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excited about the video I'm about to share with you today. It's going to be

wonderful and scary! I am going to take you through a majority of the artwork

I have created throughout my life. Starting from when I was four years old and up until

the work I'm producing today. I'm hoping to show you that art is not about talent

Learning how to draw is just persistence: It is spending a lot of hours

it's putting in a lot of time. It's just practice! So I hope looking through all

this artwork, that you'll see all of the really poor drawings that

I created when I was younger. I hope that you'll see how one step leads to another.

You got to produce those not-so-great drawings

to be able to produce the really good ones later on, so let's get started on this!

First we have a drawing from when I was four years old it's an outline of my

hand and it's followed by a couple of pictures of when I was little

and portrait of my mother and some horse drawings I was very much into horses for

a long time. So a lot of these early drawings are just you know childhood

drawings it's funny seeing how you go through different styles throughout your

teenagers as you kind of develop mentally and physically

I was very much into vampires for a while in 2003 I gained a much deeper

interest in doing artwork I've picked up colored pencils and I started doing a

lot of very inspired art work start work with based on foreign fraud took good

fairies bad fairies now despite of doing so many drawings at

the time I really didn't understand how to improve my drawings I was producing a

lot but I was not using reference very often I think the self-portrait is one

of the only ones I used reference for and unfortunately that kind of reflects

itself in the quality of the artwork that lack of reference and the lack of a

visual library just costs a lot of frustrations and struggles and not being

able to draw what was in my head and what I saw in the world around me I also

hadn't really learned how to draw from life yet in 2006 I got my first wake and

tablet and this was going to be a big game-changer for me it was also the year

that I was enrolled in my very first art school and I learned how to study art

now despite learning how to study and going through all of these great

practices I still didn't quite understand where my teachers were trying

to tell me that by doing all of these I would you know overall become a better

artist I can't say that I really applied myself in studies I just wanted to draw

my own thing and I kept practicing with digital but not doing good studies of

the digital art it just it wasn't getting where I wanted it to be so I

became really frustrated in with my artworks around that time I met two

illustrators that live in New York City and seeing their work and talking

through them I started to realize that if I wanted to become a good artist I

really had to apply myself and I had to practice I had to be serious about my

studies and that's when I made the conscious decision that I really wanted

to be an illustrator I wanted to apply to art school in the u.s. because the

schools in Denmark we're not offering what I was looking for and to oblige to

school in the u.s. I really had to work really hard so I started drawing a lot

more than I ever had before everyday I would draw and practice and try to

understand shape and color and Anatomy and it was very difficult because I was

still studying on my own but it paid off because in 2010 I was accepted into

Pratt Institute of Art in New York City I packed my suitcases I said goodbye for

my friends and family and I moved to the US and I began my year at Platt

Institute which was without a doubt the best year of my life on the first day at

Pratt there was a teacher who held a lecture to welcome us to the school and

he told us about a previous student who had said to him that during the

foundation year he found that he never knew he could do so much and those words

really stuck with me throughout my time there I was producing much more work

than I ever had before I learned so much about Anatomy about color about how to

study about how to truly apply myself to the art work now the motto of Pratt

Institute is be true to your work and your work will be true to you and I

think those words are just you know so true if you put in the time and the

effort it's definitely going to reflect itself in the artwork you produce that

being said it takes a long time to learn stuff so while you mentally might be

able to grasp something from you know being able to do that and then being

able to actually process it and put it out in through your hand really can be

really difficult and it can take a lot of time to do so this little red

riding-hood piece was a big milestone for me it was my first really successful

digital piece and I was extremely excited about it

it kind of spun my artwork in a new direction you can also mark the end of

my time at Pratt Institute I couldn't afford tuition so I had to stop studying

now I started working on my own personal projects instead the first one was a

fairy pinup calendar which I worked on throughout 2011 and published in 2012 at

this time I still had a lot to learn when it came to Anatomy and color and

things like that but doing my own personal projects and self publishing

like this really helped me to learn good work ethics and how to put out a product

those are very important skills to have as an illustrator this is especially

important when you're just starting out you

have to hire yourself while other people are not hiring you yet and by hiring

yourself take a story that you really like illustrate that at that to your

portfolio and that way you are showing potential clients that you have what it

takes to make a beautiful product now I really love going to art school and I

wanted to finish my degrees on 2012 I applied to the Cooper Union Art School

which is a full scholarship School in New York City unfortunately it's

extremely competitive so I was not accepted in 2012 I started working on my

second personal project a troll kin calendar it was based around

Scandinavian folklore and had a lot of you know old stories from from

Scandinavia it's very near and dear to my heart having grown up in Denmark all

these personal projects also served us great practice to improve my work in

2013 I began my career as a freelance illustrator and I got my first jobs and

it was really fun I enjoyed doing that I started started getting torn between

working digitally and working traditionally my digital skills work

quickly getting a lot better than my traditional skills but I always felt

like traditional art works seems more like like real work you know like real

art whereas the digital was just on the computer and although you print it out

you don't have an actual product but despite of that I just have a really

deep love of digital art I really love working digitally I love the way like

the effects and everything you can create always being able to paint on top

and of course having an undo button my traditional work is not as far along as

my digital work is but I think the only reason for that is because I practice a

lot more with the digital

in 2013 I created my very first drawing of Montague Mouse

and I did not know at the time that this was going to be my one of my like first

really major projects major personal projects I just I really liked the

drawing and the character just kind of begged to be something more

I brought the drawing to conventions and people asking about it and if there was

a story behind it and it just kind of told me that I had to do something more

with that

in 2014 my freelance career really started to take off

I was hired for my first really big project which was a tarot deck called

the Greenwich Tarot they consisted of 79 illustrations I had 15 months to

complete it and that is not a lot of time for that many illustrations I set

my own deadlines though so I kind of I forgot about weekends and time off and I

just put myself on a really tight schedule nonetheless it was a really

wonderful project to work on and I learned so much from it I think my art

skills have improved considerably since then it's impossible to do 79

illustrations and not learn quite a bit from it but I'm still really happy with

the result of the day I will have some point do a full video on how to

illustrate your own tarot deck in 2015 I got my first mentorship where I was

taught by illustrator Scott Brundage and that was amazing I learned a lot about

dynamic composition and how to tell better stories and images it's also the

year where I won my very first award for an illustration so I was so excited

about that another big thing that happened in 2015 was I took on a

traditional drawing challenge called 30 paintings in 30 days where you have to

create a painting everyday for a month and this was really an eye-opening

experience for me I learned a lot about how to paint

traditionally as opposed to just painting digitally and it really seemed

to resonate with the people who like my artwork they were really thrilled about

the paintings I sold all of them except for - 2015 was also the year that our

started working for Python doing illustrations for the Pathfinder grant

and that was awesome I really enjoyed that the end of 2015 was when Montague

Mouse became its own story project I decided to turn Montague into a full

Illustrated story and I am still working on that you can find more about it at

Montague Mouse com I will put a link in the description I think the Montague

project helps for a lot of growth in my personal works 2016 kind of marked a

year where I started grasping a lot of things that I had been

trying to learn for many years and I think my artwork took a big leap forward

during the year I just mostly focus on my client work I'm not showing all of it

here because I've chosen to focus this video mainly on my personal work in 2016

I also went back to drawing a lot more I realized that my drawing skills were not

up to par with what I wanted and so I began using my sketchbook a lot more and

just really trying to learn how to draw well

I also started a new project called year of the unicorn in 2016 it is a calendar

featuring unicorns and it is going to be published in the fall of 2017

I will leave a link for that in the description there is something to be

said for volume when it comes to learning how to draw of course you have

to study with intention and really try to understand like the shapes and the

forms and the gestures and all of that but producing a lot of work kind of

helps you do that it also takes the stress out of making a perfect drawing

when you're producing a lot you can make a lot of mistakes and from those

mistakes you're going to learn and develop your style and all of these

personal projects is really helping me develop my work and grow my skills it's

also been a really nice way for me to kind of find out what direction I wanted

to move in artistically so I highly recommend that if you are looking to

develop your artwork you should look into doing personal projects

that is all for now and thank you so much for watching like and subscribe if

you enjoyed this and want to see more content and I look forward to seeing you

again next week

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