He told me to call him if I ever visit India.

(Then should we go to India for season 2?)

(It's still the red light)

(The street light just changed)

People cross the street before

the street light even changes.

(Where is Producer Jung's next destination?)

(The current time in New York is 4 p.m.)

(He hurries up and walks to grab a late lunch)

(New York bakery)

(Can't take his eyes off the bakery)

(The reason he can't take his eyes off is because)

I'm so hungry.

(He hasn't eaten anything since he has arrived)

I'm hungry.

I can't stop staring at food.

I'm starving. Seriously.

I can't stand it anymore. I can't wait to eat.

(He waits for the light to change)

(Then something suddenly catches his attention)

(His eyes are wide open)

I think I just saw someone eating

something from the Halal Guys.


We're here.

I'm here.

(He arrived at the main store)

There's a line.

(In New York)

(There are yellow buses)

(Yellow taxis)

(And yellow trucks)

(The original Halal Guys food truck)

(The pioneer of American halal food)

(With over 200 chain stores)

(This food truck has become a must for tourists)

(Let's try it now)

Let me...

Let me...

Try Halal Guys.


My goodness.

I can't stop smiling.

(He can't stop smiling already)

Excuse me. Only cash?

- Yes. / - Okay.

(What will Producer Jung have?)

- Platters combo, please. / - $9.

- Platters combo. / - $9.

And a lot of hot sauce.

Thank you.


(Full of happiness and mouthwatering)

(Quickly scans for a spot)

(And takes a seat)

(Unboxing Halal Guys)

(He doesn't forget to take photos)

It's so much.

(Beef, chicken, naan, rice, white sauce, hot sauce)

"Halal Guys, white sauce."

White sauce is important,

but I need a lot of hot sauce.

(Hot sauce)


(He adds white sauce first)

I love spicy food.

(He adds a lot of hot sauce)

I need a lot of sauce. I love it.

It's the New York street food.

(It's the first street food in New York)

Let me...


Let me try Halal Guys.

(Jung Hae In's Food Log)

The sauce is spicy.

I need to mix it.

(A big bite)

(How does it taste?)

Oh, this is so good.

It's so much.

(He's satisfied once again by the plentiful amount)

It's so good.

It's the first food I have in the U.S.,

and it's really good.


This is really awesome.

(It's awesome)


(It's tasty)

(His best expression)

(Flap, flap)

I knew

I'd need more hot sauce. I got only one.

(He gets up)

I need more hot sauce.

(He's going to get a refill)

(Is he Korean? I guess it's not spicy enough for him)

- Hot sauce? Hot sauce? / - Hot sauce.

- Yes. / - Only hot sauce.

(They give a refill on hot sauce to Koreans)

More hot sauce. More, more.

- It's really hot. / - Yes, it's okay.

I like hot sauce.

- Okay, thank you. / - Good?

(He ends up pouring a lot)

Thank you.


(He got a photo for hot sauce)

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

It's so good.

It's the best.

(Now, let's enjoy this)

(He goes back to his seat)

(Did he add more hot sauce?)

Let me sit down first.

This is really awesome.

(He starts the eating show)


(Picking up)

(He got a pick-up skill)

(How does it taste with extra hot sauce?)

I see why this is called soul food.

(It's approved as soul food)

It wakes up my soul.

(His soul is waking up)



(What's his first word after his soul woke up?)

Gosh, it's spicy.

Compare to what I had in Itaewon,

the sauce tastes spicier.

(New York sauce is spicier than Itaewon sauce)

But it's good. It's really good.


The spiciness takes time to kick in.

Anyone who's going to try this

should add a little as you eat.

(Don't add too much hot sauce)

If you add so much at once like I did...


It'll be too spicy. It takes time.

(It's so spicy that it tingles)


(You're watching the side effect of hot sauce)

(He can't even talk)

I'm getting a runny nose.

(He cleans his nose then his mouth)

(Why did I do that?)

(Spacing out)

It's so spicy.

(It's enough to quit hot sauce)

(Goodbye, hot sauce)

It's spicier than the spicy fire noodles.

(What's going on all of a sudden?)

- Aren't you Jung Haein? / - Yes, I am.

- He's my boss. / - Hello.

He watched all of your dramas. He's a big fan.

- Really? / - You got to take a picture.

I don't speak Korean. Do you speak English?

A little.

I've seen all your stuff in subtitle.

Thank you so much.

I got to take a picture.

- What are you doing in New York? / - Travel.


You want a picture? You come here.

(She's happy)

- I'm sorry. Can you... / - Give it to me.

Give it to me. I'll take a picture.

It's spicy.

Without. Without.

Gosh, it's spicy. One second.

I look weird.

(His stomach's on fire, but still takes a photo)

(He puts on a perfect poker face)

- Thank you. / - Thank you so much.

(I got compensated for being good)

- Nice meeting you. Enjoy New York. / - Okay.

He runs a very big hedge fund in the U.S.

He has a lot of asset.

He loves Korean dramas.

He watched both of your dramas

and never stops talking about it.

- Really? / - Yes.

That's why he...

Then did he watch "One Spring Night" and...

Yes, "One Spring Night." Of course.

And what was the other one?

- "Something in the Rain." / - "Something in the Rain."

Yes, that's right. "Something in the Rain."

You were very good.

And the subtitles were very good.

- You did a good job. / - Thank you.

- Very good. All the best. Enjoy. / - He's very famous.

Enjoy New York.

(Enjoy your time in New York)

- I look weird. / - Thank you.

(His big fans left)

I was eating.

(He's still in confusion)

It was all of a sudden. It was too hot.

(He couldn't even talk because it was too hot)

(He tries to calm down his stomach)

(It looked like a commercial)

It's getting dark.

(It's getting dark)

As it's slowly getting dark,

the fancy signs and lights of New York

are starting to shine.

It feels different from the daytime New York.

(The night of New York is different from the day)

(Deeper into the crowd)

(Deeper into brighter lights)

(Jung Hae In's Travel Log into New York's night)

Is this Times Square?

(He's like a country boy)


It's amazing.

(Where is this place that keeps making him exclaim?)

(A place where 50 million tourists visit every year)

It's crazy.

(The heart of Manhattan, the intersection of the world)

(Colorful signboards that light up the night)

(Superstars' dream stage the world pays attention to)

(New York's landmark, Times Square)

(Who should go?)


(Producer Jung visits Times Square for the first time)

(How does he feel about the visit?)

(Times Square is)


It's crazy.

(He's overwhelmed by the magnificent atmosphere)

(Spacing out)

(Something captures Producer Jung's attention)

On top of 2019,

there is a ball.

It's called the ball drop.

When you countdown, that ball drops.

(In Korea, there's the Watch-Night bell)

(In the U.S., there's the ball drop)

(At the end of every year, the LED ball)

(Drops down 43m during countdown)

(Welcoming the new year in the most wonderful way)

This is so fascinating.


When it's 2020, the ball will drop.

If you come here at the end of the year,

I hope you will be able to watch it.

(This is the best spot at Times Square)

(They are called the Red Steps)

(He goes to check it out)

(He sits down)

(At the center of the steps)

(He gazes at Times Square)

I can't believe

that I'm at Times Square.

It's too surreal.

I feel like I'm dreaming.

(Producer Jung's New York Playlist)

It's so nice.

I feel like I'm dreaming.

(Is this what he's dreaming?)

(He quietly appreciates the view)

(I heard Producer Jung is here alone)

(He came here alone?)


So many thoughts are crossing my mind.

(There are those whom he misses the most)

I'd like to visit once again with my family.

(He wants to enjoy this moment with his family)

(Are they doing well?)


(Feeling emotional and yearnful)

(He says goodbye to Times Square)

(Moved by what he saw)

(What's next in his itinerary?)

(Night time in New York)

(Is brighter than afternoon)

(He walks through the sparkling city)

(This newbie New Yorker)

(Blends in with the locals now)


(Looking comfortable, he heads somewhere)

(Isn't this just an average building?)

(There is a queue inside the hotel)

(The people are taking photos)

It took us

about 20 minutes

to get here from Times Square.

(Haein looks somewhere)

There's a long queue.

(At the end of the line)

There's a burger restaurant

inside the hotel.

(It's situated in an unfamiliar place)

(America is known for their fast foods)

(And burgers are the most popular fast food)

Their cheese burgers won an award.

(You can choose the topping)

(And how well the patties are cooked)

(The most popular burger joint in the city)

This is

one of the top three burger joints in the city.

(Shake Shack)

(Five Guys)

(Burger Joint)

The locals love this place.

The sign looks adorable.

(It looks cute)

I will try...

Their burger

to see how good it really is.

This will be my first time trying their burger.

I never had the chance to have American burgers.

(He's never had American burgers before)

I'm curious to find out.

(Waiting in line is a given for famous restaurants)

(After 7 minutes, he finally gets a bit closer)


(This is the entrance)

(It's a hip atmosphere with Mexican music)

It's teeming with people.

The vibe is very hip.


(This is how you order)


(It's finally his turn)

- One cheese burger. / - How do you want it cooked?

How do you want it cooked?

- Medium or medium rare? / - Medium.

Do you want it to be like this?

- With everything inside? / - Yes.

I'd like the basic, normal style.

Normal. So no bacon?

One bacon.

- One bacon? / - Yes.

- Only one burger, right? / - Yes.

No French fries?

One serving, please.

Do you want sweet potato fries or regular fries?

- Sweet potato. / - Sweet potato?

And one milkshake.

Okay. Oreo, chocolate, or vanilla?

- Oreo. / - Oreo?


(He picks Oreo milkshake)

- Bacon cheese and fries. / - And sweet potato.

(That was one hectic order)

Here's the burger.

(He gets his burger immediately)

(Finally, it's dinner time)

(Here comes the burger)

(Packed with ingredients, it lives up to its name)

(The patty looks juicy)

(A perfect combination of white cheddar, Colby cheese)

It looks awesome.

I'll eat it now.


(It's his first American burger)

(How does it taste?)


(He immediately goes for a second bite)

This is...

(What is his first impression?)

It tastes like a really good burger.

It's a bit salty.

The bacon is salty.

(First off, the bacon is a bit salty)

(His face says it all)


(How does the milkshake taste?)

It's very rich and delicious.

It's very rich.

I ordered sweet potato fries.

(Next up)

(Are the sweet potato fries)

(He takes a bite)


It's very good.

(He's not that experienced in explaining the taste)

(Please focus on his facial expressions)

(This means that it's extremely delicious)

It's sweet and salty.



(It tastes salty at first)

(But then, the sweetness consumes him)

I bet it'll taste good with beer.

(He drinks his milkshake once again)

Oh, they sell beer too.

(The beer looks refreshing)

Guess what?

I got a piece of regular fries.

Let me compare the tastes.

(He knows how to keep the show exciting)

This just tastes like your average fries.

(He gives a rather cold-hearted review)

The sweet potato fries are the best.

(He takes another bite)

(This means that it's extremely delicious)

(His reactions differ)

This is much tastier.

(He prefers the sweet potato fries)

It's really a work of art.

(Their sweet potato fries are the best)


(He picks up the burger again)


I think it's too salty for my taste.

(It's still too salty for him)

I think...

I think it might taste better without the bacon.

Let me take out the bacon to compare it.

(Taking out the bacon)

(Carefully taking a bite)

(He solely focuses on the flavor)

(I feel like I'm Mr. Paik)

I see. For me, this tastes

much better without the bacon.


I can taste the natural flavor of meat more.

The patty is really thick.

Look how thick this is.

(He can taste the rich flavor from the thick patty)

It's so thick.

(Looking happier)


(The better the meat tastes, the better his reactions)

My gosh. This is so good.

(No need to interpret his reactions now)

It's good without the bacon.

(He finally shows a satisfying smile)

(After making a burger he's satisfied with)

(He wraps up the meal by gobbling it up)

(He eats)

(And continues to eat)

It'll be like an eating show.

I'm confident about that.

(Enjoying the burger to the last bite)

(Glancing over)

By the way, I can't stop glancing at the beer.

(Overall evaluation)

I think this will taste great with beer.

I recommend taking out the bacon

when you order your burger.

That way, you can enjoy

the real flavor of the burger.

And the sweet potato fries are very impressive.

(He recommends the sweet potato fries)

The portion is pretty big for one person.

(Thanks to its big portion)

It's a filling meal.

(His stomach is full)

I'll take the leftover with me.

I think I can eat this at the accommodation later.

(Producer Jung is frugal)

(His first burger in New York was a success)

It's on my bucket list.

I want to visit the Empire State Building.

(Landmark in New York, Empire State Building)

I'm speechless.

I want to show this to my mom. Dad!

(How to be a dutiful son)

It's a night view you must see before you die.

It would've been terrible if I didn't come here tonight.

The weather could be gloomy tomorrow.

(Second day in New York)

(Haein walks with a serious look on his face)

(What on earth happened to him?)

(It starts pouring down without a warning)

It's raining heavily.

It's windy too.

Because it's raining,

I have to change my itinerary.

(How will Producer Jung overcome this ordeal?)

The Description of Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.1 Part.2 [ENG/2020.01.04]