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5 Creepy Mutant Fish Caught On Camera / Scariest Mutant Fish

Hi guys! Many people think that mutants dont exist, now some of you may say: “what about

teenage mutant ninja turtles”? Well, I guess there is just no way of knowing for sure.

But you must know about Chernobyl creatures and you probably heard about horrifying deep-sea

dwellers. Anyway, today you will see 5 creepy, abnormal mutant fish caught on camera.

1. Iranian warship spotted this really weird thing in the waters of The Persian Gulf in

2013. When it first appeared online it instantly shook the Internet. Sea folks took a wild

guesses on the darn thing. They thought it might be a dead whale, gigantic monster or

remains of a giant squid. But I guess that will remain a mystery because those guys were

to damn scared to pull it aboard. 2. The guy who caught this fish was very surprised.

The thing is, well this fish doesnt have a mouth. Look! The man is confused. How the

hell did that fish grew that big? Looks like he s searching for a cavity that might be

it`s mouth. But nope, there s just a tiny hole.

3. This next fish isnt exactly mutant but it sure deserves to be mentioned. A half-fish

swam in one of the aquariums in a supermarket in Thailand. And it somehow remained alive.

One of the visitors decided to take it home. And despite the fact that it was only half

fish it managed to live for another half a year and was super famous among locals. When

it died her owner made a little coffin and buried that poor thing .

4. Russian pensioner Mikhail Pavlyukov found an unusual fish in his pond. Whats most peculiar

about it is that instead of eyes it had a through-hole. Not the most pleasant view I

guess. The man didnt kill the mutant fish, instead he let it stay in his pond. The hell

did it come from and how it managed to feed itself seems to be a mystery. Experts only

agree upon one thing: this specimen isnt dangerous.

5. This weird fish was caught by Thai fisherman. “Little white monsterthat s what the

locals called it. It has quite a mouth for its size but it has no eyes. And nobody knows

how it hunts or stays alive. 6. Leandra Visser was on vacation near Capetown.

She took a photo and posted it on facebook. Now this pile of weird shit looks like nothing

else. She asked if somebody could identify the darn thing and that the photograph was

taken on the De Kelder Beach. This shit is real she said. Its got massive teeth and a

huge head that seems too big for such a tiny body. Some people suspected it was a mutant.

Others say it was a previously undiscovered deep sea creature. There were people who said

that just because it was found on the beach that doesnt mean it s a fish. What do you

guys think? Is that a fish? Fish or not, it certainly looks extraterrestrial.

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