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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [쭈쭌커플] 6살 연하의 밀착 스킨쉽!! 비지니스 커플인데 심장이 뛸까?! (심박수 2탄) / ENGsub

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I'm JUWON of the KCT.

JJU of the JJUJJUN Couple.

This is the dorm where Diana's sisters broadcast African TV!

I came here to film a video.

Did you all watch our first video on YouTube?

Secretly measure the heart rate!

It was fun.

There have been many changes in my heart rate.

But there was a comment on the video.

There was a comment that said, "I'm curious about Jiyoon's heart rate as well." THANK YOU

That's why I decided to film.

Content impersonation self-consciousness " Let's find out Jiyoon's heart rate! "

I'm ready.

What would Jiyoon really think of Ju Won?

Jiyoon always says she doesn't like me.

I'm sure you're also curious about that. I wonder as well.

This is the smart watch that I got as a gift.

I will fill this watch with Jiyoon.

I'll check Jiyoon's heart rate.

If her heart rate goes up a lot, does that mean she likes me a lot?

Ju Won is now imagining happiness. So you look happy.

Now Jiyoon is coming here and the other members went to practice dancing in the practice room.

When Jiyoon gets here, we'll proceed with the content.

ji yoon~~

Let's check out Jiyoon's heart rate.

Jiyoon arrived!!

Why are you here?

I know. Why am I here?

What are you doing?


Where did the members go?

Members went to the practice room.

There's no practice today.

I heard you're having practice today.

I was told that there was no practice.

I asked Jiseon to cut your practice.

For our video shoot.

What kind of video are you going to shoot?

Just sit here.

What are you gonna do?

Do you remember what this is?

Jiyoon doesn't know what the content is yet.

Do you remember what you did with this?

I took a video of you cheating.

What kind of hidden camera?

Heart rate hidden camera?

Yeah, he told me to steal a heart beat.


Why aren't you giving me your hand?

( ji yoon - full of distrust ) Why aren't you giving me your hand?

Give me your hand.

Why should I give my hand?

I'll give it a try.

Why are you doing this to me? I gave it to you as a gift.

I'm trying to give it to you as a gift.

You're giving me what I gave you back?

Don't you know about ' Give and Take '

So why would you give me back what I gave you?

Give and Take

So you gave me what I bought and you gave it back to me?

brain stop

' Mine is originally yours and yours is mine. ' Don't you know this?

What are you talking about?

Why are you angry?


Yours is mine.

Mine is not yours.


So what are you going to do today?

Why are you angry?

Okay. What are you going to do?


What are you going to do?

Will you fill this watch for me?

No, I won't.

Fill the clock.

Okay. I want to. Let's do it.

You did the opposite.

Honestly, you haven't worn it since I gave it to you as a gift, have you?


Why don't you tell me?

You look really good on this one.

It suits you so well, doesn't it?


What are you gonna do? Try it

So, what are you going to do today?

Let's find out Jiyoon's heart rate!


ji yoon - I think I know what it is.

There's that in the first video comment.

There was a comment that said, "I'm curious about Jiyoon's heart rate as well."

Yes, I saw that comment, too

Did you see that?

You didn't expect me to do this, did you?


It's embarrassing, isn't?

You've been getting ready.

So today, we will measure the heart rate.

You just have to stay still.


Your heart rate will change depending on what I do, right?


I'll let you see the heart rate.

Ju Won is in a state of excitement.

Your heart rate is set to rise to the highest level today. So I'll let you record it.

What if her heart rate drops to the lowest?

No, it will go up to the highest level today. Let's make it quick.

Fair enough.

I'm turning on an application that shows my heart rate and preparing for recording!

Jiyun is giving a friendly explanation of how to do it to the juwon.




start recording

My heart rate is 68.

Right. Your heart rate is 68.

Can you do that?

The average person's heart rate is 80.

But what... are you a steel woman?

How do you get a heart rate of 70?

When I first started, my heart rate was 90, but your first heart rate was 68.

Ju-won started high at first, but Ji-yoon is low.

I'm a little worried because it's low.

I'm recording it so that I can check it out later.

From now on, we will measure Jiyoon's heart rate.

I've been measuring for a while.

Oh, I was embarrassed.

I'm trying to satisfy my selfish interests. Oh, I'm sorry.


It's because I'm excited about the content.


ji yoon


Why did you come so late? I've been waiting a long time.

You didn't tell me you were waiting.


You're right.

You're right, aren't you?

Oh, okay. Did you wait long?


This isn't raising your heart rate, it's raising my heart rate.

No, you said you'd raise my heart rate.

Ju Won is eagerly appealing to her.

Are you sure you're making my heart beat up?

ji yoon


Why do you hate it so much?

I'll like you only when you're cute.

Aren't I cute?

Why do you force my answer? You're not cute.

That's not it. I thought something was going wrong.

All right. Raise my heart rate.

Let me sing a song.


This is my last chance.

I confess my shyness.

What else are you going to do? You said you were going to raise your heart rate. Try it

Something went wrong today.

You really don't have a heart beat?


Isn't the heart rate going up?

Why are you so close?

Come closer. Don't avoid it.


be here

No, don't come this close.

No, I don't hate you.

You don't like me?

No, I don't mind.

But it's not a good thing.

So you don't like it?

No, I don't hate it. I don't like it.


You can't get a heart rate?

The atmosphere is awkward.

Why are you avoiding me? repeatedly

No, it's too close.

You came close earlier.

No, it's too close.

Are you surprised a lot?

I'm sorry. I'm so surprised, right?

Jiyoon became curious about the content, right? '

What do you want me to do?

What are you going to do? Are you done? Did you raise my heart rate?

What do you have to do now?

Ju-won seems to think her heart rate is not important in the first place.

Is it over?

Is this how it ends?

I'm sorry.

If you don't want to, you don't have to do more.

Isn't your heart rate going up?

I don't know

I've been feeling a little strange, but I've had a good drinking experience.

Your heart is beating so fast. You're doing poker face on purpose, right?

No, it's completely quiet.

Wow, you're so determined

ji yoon - No, I shouldn't lie. I think the content is ruined today.

Oh, you're making me the only bad guy?

You are not a bad man because you are sincere and not lying.

It's okay because you meant it.


Why are you raising my heart rate?

I did nothing.

a last attempt

Guys, I'm done here. I saw her smile forced on her.


I didn't force you to laugh.

so what?

I was just laughing.

I won't do it, guys.

Why can't you raise your heart rate?

Is it hard?


Is it hard?

Isn't this hard?

It wasn't difficult.

This increased your heart rate.

This increased your heart rate.

It's easy.

It's good, but something's wrong.

no, You said you were going to raise my heart rate. What are you doing

Clear your head.

What are you gonna do? ( juwon - abandonment )

Today, we hosted Jiyoon's heart rate.

I will watch the video later and my heart will break.

Frankly, there must have been a heart rate increase at one point, right?


It's my fault that I asked.

So far


If you enjoyed the video,



Press it, please

thank you

So far






Cookies video

You smell good today. Did you put on perfume?

Don't lie.

I saw that video. Why are you lying?

No, it stinks now.

Do you think her heart rate went up?

Oh, of course it would have gone up.

Oh really? Are you sure?

If your heart rate doesn't go up, your heart is broken.

So let's see if my heart's broken or not, we'll get a video coming up later.

Are you sure your heart rate didn't go up?


i don't know

If you don't like it, tell me you don't like it.

No, I don't hate it.

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